The 5 Best Coupon WordPress Themes for 2019

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Starting a coupon website?

This is a unique type of website that you can’t easily make with your average page builder. Luckily, WordPress site owners have plenty of great themes to choose from.

These are the best of the coupon themes available on the market. They have awesome designs that perfectly suit the needs of a coupon site and tons of practical features to customize your site with.

We have a daily deals theme collection and a list of affiliate marketing WordPress themes you may enjoy too.

Coupon WordPress themes

These themes all have outstanding customer reviews, high-quality designs, and incredible customization tools. They’re also completely responsive so they’ll look amazing on your visitors’ phones too.

  • 1. Coupon by MyThemeShop


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    Theme Description

    Want to find a way to display your coupons in a detailed, but varied manner? The Coupon Theme is one of the best WordPress themes to do just that, allowing anybody to quickly construct a professional, concise website.

    Through the varied options for designs, you can display coupons that are organized by category, brand, and even date, making sure you reach as large of an audience as possible. Suiting everybody’s fancy isn’t an issue here, as you can also provide easy-to-use search bars and categories in the Coupon theme’s clean and straightforward menu bar. You can also use this to display your logo and feature specific coupons and photos below in the center of the page for seasonal and weekly specials.

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  • 2. Couponis by Spoon Themes (Themeforest)

    Couponis coupon WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    Flexibility is important when constructing a website that features something as distinct as coupons, and the Couponis Theme allows you to attain this flexibility while creating the exact website you want.

    Create a website that works smoothly on any computer, tablet, or phone screen and also have easy-to-scan categories that allow readers to sort through your homepage to find exactly what they need. A clear and concise homepage with the Couponis Theme can include a featured section, trending stores, sorting coupons by date, and a signup for a newsletter, all integral to getting as many people interested in your website as possible. Finding ways to engage everyone regardless of their interests is important and Couponis makes this process easier than ever before.

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  • 3. Couponer by Pebas (Themeforest)

    Couponer WP theme

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    Theme Description

    Quality website design is essential when creating a site that engages visitors with coupon opportunities. The Couponer Theme facilitates this process by allowing you to combine slogans, featured images, and time-based tags (Featured, Popular, Daily Offers, Latest, etc.) with a search bar for specific shops and keywords.

    On top of this, you can add blog posts and feature content specific to certain niches. This specificity doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice generality, though—with the intuitive design of the Couponer Theme you can keep multiple pages listed on the header of the page so people can enjoy the niche content while also being able to quickly access exactly what they need.

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  • 4. CouponHut by Subsolar (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The CouponHut WordPress theme is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create a coupons or deals website. It’s a responsive theme, meaning that your website will display perfectly, regardless of the device the visitor uses to access it, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

    This convenient WordPress theme has everything you would need when building a coupon website. You can add simple percentage based discounts, time-triggered events or limited time offers, depending on the deals you want to bring to your visitors. The CouponHut theme even includes advanced customer filters that let your visitors dig around your site to quickly find the coupons they’re looking for. They can select a particular brand, company or category to instantly see the deals you have available for them.

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  • 5. Kupon by Azexo (Themeforest)

    Kupon daily deals theme

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    Theme Description

    A simplistic look can sometimes be the most attractive, and when displaying coupons, it can also be the most practical. With the Kupon Theme, design your site in sections, upkeeping minimalist influences to display daily deals, featured marketplaces, tags, and advertisements.

    Kupon excels at featuring daily deals and can pull visitors in with its beautiful typography and large images. Each deal features all of the relevant details like the price, location, and total savings. Kupon does an especially good job at showing visitors exactly how much they’ll save by purchasing a deal.

    Overall, Kupon is a strong contender for your coupon site with its smart and gorgeous design, plus all the advanced functionality included.

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Which coupon theme is best for you?

Coupon is a clean and straightforward theme that gets the top pick for its design and practical feature set. The developers over at MyThemeShop have also put a lot of effort into making sure its fast and SEO-friendly.

You’ll do well with Couponis and Couponer for building a coupon database, while CouponHut and Kupon will work better for featuring deals and adding more social elements into your site.

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