Top 16 Best WordPress Directory Themes for 2020

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Are you starting a directory?

Directory sites are an excellent way to help visitors find resources and make money while you do it. Niches can range from bars and restaurants to hotels or just general business.

The themes below are beautiful and mobile-friendly, plus, they have all the features you need to build a business with a directory site.

Ready to get started? Scroll down to check out my recommendations for the best directory WordPress themes.

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WordPress directory themes

Each theme below is up-to-date with WordPress and responsive. There’s a huge variety of functionality available and styles that will fit any niche.

Here are my top picks for best directory WordPress themes for 2020.
  • 1. ListingPro by Cridio Studio (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    ListingPro is a premium WordPress theme with a great design and all the features you’d expect from a directory site. It’s the most popular new directory theme on Themeforest and has a full five-star rating which is quite uncommon.

    What sets ListingPro apart is that it includes everything you need without requiring additional plugins to be installed. This is pretty impressive considering the massive amount of functionality included to make a Yelp-like directory site.

    The newest version of ListingPro brings some exciting new features like the auto-location discovery that updates the site’s results based on the visitor’s location. In addition, you can now charge members a one-time listing fee or a recurring monthly subscription to list a business on your website. There are so many more amazing features too like search suggestions, advanced filtering options, the complete review system – you’ll need to check out ListingPro yourself to see everything it can do.

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  • 2. Listable by Pixelgrade (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    It’s clear the team at Pixelgrade knows what they’re doing. Listable is a truly professional quality theme for building a directory site.

    Listable is beautiful and extremely user-friendly. In fact, Listable has been through UX testing via to learn how visitors interact with it and improve the design. As you browse around the live demo, it’s easy to picture this theme being used on your site.

    Listable has a great mix of features. It has all the directory-specific functionality you need like one-time and subscription listing payments (via WooCommerce), user reviews, and advanced search with filtering.  Listable also comes with classic site customization options like custom colors, hundreds of fonts to choose from, and a simple drag-and-drop page builder for the homepage and listing pages.

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  • 3. Listings by Templatic

    Listings directory theme

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    Theme Description

    Listings is a multipurpose directory theme. It can be used as a directory portal for any niche from cars to real estate.

    Listings has numerous beautiful templates for displaying businesses, users, and locations. With careful attention to detail, Templatic has made this theme just as friendly and fun to use on mobile devices as laptops.

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  • 4. Vantage by AppThemes

    Vantage directory theme

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    Theme Description

    Vantage has been getting better for years as the team at AppThemes continues to invest in it.

    Vantage makes great use of custom fields that let you supply a listing with any data you want. Users get their own dashboard where they can review their listings and update their profile.

    This premium directory theme also has a neat “claim listing” feature. This lets you add a business to the site yourself and charge said company to take over their listing.

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  • 5. Listify by Astoundify (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Listify is an impressive directory theme. It is very customizable, clean, and easy-to-use.

    Listify’s design is simpler than ListingPro, and I find it easier to use and navigate. There is more emphasis on filters on the category pages, and the location pages are better organized.

    While Listify includes fewer features than ListingPro, it still comes packed with site building tools. There’s the drag-and-drop builder for creating a custom homepage, seven ways to monetize the site (including subscriptions), and a built-in review system.

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  • 6. Eventum by Templatic

    Eventum WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    While some themes on this list handle events well, Eventum is designed for the sole purpose of listing events.

    The Eventum WordPress directory theme is ideal for a site promoting events like conferences, festivals, and sporting events. Visitors can confirm attendance, see who else is going, and get event reminders.

    Use calendars to schedule one-time or recurring events. You can even sell tickets using WooCommerce or Templatic’s Event Ticket Booking plugin.

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  • 7. Directory by Templatic

    Directory WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    The appropriately named Directory theme is designed to fit any niche. Use it to list cars, houses, restaurants, hotels, and anything else you can think of.

    This mobile-friendly WordPress theme has templates for listings, search results, advertisements, and more. With a variety of payment options, monetizing the site is easy regardless of your business model.

    Use Directory for reservations and bookings too. It integrates with OpenTable, eZee Reservation, and WooCommerce Booking.

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  • 8. YellowPages by Templatic

    YellowPages theme

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    Theme Description

    YellowPages doesn’t share the same flashy, sexy aesthetic of other themes here. It has a classic and straightforward design that many will find refreshing.

    Conventional and easy to use, YellowPages makes finding one business amongst thousands quite easy. In fact, much easier than in the actual Yellow Pages.

    This WordPress directory theme has customizable colors, Google Maps embeds, and advanced search. Use it as a web directory or local business directory.

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  • 9. Classifieds by Templatic


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    Theme Description

    Classifieds is a no frills directory and classified ads theme. Forget about the huge image sliders. Classifieds gets visitors straight into the products and categories, so they can find what they’re looking for.

    With filtering options in the sidebar, Classifieds makes it easy to find relevant ads amidst thousands of listings. Like other themes by Templatic, members can sign up and add listings, and you can charge them for it.

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  • 10. DirectoryEngine by EngineThemes

    Directory Engine

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    Theme Description

    DirectoryEngine is a robust and modern business directory theme. It’s highly customizable and search engine optimized to increase traffic.

    Perhaps most importantly, DirectoryEngine assists your profitability. Offer multiple pricing plans and sell featured listings for submissions. DirectoryEngine works with major payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, SagePay, and more.

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  • 11. DiningEngine by EngineThemes


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    Theme Description

    DiningEngine is the perfect theme for listing restaurants in a directory. With an emphasis on location, this WP theme makes finding nearby eateries simple.

    Perhaps the best part of this theme is how polished adding a listing is. Members are guided through four quick steps that get them to purchase a listing on the site. You’ll have no problem attracting visitors and business alike with DiningEngine’s detailed rating system and mobile-friendly layout.

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  • 12. HotelEngine by EngineThemes

    HotelEngine Classy

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    Theme Description

    The first thing you’ll notice in HotelEngine is the huge fullscreen image slider and reservation search bar. This unique approach lets visitors set their check-in and check-out dates, the guest count, and the number of rooms to begin their search.

    Unlike other themes listed here, HotelEngine is best used for only a handful listings. They can be your own properties or 3rd party properties you promote, but visitors cannot register and list their own.

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  • 13. ClassifiedEngine by EngineThemes


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    Theme Description

    Classifieds is a simple classified listings site where visitors can find goods and pay to list their own (similar to Craigslist). You can allow free ads, charge based on the length of time the ad is listed, and even charge for packages of multiple ads.

    This theme comes with the standard customization controls and frontend editor from EngineThemes.

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  • 14. Locales by Tesla Themes

    Locales theme

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    Theme Description

    Locales is a fresh directory theme made to list businesses such as restaurants, bars, and cafes. Every location includes a custom Google Maps embed showing its location.

    Showcase the best spots around your city and share them with your visitors through a Yelp-like interface. The drag-and-drop builder makes page creation straightforward and flexible. This theme would make for an excellent travel directory. It also comes with Visual Composer for drag-and-drop page building.

    Locales allows user submission but doesn’t have payment levels and similar features you’ll find in some other themes. For that reason, it’s best used for curation.

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  • 15. eList by Elegant Themes


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    Theme Description

    eList is a simple directory theme with a classic design.

    eList packs fewer features than some other themes on this list, but it’s easy to get started with. Add listings yourself or charge members to add them. This theme can be customized to fit many different niches.

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  • 16. Directory Theme by PremiumPress

    Directory Theme

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    Theme Description

    Directory Theme can easily handle large volumes of listings and is easy to customize with the use of child themes. Activate one of the dozens of available child themes to change the style and layout of your site instantly.

    This WordPress theme has free and paid listings and also allows you to charge a monthly fee for membership. The flexibility of this theme makes it easy to create a directory for any niche.

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Which directory theme is right for you?

No matter what you need from a directory, one of the WP themes above has it. Some are new contenders while others are reliable staples of the market.

Remember to pick a theme based on a balance of aesthetics and good design from a business perspective. You want your site to make money too, not just look great.

Have any questions about these top WordPress directory themes or setting up a site? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Mansi Rana Mansi Rana

    Nice aggregation of WordPress Directory Themes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Arpit Agarwal Arpit Agarwal

    All the themes are unique and natural.

  3. Par Par


    I want to create a directory for moving companies. I am looking for a theme that allows me to have two types of login: service providers, and users looking for a moving service. And I want it to allow services to have “From” and “To” and handle the complexities that comes with that. For example: Search by destination or start, Calculate price by length of path, etc. What do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Ben Sibley Ben Sibley

      Hey Par,

      I don’t know of a theme that has all of this specific functionality, so I believe it will require a little custom development. Vantage has a nice user dashboard, google maps integration, and a ton of great functionality already. I’d say it’s your best bet to get close to what you want, and then with a little customization you can add in pricing based on distances and the other features. WordPress can already handle multiple user roles, so having accounts for buyers and sellers shouldn’t be too hard – you’ll just need a second front-end dashboard for buyers.

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