The 9 Best Coupon WordPress Themes for Clicks & Conversions

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Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Coupon sites are an easy way to make affiliate commissions online.

Since people show up right before the purchase, you’re very likely to convert visitors into paying customers.


People visiting coupon sites are extremely impatient and likely won’t stick around for even a full minute. That’s why an effective, user-friendly design is absolutely critical.

You’ll find WordPress themes made for coupon sites with smart, effective designs listed below.

These themes are all made specifically for coupon sites and have tons of money-making tools in addition to their great designs.

Is this your first website? Follow our guide on how to make a coupon website.

Coupon WordPress themes

The themes included here all have outstanding customer reviews, high-quality designs, and incredible customization tools. They’re also completely responsive, so they’ll look amazing on your visitors’ phones.

Here are my top picks for best coupon WordPress themes for 2024.

  • 1. Couponis by Spoon Themes (Themeforest)

    Couponis coupon WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    Flexibility is essential when constructing a website with multiple content types (like blog posts and coupons). The Couponis theme allows you to create custom pages for all your page types separately, making it a highly functional theme.

    Create a website that works smoothly on any computer, tablet, or phone screen with easy-to-scan categories and a clean design. One feature that makes Couponis stand out is the user-submitted coupons. You can use Couponis as more than an affiliate marketing theme by adding a full membership system that charges members to submit their content.

    A clear and concise homepage with the Couponis Theme can include a featured section, trending stores, sorting coupons by date, and signup for a newsletter, all integral to getting visitors to take action on your website. Finding ways to engage everyone regardless of their interests is important, and Couponis makes this process more accessible than ever before.

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  • 2. Froday by KlbTheme (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The Froday theme has a clean, flat design style that makes the content easy to read and navigate. There’s a search bar featured at the top, including a category selector, so visitors can immediately find what they’re looking for. Perhaps more important, though, is the coupon page design since this is where most visitors from Google will first land.

    The coupon pages are laid out similar to blog posts. There’s an image at the top with a title, price, and description below. There’s a purchase button, social sharing buttons, the name of the vendor selling the product, and an optional countdown timer in the sidebar. Using widgets, you can display more related offers in the sidebar and below the main content.

    Froday integrates with the WPBakery page builder plugin, which comes bundled for free. This makes it extremely customizable, and that’s one reason it has so many five-star customer reviews.

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  • 3. Coupon Theme by PremiumPress

    Coupon Theme

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    Theme Description

    PremiumPress has been making advanced WordPress themes for years now, and their Coupon Theme is no exception. This feature-filled theme will let you create a completely custom website to promote coupons and deals.

    One of the coolest features of this affiliate marketing theme is its affiliate link cloaking and management. Since you can use the theme to manage your links, it unlocks new possibilities like the cashback system. Customers who purchase a product with one of your affiliate links can then return to your site and share their order ID to get your cashback offer. This theme also allows user submissions for coupons, so you won’t have to do all the work of hunting down coupons yourself.

    The Coupon Theme also includes a “did it work?” button for coupons, a feedback tool, and affiliate pop-unders. Overall, it’s a highly advanced theme for building a coupon website.

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  • 4. Kupon by Azexo (Themeforest)

    Kupon daily deals theme

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    Theme Description

    A simplistic look can sometimes be the most attractive, and when displaying coupons, it can also be the most practical. With the Kupon Theme, you can design your site in sections and maintain the minimalist aesthetic. It functions as a daily deal theme so that you can build an entire marketplace of time-sensitive offers. Visitors will love browsing deals with the modern style of this top coupon theme.

    Kupon excels at featuring daily deals and can pull visitors in with its beautiful typography and large images. The layout is fully customizable thanks to its integration with a page builder plugin. Each deal features all of the relevant details like the price, location, and total savings. The way Kupon highlights the customer’s savings is especially effective for generating conversions.

    Overall, Kupon is a strong contender as a coupon theme for WordPress with its smart and gorgeous design, plus all the advanced functionality included.

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  • 5. Coupon by MyThemeShop


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    Theme Description

    Want to find a way to display your coupons in a detailed but different manner? The Coupon Theme is one of the best premium WordPress themes to do just that, allowing anybody to quickly construct a professional website.

    Through the varied options for designs, you can display coupons organized by category, brand, and even date, making sure you reach as large of an audience as possible. Suiting everybody’s fancy isn’t an issue here, as you can also provide easy-to-use search bars and categories in the Coupon theme’s clean and cool menu bar. This template’s creative and browsable design will make your site a favorite among users who like couponing and finding discounts.

    What makes Coupon a top choice is its ease-of-use compared to other themes. Instead of giving you a page builder integration and leaving a lot of the design work up to you, Coupon has a built-in layout that’s optimized for conversions and then lets you tweak the layout where needed. Overall, there is less control, but it’s much easier to use and quick to set up than many other coupon WP themes.

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  • 6. CouponXL by Pebas (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    CouponXL features a modern design with color gradients, background images, and bold, sans-serif fonts. Of course, all of these aspects are fully customizable, but it gives you an idea of what you can create with this premium coupon theme.

    This theme features a three-column layout on the homepage, which is excellent for browsing. The coupon pages are also well-designed with the pricing and buy buttons clearly highlight in the sidebar.

    One feature, in particular, that sets CouponXL apart is the extra navigation bar at the top. It lets visitors select a location or a specific store to search for coupons. Additionally, CouponXL features random code generation for coupons, mega menus, a membership system, and the option to charge a fee for product listings.

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  • 7. Couponer by Pebas (Themeforest)

    Couponer WP theme

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    Theme Description

    Quality website design is essential when creating a site that engages visitors with coupon opportunities.

    The Couponer theme facilitates this process by allowing you to combine slogans, featured images, and time-based tags (Featured, Popular, Daily Offers, Latest, etc.) with a search bar for specific shops and keywords. On top of this, you can run an active blog and feature content that will promote sales. Couponer also has an excellent header design for making the navigation elements easily accessible.

    If you’re a developer, you may also enjoy that the Couponer theme is built off of Twitter Bootstrap, which makes editing with a child theme simple. And one more neat feature in this template is the printable coupons that can help you earn even when visitors take things offline.

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  • 8. CouponHut by Subsolar (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The premium CouponHut WordPress theme is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create a coupon or deals website without requiring extra daily deal plugins or other add-ons.

    CouponHut is a responsive theme, meaning that your website will display correctly, regardless of the device the visitor uses to access it, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It’s also incredibly customizable thanks to the drag-and-drop page builder that comes bundled.

    This convenient WordPress theme has everything you would need when building a coupon website. You can add simple percentage-based discounts, time-triggered events, or limited-time offers, depending on the best deals you want to bring to your visitors. You should see high conversions from the expiring coupon deals option.

    The CouponHut theme even includes advanced customer filters that let your visitors dig around your site to find the coupons they’re looking for quickly. They can select a particular brand, company, or category to see the deals you have available for them instantly. Support for WooCommerce lets you create an affiliate store and adds integration with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

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  • 9. ClipMyDeals by ClipMyDeals

    ClipMyDeals coupon WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    The ClipMyDeals Coupon and Cashback Theme is one of the most feature-rich WordPress themes for creating a coupon site.

    While beautiful, this theme isn’t just designed to look nice. It’s been carefully styled to maximize your conversion rates. In fact, it seems a lot more like the top coupon sites on the web than the other templates featured here.

    ClipMyDeals has many features, including coupon feeds, a white-labeled mobile app, four different layouts for your coupons, and eight custom widgets. The coupon feed is powered by LinkMyDeals which you can subscribe to, and ClipMyDeals will publish the coupons for you on autopilot. The homepage can feature a background video, banner image, or responsive slider, among other options.

    You can even use ClipMyDeals to create a fully-functional cashback website. It includes payment management tools in the admin and financial reports that include user clicks, transactions, and earnings. You won’t need to install a coupon plugin to add any extra functionality to your site.

    I’ve barely scratched the service of the revenue-generating tools included in this theme, nor have I even mentioned some of the awesome customization options. If you’re looking to build a profitable affiliate coupon website with a WordPress theme, use the link below to see more of ClipMyDeals.

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Which coupon theme is best for you?

Need a few tips to pick the perfect theme.

Start your search with Couponis. It has dozens of rave reviews for its customizability and smart affiliate marketing features.

Kupon stands out because of its emphasis on time-sensitive offers and group buying deals. If you prefer that business model over a pure coupon approach, you might like it more than other templates listed here.

Coupon is likely the best option if you like its layout and want to get your site online fast without tons of customization work.

If you’ve just found the perfect coupon WordPress theme for your site, then make sure to share this post to help someone else with their search.

Thanks for reading.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
This article was written by Ben Sibley. He is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.