The 7 Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes for 2020

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

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With the right theme, everything you do with your site will earn you more. A better design can increase conversions, change how visitors navigate through your site and present you with entirely new monetization opportunities.

The themes here are all top-notch and cover an expansive variety of affiliate marketing tactics. You can use these themes to start a successful affiliate blog, eCommerce store, product review site, or even a coupon website.

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Affiliate marketing WordPress themes

All the themes here are modern and are completely responsive. That means they look and perform well on mobile devices, wide-screen monitors, and everything in between.

Here are my top picks for best affiliate marketing WordPress themes for 2020.
  • 1. REHub by Sizam (Themeforest)

    Rehub Rewise child theme

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    Theme Description

    This premium WordPress theme is packed with features for profitable affiliate marketing. It’s extraordinarily feature-rich and boasts an impressive 4.92/5 rating on Themeforest from over 700+ customer ratings.

    The aesthetic of REHub is the only aspect I’d say isn’t amazing. If you want a really beautiful theme, you want to find another, but if you’re happy with the simple and attractive style of this theme you need to take a closer look at what it can do. It has loads of tools for affiliates.

    REHub has customizable pricing comparison tables for posts where multiple products are reviewed. Review posts can feature both editor and user-submitted reviews for building more trust with visitors. There are conversion-oriented landing pages for generating leads effectively, and you can even create a “deals” section on your site like MightyDeals or AppSumo. You’ll need to browse around the demo sites to truly grasp everything this theme is capable of.

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  • 2. Admania by UserThemes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    As you might expect, the Admania theme is super-optimized for displaying advertising. You can see in the screenshot and live demo just how many performance-driven ad spots are available in this digital marketing theme. That said, you can bolster your ad revenue with affiliate commissions too using Admania.

    The design is simple and minimalist. It looks similar to a Genesis child theme and other popular blogging themes on Themeforest. If you want to publish content to build an email list and take a more personal approach to your affiliate marketing, Admania will be an excellent choice.

    Admania comes with six layouts that allow you to set up the site with the content and ad positions you prefer. It’s also optimized for speed, so it loads quickly which is important for conversion rates and SEO. There’s a live editor for updating the layouts, numerous different ad types, and ad block detector, and multiple post layouts.

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  • 3. MoneyFlow by MyThemeShop

    MoneyFlow SEO blog theme

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    Theme Description

    If you plan on starting an affiliate blog, MoneyFlow will be an excellent choice. This theme has lots of layouts to choose from, a clean and user-friendly design, and numerous features made to improve profitability.

    The MoneyFlow internet marketing theme will work especially well if you like to publish new content frequently. If you take a look through the demo, you’ll see that there is a lot of opportunity in the multi-column homepage for displaying new and featured posts. Another cool feature is the WooCommerce integration which allows you to add an entire affiliate shop to your site (sell your products or someone else’s).

    Regarding monetization, MoneyFlow has some impressive features. It integrates perfectly with other plugins by MyThemeShop to add customizable email optin forms, star ratings for product reviews, and mega menus for enhanced navigation. It’s also fully optimized for SEO and written with clean code to keep the site fast and performant.

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  • 4. WooShop by MyThemeShop

    WooShop eCommerce WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    You may not know this, but you can create an eCommerce store with the WooCommerce plugin even if you don’t have any of your own products to sell. You can list external products from other companies and simply link to their sales pages from the affiliate product pages on your site. This allows you to send high-converting traffic to vendors and earn great commissions.

    If you’re looking to create an affiliate eCommerce store, you’ll want to see the WooShop theme. This theme is well-designed for browsing and product discovery and can support a shop with dozens or hundreds of items for sale.

    WooShop has a customizable homepage that includes a responsive slider at the top to promote your most popular or highest converting offers. You can choose from three different types of grid layouts for the homepage sale listings and add as many product categories as you want. Visitors will appreciate the optimized product and cart pages. WooShop is also optimized for AdSense ads and SEO-ready to help bring more visitors into your site.

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  • 5. Coupon by MyThemeShop


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    Theme Description

    Another popular style of affiliate website is the coupon website. We have a full collection of coupon website themes, but the  Coupon theme by MyThemeShop has an especially awesome design for promoting coupon offers and getting visitors to click on the crucial affiliate links.

    The homepage doesn’t waste space with blog posts or non-monetized content. It immediately advertises the site’s best deals and follows this up with a slider of some additional popular coupons. Below that visitors will find more coupons organized by category. Clicking any offer will take visitors to the dedicated coupon pages where they will then click the ad again to get the code and visit the vendor’s site.

    Every section of the homepage is customizable so you can add whatever coupons and offers you want. There’s also a complete coupon archive integrated with site search which allows visitors to easily find any deals on your site. Coupons can have expiration dates, extra reward options, and a counter advertising how many other people have used the coupon so far.

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  • 6. Splash by MyThemeShop


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    Theme Description

    Splash is another blogging theme for affiliates with an emphasis on product reviews. If you check out the demo, you’ll see its filled with star ratings from various review posts.

    The design of this theme is simple and clean. If you’re more concerned with publishing clearly written content with a matching design, Splash will fit your needs perfectly. It doesn’t distract with unnecessary scrolling effects or animations. It also adapts really nicely to smaller tablet and mobile device screens.

    Splash is highly customizable and lets you change the fonts and colors with ease from the admin panel. It’s also translation ready, so it works great for any language and loads super fast on all devices. Splash is also WooCommerce compatible so you can add an eCommerce store alongside your blog.

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  • 7. Doo by Azexo (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    You can use the Doo theme for a few different types of affiliate sites. There is a beautiful blog design you can use if you want to publish tutorials and product reviews. WooCommerce compatibility is included, so you can start an affiliate eCommerce store too. And, Doo has a coupon search feature.

    On the homepage of Doo, you’ll find the coupon feature front-and-center. This same search bar can be used for finding products on your site too. There is also a group buying feature and gift certificates available through the WooCommerce integration.

    You can publish daily deals with Doo which is another cool way to monetize your site. Regarding customization, the header, footer, and sidebar are all fully customizable via the Visual Composer plugin that comes bundled. The search form, product listings, and other template parts of the site are all fully customizable too.

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Which affiliate marketing theme is best for you?

REHub has so many layouts and effective moneymaking features that it at least deserves a quick look. It’s my top pick simply because it has so many practical features.

MoneyFlow and Splash are both good choices for an affiliate marketing blog. They’re beautiful themes and excel at product reviews in particular.

Both Coupon and Doo would work well for a coupon site, although I have to say I prefer the design and features in the Coupon theme.

If you want to create an eCommerce affiliate store, any theme by MyThemeShop will work, but the WooShop theme is an obvious choice. It’s got a great design and highly flexible layouts.

Lastly, Admania is a solid theme for anyone who wants to start an affiliate marketing blog, but also emphasize ads. With all of its optimizations, you’ll likely earn higher ad revenues with this theme than others on the list.

Please use the comment form below if you have any questions about these affiliate marketing WordPress themes.

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