Top 8 Best WordPress Themes for Local Businesses in 2023

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Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

I’ve got a treat for you this time…

Normally, I select themes from a variety of theme shops, but this time things are different.

When it comes to choosing a theme for a local business, there’s a lot more to consider than how the theme looks. In fact, a WordPress theme can do so much more for you than simply tell visitors what you do.

The right WordPress theme will help you grow your business.

In this post, you’ll find six of the top WordPress themes for local businesses. Sure, they’re beautiful and feature-packed, but they’re also designed specifically for local businesses. They are made to educate prospects and convert them into leads.

These themes have signup forms, pricing tables, testimonial galleries – all the things you need to keep a growing business growing!

Don’t let your website be an afterthought – turn it into your strongest salesman with one of these themes by Proteus Themes.

Want to try out one of these themes for free? Check out the Proteus Themes Sandbox to use any of these themes before you buy.

Our list of general business themes has some more excellent options to check out.

WordPress themes for local business

Every theme here is kept up-to-date by the Proteus Themes team, and they’re all fully responsive as well. That means they look amazing on mobile devices, tablets, laptops – you name it!

Here are my top picks for best local business WordPress themes for 2024.

  • 1. Bodega by Select Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The Bodega theme was made for all sorts of local businesses. The screenshot above shows off just one of many styles, so make sure to click the button above to check out more than 30+ demo sites showcasing this awesome theme.

    This beautiful theme is filled with stylish touches like scrolling animations, carefully set typography, and a great balance between text and media. You can use it for a restaurant, consultancy, startup, agency, or any other type of business.

    Due to its flexibility, Bodega is a good theme to choose if you are planning on making multiple websites. With all of the different theme options, you’ll have no problem adapting this WordPress theme to any local business website.

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  • 2. League by 7oroof (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    League is similar to Bodega in that it’s a multipurpose theme, but this one leans more towards agencies and consultancies. If you provide business services for the surrounding area, League could be the perfect choice for your website.

    The League theme has dozens of various layouts to choose from. Even better, you can fully customize any of the starting layouts using the page builder that comes included. This system allows for a massive amount of control over your site’s design.

    As an added bonus, League works with WooCommerce so you could collect payments from your site if you want. It’s also compatible with the WPML plugin which allows you to fully translate your site into any language you want.

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  • 3. Adrenaline by Proteus Themes


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    Theme Description

    Adrenaline is a beautiful theme with a spacious, clean design. Visitors will appreciate the bright colors and large fonts that make reading and browsing easy.

    The Adrenaline theme has some unique layouts that will set your site apart from competitors, but they aren’t so eccentric that they’ll alienate or confuse visitors. Most importantly, Adrenaline is just full of beautiful templates and layouts – it’s designed for local businesses that want to grow!

    Adrenaline has all the features and templates you need for a business centered around in-person services. In particular, it’s excellent for businesses that specialize in activities and tours, like a travel agency. It’d be a perfect fit for a business that does city or hiking tours, white water rafting, ski trips, or any other similar ventures. Use Adrenaline to promote special offers, sell tickets, and even sell and deliver digital products directly from your site thanks to the integration with the popular WooCommerce plugin.

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  • 4. GrowthPress by Proteus Themes

    Growthpress theme

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    Theme Description

    Does your business provide SEO, marketing, or other digital services? You may want to pay special attention to the GrowthPress theme. This gorgeous template is one of Proteus Themes newest creations and is made for marketing companies and consultants.

    The GrowthPress theme looks awesome and is full of attractive and creative layouts for showcasing your services. It’s got a bold look that’s great for building a unique business identity. Share whitepapers, generate email signups, feature client testimonials, promote your phone number in the header, and more to help grow your business with GrowthPress.

    GrowthPress has built-in signup forms and some highly flexible pricing tables. Depending on your business goals, you can easily promote lead magnets to generate sales directly from your site. In fact, you can even create a complete shop using the integration with WooCommerce. This is a great opportunity if you have eBooks or other digital assets to sell.

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  • 5. ConsultPress by Proteus Themes


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    Theme Description

    ConsultPress has a slick look made for modern service businesses. It’s a great fit for any kind of consultancy whether you specialize in finance, technology, or any other professional industry.

    ConsultPress has a distinct and clear style that makes it effective and high-converting. Visitors will be able to find exactly what services you offer and you can even generate new leads by collecting emails through signup forms on the site.

    One cool feature of ConsultPress is that it integrates with the Site Origin Page Builder plugin. This lets you create completely custom page layouts with widgets. WordPress comes with 17 default widgets that let you add all sorts of content from image galleries to videos and recent post lists. However, ConsultPress also comes with an additional 20 custom widgets designed specifically for use with the page builder. Not to mention, you can use any other widget you find on inside these custom page layouts.

    As an added bonus, ConsultPress also comes with Adobe Illustrator files for matching stationary. It’s a complete package for any serious consultant or broker.

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  • 6. Bolts by Proteus Themes


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    Theme Description

    Bolts is a WP theme designed from the ground up for businesses in the trucking, logistics, export, and cargo service industries. From the first glace, you can see that the design is appropriate for and well-catered to these niches.

    Bolts includes layouts that work well for large organizations that have many services and benefits to advertise and simpler displays for smaller businesses too. Like the other themes here by Proteus Themes, it is made to work well with the free Site Origin Page Builder plugin for creating totally custom page layouts.

    The Bolts theme is loaded with customization options like custom colors, typography choices, and multiple header styles – just to name a few. As a theme for local businesses, it’s important that you are easy to reach. Bolts does an excellent job of featuring contact info prominently throughout the site whether you need a full address displayed or just an email address.

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  • 7. LegalPress by Proteus Themes


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    Theme Description

    As you may have guessed, LegalPress is a theme designed for law firms and any other local businesses that work with a local clientele. With all your contact info highlighted in the header, it’s a design that works well to establish and compound trust with visitors which is essential for a business like a law firm.

    LegalPress has a style that may look familiar to you now after seeing all these other themes by Proteus Themes. You can create a page to showcase any aspect of your business such as your team members, mission statement, and services.

    This local business theme has lots of customization options and a few neat features made especially for businesses in the law industry. For instance, there is a contact form builder you can use to help with lead generation. Collect any info you need from a prospect at the point of content, so you can provide a better, smoother onboarding process from the start. It could work well for a variety of other serious, professional niches too like loan companies or funeral homes.

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  • 8. Hammer by Proteus Themes


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    Theme Description

    Hammer is similar in style to Bolts, but it’s more focused on construction companies than logistics or travel. It has a style and feature set that effectively serves businesses involved in construction, pest control, carpentry, plumbing, electrician, and other contract work.

    The Hammer theme displays your business’ contact info prominently in the header and has a customizable menu for leading visitors to your site’s most important pages. One aspect of Hammer’s design that stands out is its filterable gallery. It’s an excellent way to quickly show off a lot of your past work and allow interested prospects to dive deeper into any project they find particularly interesting.

    With a wide array of customization options and custom widgets, Hammer is easy to use and also quite flexible. Not to mention, you’ll need to check it out on your phone because the design is just awesome. It’s a theme you can depend on to represent your company online well regardless of how visitors reach your site.

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Which local business theme is best for you?

What theme to choose?

Bodega was made to work for all types of small business websites, so it’s a great theme to consider first for your site.

The League theme is similar in its multipurpose approach, and it’s also worth your consideration.

If you need a site to promote and sell experiential services and events, Adrenaline is the best option. It’s beautiful and full of relevant features for a local business.

For a logistics or construction business, Bolts and Hammer are both excellent choices. You’ll enjoy their flexibility and ability to educate and convert prospects into satisfied customers.

If you’re a consultant or work in the legal space, both ConsultPress or LegalPress would work great. They have a professional aesthetic and conversion-oriented designs.

Lastly, GrowthPress is an easy choice for anyone selling local SEO or marketing services. It could be used for any number of other niches like tech, design, or writing as well.

Use the comment form below to give feedback about these local business WordPress themes.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
This article was written by Ben Sibley. He is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.