Top 5 Best Hotel Booking WordPress Plugins for 2023

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It’s one of the best ways to scale your business and drastically reduce overhead.

One obvious solution for a hotel or other property rental business is to automate bookings.

Of course, you may be concerned about the technical challenges that lie ahead.

Will adding online booking to your site be a complex and expensive process?

The truth is, there’s a handful of pre-made WordPress plugins that can make it simple. You won’t need to write code or take any overly technical steps.

On top of this, you might be delighted to find out that these plugins are either very affordable or entirely free. Keep reading to find the top picks for the best hotel booking plugins.

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Hotel booking plugins

Use the plugins below to add an automated booking form to your hotel website or even create a website like AirBnB.

Here are the top plugins based on user reviews, features, and design quality.

  • 1. HBook - Hotel Booking System

    Hbook booking plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The HBook plugin brings the perfect blend of a user-friendly dashboard for your visitors and a well-designed admin interface.

    There’s a live demo setup that you can reach with the button above. You can customize the booking form with a drag-and-drop editor to include the exact details in the order you want in the form. You can also link accommodations so that spaces with individual rooms can be rented one room at-a-time.

    The booking management tools give you a clear overview of all upcoming bookings. There’s a calendar view and complete reservation list. You can even synchronize your bookings with external platforms like AirBnB, Google Calendar, and to name a few.

    Accept online payments, customize your pricing structure, and even provide your customers with discounts and vouchers if you’d like. HBook is incredibly capable and customizable, and should be at the top of your list when considering a hotel booking plugin for your WordPress site.

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  • 2. WP Booking System

    WP Booking System

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    Plugin Description

    WP Booking System is a free hotel booking plugin with a premium upgrade available. That said, the free version is perfectly capable on its own as you can tell from the overwhelmingly positive reviews it’s received.

    With WP Booking System, you can create a booking calendar including a form to take the visitors name and email address. You’ll get a complete booking management system within your WP admin dashboard. You can edit bookings, generate shortcodes to include booking calendars anywhere on your site, and there’s also a widget available to add the form.

    The free version provides all of this functionality but for one calendar only. If you have multiple spaces to rent out, you’ll need the premium version which allows for unlimited booking calendars. There are over a dozen additional features too, so it’s worth checking out for your site.

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  • 3. WP Hotel Booking

    WP Hotel Booking

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    Plugin Description

    The WP Hotel Booking plugin has an interesting offering. It’s completely free AND it has eight additional free add-ons. These plugins can be used with any theme, but the developers also have their own hotel themes designed to integrate with these plugins.

    One neat feature in this plugin is the room management aspect of it. There’s a lot of flexibility in the types of bookings you can offer your visitors from entire blocks to single rooms. You can set custom pricing plans and offer provide special deals via coupons.

    If you want additional options, the add-ons include support for more payment gateways like and Stripe. There’s also customer statistics and WPML support for creating a multilingual website.

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  • 4. Solidres


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    Plugin Description

    If you’re looking for an extremely feature-rich solution, the Solidres plugin will be an excellent choice for your hotel bookings.

    The setup is pretty simple despite all the options included. Some options include tariff configuration, media management, custom fields, and multiple currencies. Solidres is likely the best option for serving an international audience.

    While the design is relatively basic in this plugin, it’s fully responsive. With a responsive booking calendar, visitors can load your site on their mobile devices and complete the entire booking process without ever visiting a computer.

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  • 5. Vik Booking

    Vik Booking

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    Plugin Description

    Vik Booking has all five-star reviews so far, so it’s definitely worth considering for your site. Like some other booking WordPress plugins featured in this collection, it has a premium option with more advanced functionality.

    Add custom rate plans for any property, allow visitors to book rooms and sub-units, and make all of this available via an attractive interface. There are 8 different types of front-end designs which you can add with shortcodes to any page or post on your site.

    While Vik Booking is still a somewhat new WordPress plugin, the software was originally created in 2010 for a different CMS. The advantage of a mature solution is that the developers have worked out all the bugs at this point, and you can expect a more reliable product.

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Which hotel booking plugin is best for you?

While all the plugins here stand out from the rest, the HBook plugin is the first I would recommend.

HBook has thousands of satisifed customers and includes every feature you need to add booking for your hotel or rental property. It also has the nicest design out of all the plugins included here.

You can find the basic features you need in any of the plugins listed here, but they all have subtly different feature sets. Make sure to outline exactly what you need before you make your final choice and you should find yourself with the perfect plugin.

If you want to accept payments when bookings are made, you might prefer one of these WooCommerce booking plugins.

If you have any questions or concerns about the hotel booking WordPress themes included here, post in the comments section below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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