The 11 Best Vacation Rental WordPress Themes to Get More Bookings

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Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Need a website to help book your vacation property?

Whether you’ve got a single property or a collection of rentals available, these themes will help you create a beautiful website. Not only that, but they’ll also give you booking tools so visitors can signup entirely on your site. Forget about paying fees to third parties!

The themes here are gorgeous, jam-packed with features, and are effectively designed to generate new bookings. Get more days booked and streamline your rental system with these top vacation rental WordPress themes.

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Vacation rental WordPress themes

The themes listed below are the best of the best. They have all been recently updated, so they’re working with the newest versions of WordPress, and they’re all highly-rated by their customers. In addition, each theme here is fully responsive, so they look fantastic on mobile devices too.

Here are my top picks for best vacation rental WordPress themes for 2022.

  • 1. Bellevue by Themovation (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Bellevue is an impressive theme with gorgeous templates and profit-increasing features. This theme presents you with a complete solution from customizable templates and landing pages to a booking system complete with payment processing.

    All of the themes here can be used for a single property, but most have designs and features that lend themselves best to a site with a few dozen properties for rent. Bellevue will be very accommodating if you have one vacation property to rent out or perhaps a property with a few rooms for rent.

    Bellevue uses a live drag-and-drop page builder integrated into the Customizer, which allows you to create completely custom page layouts. There are also tons of settings for things like the colors and typography in the Customizer. The eCommerce booking system is highly flexible and well-designed for renters and your management on the back-end.

    On top of everything, the Bellevue templates are beautiful, and customers are raving about the quality of this theme on Themeforest. The combined quality of the design, features, and great reviews earn Bellevue the top spot on this collection of holiday rental themes.

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  • 2. Homey by Fave Themes (Themeforest)

    Homey property theme

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    Theme Description

    The themes in this collection all have amazing features. It’s impressive how many options and tools they include, but the one issue with most is that their designs are complex. Homey is the only theme with a truly minimalist design, and it looks amazing. It’s the perfect theme for anyone who wants to create a site like Airbnb.

    Homey doesn’t just look like Airbnb; it works like it too. With Homey, you can add advanced search and booking options to your site with ease. Visitors can choose the duration of their stay, desired location, and the number of guests to begin their search. There are all sorts of layouts to choose from, but you can replicate the same design as AirBnB with the map on the left and properties listed on the right. Each property has a pin on the map that gets highlighted when hovering over the property info.

    The property pages include every detail a guest could ask for. There’s a photo gallery, description & basic details, features, terms & rules, guest reviews, and a booking request form.

    Homey is an awesome theme for vacation rentals and is an excellent theme for anyone who wants a minimalist aesthetic for their website.

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  • 3. RentalHive by HivePress

    Rentalhive Listing Page

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    Theme Description

    RentalHive is a highly functional theme, thanks to its integration with the free HivePress directory plugin made by the same developers. You can get started with their free Listing theme and the HivePress plugin to learn the ins and outs, and then purchase the RentalHive theme to create a site like Airbnb.

    With RentalHive and HivePress, you can create as many property listings as you want. It works great whether you have a handful of rooms or a hundred. Each listing page includes a map, photo gallery, host info, and more details about the accommodations.

    The best part about this theme isn’t the beautiful design, it’s how well organized the functionality is behind the scenes. It is very easy to add new rentals, edit them, and collect payment. You’re getting more than just a design for your site with this theme; you’re getting a business in a box. Click below to learn more about how this awesome theme works.

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  • 4. RealHomes by Inspiry Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    RealHomes is an extremely customizable WordPress theme for realtors and any property owner. The RealHomes theme can be used to promote a single listing or multiple rooms and properties at once. In the screenshot above, you can see the demo site prepared for vacation rentals. This demo site can be imported into a fresh WordPress install to recreate it on your domain automatically.

    This real estate theme has been around for years, and the developers have put tons of work into improving it. The most important change has been the Elementor integration. Elementor is the most intuitive and powerful page builder plugin ever made, and it works flawlessly with RealHomes. Even better, the developers have added many of their own widgets that you can use with Elementor. This allows you to build entirely custom page templates complete with property and agent info.

    RealHomes also includes built-in relationship management tools and its own dashboard to create and manage properties on the site. Overall, it’s an extremely flexible theme and a great choice for anyone with multiple vacation homes to rent out.

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  • 5. Kastell by Mikado Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Kastell is the perfect theme for listing single properties and apartments. Here’s why…

    First off, the most important elements of your site are the images. The photographs of your property will sell it better than anything else, and the Kastell property theme includes photo galleries, video embeds (including 360° videos), and gorgeous fullscreen background images.

    The property page can include all the relevant details you need to sell your space.  It’s kept separate from your other pages and posts, so you can still keep an active blog and publish any other important pages you need. Kastell even includes two premium plugins making it an excellent value.

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  • 6. Luviana by MotoPress (Themeforest)

    Luviana hotel theme

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    Theme Description

    Luviana is a high-standard vacation rental and hotel WordPress theme that will showcase accommodations of any scale, such as resorts, B&B, guest houses, hostels, etc. This is a perfect choice as it has a property booking system built-in. Using the booking feature, you can accept payments from customers directly on your site and professionally manage your online business.

    Luviana comes pre-packed with a premium Hotel Booking plugin by MotoPress. This is a top-rated solution for any online rental business as it enables bookings in real-time, online payments, multiple modes of bookings confirmation, extra services upselling, and more. With this plugin, you can set various rates depending on the season, days of stay, or the number of guests. Property owners are free to add any custom attribute to the search form to make UX more flawless.

    Furthermore, the Luviana template lets you display accommodations on external online travel agencies like Airbnb, Tripadvisor, etc., without fear of overbookings. Thanks to the Hotel Booking plugin, reservations from external platforms and your website are constantly synchronized according to your custom criterium.

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  • 7. Villagio by MotoPress (Themeforest)

    Villagio Theme

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    Theme Description

    Villagio is an uncluttered vacation rental WordPress theme with an ultimate WordPress booking system built-in. It’s a perfect theme for featuring multiple properties in different locations, accepting online payments, and managing your lodging business on different levels.

    With the help of the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin, which is integrated for free, you’ll be able to display a real-time search availability form, a listing of rentals with all the images, descriptions, amenities, max occupancy, bed types, extra packages, and more. You may enable any of the payment gateways to accept online payments – either a built-in one like PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe or use the WooCommerce integrated bookings. Optionally, you may disable bookings and create a listing of rentals.

    The property management system for all individual rentals is pretty flexible: seasonal pricing and rates, different confirmation modes (manual or automatic), blocking accommodations for reasons such as maintenance, taxes and fees info, discount coupons, and more.

    Moreover, if you use online travel agencies to rent out your accommodations, you can connect all of them with your direct website bookings via a built-in channel manager supported by iCal.

    Overall, Villagio is a solid, constantly being improved WordPress theme with on-balance layouts and a powerful, all-in-one WordPress rental property system.

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  • 8. Real Estate 7 by Contempo Inc (Themeforest)

    Real Estate 7

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    Theme Description

    Real Estate 7 seems a strange name for a WordPress theme if you don’t know Contempo’s history. No, they haven’t skipped any iterations – their first real estate theme came out in 2008! These theme developers have been at it for nearly a decade, and it shows.

    While it’s just my personal taste, I do find Bellevue more attractive than Real Estate 7. However, this theme has an absurd number of features. No matter what kind of real estate site you need to create, this theme has got you covered. You can use it to list a single property, one space with multiple rooms, or an entire collection of holiday rentals. You could even make a hotel website with this customizable theme.

    If you’re the pioneering type, you can create a membership on your site and allow others with properties to list them on your site with Real Estate 7. You can charge them directly for the listings and accept payments via Stripe or PayPal. In fact, you can even accept wire transfers if you have clients paying for rentals through your site. You won’t have to install a separate real estate plugin to do any of this.

    If you expect to be creating multiple websites or have a grander vision for your website, give Real Estate 7 a shot. It’s the most flexible and advanced real estate theme on the market.

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  • 9. The Happy Inn by Progression Studios (Themeforest)

    The Happy Inn

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    Theme Description

    The Happy Inn integrates with the same live page builder used in the Bellevue theme. It also includes a premium slider, custom colors, and Google Maps embed, among other features.

    Regarding the design, The Happy Inn is elegant and sophisticated. Unlike some themes here that push the properties, this theme sells visitors first on the hotel itself. Then it turns to the rooms available. This theme will be an excellent choice for your vacation home site if you prefer to rent out individual rooms rather than the entire property to one tenant.

    There are image galleries and lots of “content blocks” to use with the page builder. You’ll have no trouble showing visitors what’s so amazing about your property, whether it’s a cottage, beach house, ski resort, or woodland bead & breakfast.

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  • 10. WP Rentals by Annapx (Themeforest)

    WP Rentals

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    Theme Description

    WP Rentals is designed to work well with both single and multiple-property sites. Make sure to check out both of the demos because they have highly-differentiated designs.

    The aesthetic of this theme is clean and modern. It’s attractive enough to build trust and credibility but without many frills and distractions. Visitors will find it easy to navigate and use.

    The WP Rentals theme has a complete booking system and lots of ways to improve profits. There are Google Maps embeds, filters for finding spaces based on your desired location and number of guests, and calendars to let visitors easily pick a date.

    WP Rentals comes with some advanced functionality too. You can set custom prices based on the day, allowing you to charge more on weekends, set cleaning and maintenance fees, and built-in payment processing with PayPal and Stripe.

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  • 11. Estate by Axiom Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Estate is a clean and straightforward theme for advertising and selling properties. It can be easily adapted to handle properties for rent and/or for sale.

    You’ll notice the filtering options right away on the homepage. There eight settings available for filtering properties by qualities like the number of bedrooms, price, and location. Using the bundled Visual Composer plugin, you can build completely custom page layouts for showcasing any number of properties.

    Estate comes with a lot of features but does not have a booking system like some others here. If you prefer prospects to email or call you instead, Estate works great for displaying your contact info on property pages. There’s a huge variety of layouts available, so if you like the overall style, make sure to check out a few of the demos to see what this theme is capable of.

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Which vacation rental theme is best for you?

Bellevue is a gorgeous theme with a booking system that works wonderfully for single properties with multiple rooms to rent out.

If you have multiple properties, my next recommendation is for Homey. Its beautiful Airbnb-like style is sure to stand out to your visitors.

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