Top 4 Best Daily Deal WordPress Plugins for 2023

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It may be the most powerful psychological sales trigger there is.

If prospects know that there’s a limited supply or time to purchase (or both!), they’re much more likely to make a purchase.

And that’s exactly why daily deals work so well.

If you want to make a daily deals website or any kind of eCommerce store with limited time offers, these plugins have exactly what you need.

Want a great design too? Check out this collection of the best daily deal WordPress themes for a complete package.

Daily deal plugins

Only plugins with amazing customer reviews have been featured here. You’ll find premium and free plugins available, so pick whichever one you think fits your needs and budget best.

Here are the top picks for the best daily deal WordPress plugins.

  • 1. WooCommerce Group Buy & Deals

    WooCommerce Group Buy Deals

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    Plugin Description

    Want to create a group buying experience similar to Groupon? WooCommerce Group Buy & Deals is a perfect choice.

    This premium plugin adds a new group deals post type to your site so you can publish new offers the same way you’d publish a new post. You can quickly customize the products offered, the price, how many are available, and how long the deal will be available. Once you’re ready, set the time and date the deal should begin and it will be added to your site wherever you want your deals published.

    WooCommerce Group Buy & Deals is excellent for improving conversions because of the built-in urgency. When visitors see the countdown timer and know there is a limited supply, they’re much more likely to make a purchase before it’s too late.

    If you want to create a multivendor website where businesses can register and publish custom deals on your site, that’s possible with WooCommerce Group Buy & Deals too. You can even charge them to list their deal adding another revenue stream to your internet business.

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  • 2. WooCommerce Daily Deals

    WooCommerce Daily Deals

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Daily Deals is perfect if you have an existing eCommerce store and want to generate more sales from your own products. It provides a simple system for featuring new deals on your site every day.

    WooCommerce Daily Deals adds a new menu where you’ll create new promotions and decide when they begin and finish. You can then add as many products as you want to the sale. You may want to discount an entire category or highlight just one item from your store.

    Since WooCommerce Daily Deals works with your own products, you never need to go out and find new deals or take a huge cut on your profits by listing on a site like Groupon. Instead, you can simply rotate through your catalog offering deals at whatever prices you want.

    As the name implies, you’ll need to use WooCommerce on your site to utilize this plugin. That’s probably not an issue though since WooCommerce is the de facto WordPress eCommerce plugin.

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  • 3. Finale


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    Plugin Description

    The Finale plugin specializes in adding urgency and scarcity to your eCommerce shop. It integrates especially well with WooCommerce and its existing pages. Let me explain.

    With the WooCommerce plugin, you can put any item on sale at any discount you want. With Finale, you can set a start and finish date for a sale. Even better, you can include a countdown timer right on the product page. This is a powerful tool for encouraging potential customers to make a purchase right away. The counter bar in Finale is another excellent tool for visualizing the countdown of remaining stock further increasing scarcity and promoting the best deals.

    The lite version certainly doesn’t skimp on features, but if you want to take your promotions even further, you have to try out Finale Pro. It adds loads of powerful new promo tools including scheduled sales which allow you to fully automate your eCommerce sales schedule.

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  • 4. WP Coupons and Deals

    WP Coupons and Deals

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    Plugin Description

    Are you an affiliate? The plugins recommended so far work best for eCommerce store owners with their own products, so if you want to promote products from other vendors, pay attention to this plugin.

    WP Coupons and Deals is primarily a coupon plugin but can work for promoting regular deals too. It’s a smartly designed plugin that allows you to include your affiliate link in the coupon layout designed to boost your clickthrough-rate.

    While there isn’t any built-in urgency in the free plugin, there is a pro version that includes expiration dates. You can display the expiration date with red text or add a countdown timer that stays accurate down to the second. The countdown timer is an especially good fit for a daily deals website.

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Which daily deals plugin is best?

WooCommerce Group Buy & Deals is the best choice for recreating Groupon-style deals on your site.

If you want to highlight deals for your own products every day then WooCommerce Daily Deals will be perfect. Finale is also an excellent plugin for boosting sales of your own products.

Lastly, WP Coupons and Deals is the best plugin here for affiliates that want to add deals to their site for products from other vendors.

If you have any questions about these daily deal WordPress plugins, please post a comment below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
This article was written by Ben Sibley. He is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.