The 12 Best WordPress Review Themes for Product Reviews & Affiliates

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Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

It’s time to make some money.

Product reviews are one of the best ways to monetize a blog or news website, and there have never been more products to review.

But if you want to stand out, you’ll need more than great content. You’ll also need a great design.

The themes listed below are beautifully designed and easy to use. Each theme includes a built-in rating system. Even better, their customization options make branding and styling easy.

Ready to find your next theme? Keep reading to find the top review WordPress themes available.

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WordPress review themes

These themes are up-to-date with the newest WordPress version and are responsive (mobile-friendly).

There’s a huge range of features and styles available, so you can use these themes for any niche – book reviews, music reviews, restaurant reviews – you name it!

You’ll find a mixture of themes for blog-style affiliate sites and also directory-style websites. These function differently, so pick whichever one fits the content you have planned best.

By the way, you can also use a WordPress review plugin to create a review website with any theme of your choice.

Here are my top picks for best review WordPress themes for 2022.

  • 1. Huber by GhostPool (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Huber is a beautiful magazine-style review theme. Don’t be fooled by the video games in the demo. This multipurpose theme can be used for any niche. Of course, if you are creating a gaming website then Huber is an obvious choice.

    Huber does so many things well. It clearly features both the editor and user reviews throughout the design. Every review includes a prominent “Where to buy” section where you can include affiliate links. It even integrates with WooCommerce so that you can add a full store to your site. Since you can add “external products” with WooCommerce, this means you can list any products and link to them as an affiliate.

    On top of the great design and templates available, Huber is packed with features. This review theme comes with drag-and-drop page building, community features via bbPress & BuddyPress, and a fully customizable review system.

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  • 2. Networker by Code Supply Co. (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Networker is an absolutely gorgeous and modern tech blog WordPress theme. Of course, the “tech blog” part is only a recommendation. The minimalist and modern style of this theme can work for almost any niche you’d like.

    Networker is highly adaptable but fairly simple to use, so it won’t take weeks to configure. There are tons of layout options for the posts and the archive pages, loads of font and color choices, share buttons, and optin forms. It gets a lot of this functionality from integrations with a handful of plugins created by the same company. The fact that you get marketing tools in addition to standard theme customization tools makes it a great value.

    This theme includes a proprietary plugin by the developers that they call “Advanced Reviews.” This plugin allows you to insert products with ratings inside any post you want. For example, maybe you’re writing a news article and reference a product. You can insert an attractive callout box linking to the product to earn some affiliate commissions. The plugin also works well for standard review posts where there is a single rating tied to the post itself. Schema markup is included as well, so your star-ratings will show up in Google’s search results.

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  • 3. Divi by Elegant Themes

    Divi review theme layout

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    Theme Description

    Divi can be used to build any website, including review websites. The screenshot above is from the tech blog layout, which you can easily replicate on your site, but virtually any design imaginable can be created with Divi. It’s the best theme to choose if you want a lot of control over your layouts and style.

    While Divi has loads of modules available, you may want to integrate it with a plugin like Schema Pro to add review schema to your site. This will allow your ratings to show up on Google, which will increase your click-through rate leading to more readers and traffic.

    Divi doesn’t have its own review system included. Still, if you want to create a completely custom design and have total control over your site, it works great when integrated with a separate plugin for the review functionality.

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  • 4. Entrance by Gawibowo (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The Entrance theme has an older style that I find really engaging. Websites used to have more narrow displays, with 960px wide being the standard. Then the web became responsive, websites got wider, and then we realized that it’s best if they look similar across all devices. A narrow layout like this adapts much better to small screen sizes and creates a consistent aesthetic.

    Entrance is an excellent blogging theme, especially for a single blogger. A multi-author website might find the layout too limiting for the volume of content they publish, but this design is nice for a single author. Of course, it’s the review system that made Entrance a top pick in this collection, so let’s talk about that next.

    The review system comes built into this theme. You can decide what the rating criteria should be and give a rating for each attribute. Entrance will automatically calculate an overall final rating for you. Another nice touch is that you can optionally enable/disable the rating system for any post. This means you don’t have to publish reviews separately or mess with a custom post type.

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  • 5. Reviews by DJMiMi (Themeforest)

    Reviews theme

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    Theme Description

    Reviews is a crisp theme made for publishing lots of reviews. The directory design and feature set of this theme make it excellent for posting hundreds or even thousands of product reviews.

    The homepage features a categories section much like a web directory. You can also highlight the latest reviews, author picks, and reader picks on the homepage.

    Editors can set the criteria for each review and rate products. Visitors can leave ratings too. Like other themes listed here, Reviews aggregates and displays both editor and user ratings.

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  • 6. DizzyMag by StrictThemes (Themeforest)

    DizzyMag magazine review theme

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    Theme Description

    If you want a magazine-style theme, then check out DizzyMag. This template is perfect for multi-author websites that publish content on a daily or even more frequent basis. As you can see from the screenshot above, it also does a good job of emphasizing reviews.

    This theme doesn’t have its own review system, but rather, it integrates with WP Review Plugin by MyThemeShop. Since it’s integrated, the ratings will automatically show up in different parts of the template. The downside is that many users of WP Review Plugin are complaining that the free version is too simple. If you want more complex reviewing options, you may have to purchase the premium version.

    Besides ratings, DizzyMag also handles Google AdSense integration well. There are lots of widget areas and places for you to insert ads into the page content. Overall, they’ve made a nice theme and have put a lot of effort into helping you monetize your content.

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  • 7. Splash by MyThemeShop


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    Theme Description

    Splash is a clean WordPress review theme. It comes with many customization tools and a built-in review system.

    The review feature lets you define the criteria for your review. For instance, you may judge pet food based on its quality and eco-friendliness or a smartphone-based on its screen resolution and cost. This makes the theme adaptable for any niche, whether you’re reviewing food, movies, or games.

    The theme options panel in Splash is extremely comprehensive. It enables you to customize everything from homepage layouts, fonts, colors, and more. Custom widgets and over 20 shortcodes make content creation very flexible and adaptable.

    On top of all that, Splash is also performance-optimized. Splash also includes a host of optional features such as lazy loading that further speed up your site.

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  • 8. Review by Templatic


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    Theme Description

    The Reviews theme emphasizes user reviews. While you can write detailed personal reviews of products, user reviews are where this theme shines. You can even bulk import reviews via CSV to get your product database started.

    Visitors don’t need to register to contribute. They can fill out the comment field and leave a star rating. Since Reviews includes custom review fields, you can change them to fit any product type.

    Using a drag-and-drop widget system, you can update the homepage design to meet your needs. Unlimited color options and custom widgets bring further flexibility to this review theme.

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  • 9. Gauge by GhostPool (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Gauge is a sharp and modern WordPress theme for publishing reviews.

    Like Huber, Gauge lets you highlight plenty of reviews on the homepage and emphasize the demo’s gaming niche. Gauge is made by the same developer and is in many ways a precursor to the more feature-rich and customizable Huber.

    Gauge has a flexible review system, front-end posting so visitors can leave reviews and the Visual Composer plugin for page building. The menu system is also quite advanced, allowing you to add beautiful and useful mega menus in addition to regular drop-downs.

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  • 10. Puzzles by ThemeREX (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Puzzles is a unique and extremely modern WP theme for review sites. The Metro-style aesthetic makes this theme an excellent choice for a movie, video game, or other entertainment product review site.

    This theme is highly flexible due to its eight display patterns and nine color schemes for reviews. The simple review system allows you to turn any post into a full review. The rating system lets you show scores as ten stars, five stars, or a 0-100% value.

    With performance optimization, WooCommerce support, and a wide variety of customization choices, Puzzles can work well for any review website.

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  • 11. Reviewer by Design Crumbs (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Reviewer is a simple and straightforward review theme. Use it for one thing and one thing only – publishing reviews!

    The star rating feature lets you accompany reviews with a rating. Since Reviewer doesn’t have user reviews or a magazine structure, it’s well-suited for a solo reviewer.

    Reviewer includes five background patterns, unlimited color options, and two layout options. With the added social media icon integration, you can build your following while you publish reviews.

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  • 12. InReview by Elegant Themes


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    Theme Description

    Transform your blog into a product review site with InReview. This theme includes a review system that lets you show off highly-rated products. Dive deeper into your full reviews on individual review posts.

    InReview features a uniquely designed slider that lists your top products. Use the bundled widgets to promote top-quality products on your site.

    An interesting feature of InReview is the ability of editors and users alike to rate products. Post personal recommendations separate from your audience reviews, much like Metacritic.

    The InReview theme includes five unique color schemes and extensive theme options for layout, fonts, and ad placement.

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Which review theme is right for you?

If you want complete freedom, build your site with Divi. You can add a free or premium plugin to add product reviews to your posts.

The Huber theme is another fantastic template to build a review site. As a multipurpose review theme, it’s designed entirely around publishing reviews in any product category.

Regardless of your niche, one of the themes above will suit you. Reviewing themes can take a while, so try to narrow your list down to two or three based on the available features. Then you can spend more time diving into the specifics of each.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best WordPress review themes. Thanks for reading!

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