5 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes for 2017

Want a theme that puts cash in your pocket?

While a simple business theme would work fine, you can get so much more from a modern real estate WordPress theme: lead generation, property listing management, review systems, etc.

Learn about five of the best themes for real estate agents and agencies below, and you may be surprised how much they can help your business.

Real Estate WordPress Themes

These are the top real estate themes. They’re all are responsive which means they look great on every device from widescreen monitors to pocket-sized smartphones.

While some are better suited for individual realtors, there are excellent choices for agencies and firms as well.

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  • 1. EstateEngine by EngineThemes

    EstateEngine real estate theme

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    EstateEngine has an incredible number of features and advanced capabilities. It’s a far shot from the old school blog themes still sometimes associated with WordPress.

    This theme includes everything you need to list properties, promote them to visitors, and close a sale. In fact, you could run multiple business models with EstateEngine because it allows you to list your properties, charge members to submit their properties, and run ads alongside the listings.

    Top Features

    • Advanced search based on geography and property type
    • Built-in review system
    • Image sliders for properties
    • Google Maps integration for every property
    • Integration with payment processors like PayPal
  • 2. AgentPress by StudioPress


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    AgentPress is a simple and clean theme for real estate agents.

    While other themes on this list are perfect for real estate firms or even charging other agents to list properties, AgentPress is best suited for the solo agent.

    This theme includes the Genesis framework which is highly functional and has a very active community of WP developers and users.

    Top Features

    • Collect leads on your site
    • Promote available properties
    • Six sidebar layouts
    • Customize colors
    • Looks beautiful on mobile
  • 3. Home Quest by ThemeFuse

    Home Quest theme for real estate

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    Home Quest is a beautiful premium theme for real estate agencies and brokers. Its design can handle large quantities of listings allowing visitors to search and filter through results easily.

    Show off your best listings with the homepage slider, and make listings simple to find by adding every little detail. While it’s not pictured in the screenshots above, every property page also includes an embedded map and list of similar properties.

    Top Features

    • Publish every detail about each property
    • Lead generation form on property pages
    • Responsive homepage slider
    • Google Maps integration
    • Customize any color
  • 4. Real Estate by PremiumPress

    Real Estate theme by PremiumPress

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    PremiumPress specializes in highly customizable themes with advanced functionality. Real Estate is no different.

    Real Estate has many different color schemes and designs to choose from and includes a custom post type for listing homes. You can also allow members to pay to list properties. Search results can be filtered and viewed by location with an embedded interactive map.

    Top Features

    • Charge members to list properties
    • Easy to search through many listings
    • Real estate agent profiles
    • 46 child themes with different designs
    • Integration with PayPal and other payment gateways
  • 5. Realtor by Tesla Themes

    Realtor theme for real estate agents

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    Realtor puts a heavy emphasis on location-based searching with a full width embedded map on the homepage. With advanced search tools, use it to capture the commercial housing market and create a full-fledged housing directory.

    It’s smooth and modern design is a great choice for the contemporary real estate company. With listing management and submission tools, Realtor is designed for individuals or teams to use together.

    Top Features

    • Google Maps integration
    • Two different property layouts
    • Detailed agent profile pages
    • Responsive design
    • Multiple property list layouts

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Which real estate theme is right for you?

Can you see the possibilities?

These themes make it easy to do so much more than just publishing an about page and profile. You can promote properties and build entirely new businesses with the functionality available.

While each theme’s demo is a good indicator of its style, remember to check out all the customization options and “child themes” available.

Have any questions about these themes or setting up a WordPress site? Leave a comment below.

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