The 7 Best Mega Menu WordPress Themes to Build Awesome Menus

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“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Want a theme with beautiful mega menus?

We’ve collected some of the highest quality themes from various niches with expansive, customizable mega menus. Find a theme for any purpose, including an eCommerce store, personal blog, or online magazine.

The one quality all themes listed here have in common is a flexible system for creating awesome mega menus. So if you’re ready to see what they’ve got, keep scrolling to see our top picks.

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Mega menu WordPress themes

Below are the themes you should consider first when adding a mega menu to your website.

Only themes that have been updated recently have been included in this list. This ensures that they work with the latest WordPress version and that the developers are still actively working to maintain them. We’ve also only included themes that are responsive and mobile-friendly.

We’ve included previews of the mega menus in every screenshot below – they are not open by default ūüôā

Here are my top picks for best mega menu WordPress themes for 2024.

  • 1. Converio by Theme Motive (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Converio is a multipurpose theme but with special attention paid to user experience and conversion rate optimization.

    This responsive theme provides massive flexibility via the use of shortcodes. The editor for every post and page includes a dropdown menu of more than 40 customizable shortcodes to add new elements like social icons, customer testimonials, and image sliders.

    The mega menu featured in the screenshot above shows how Converio can promote your newest posts in the menu. However, there’s also a separate design for the store that features your WooCommerce products. This shows how customizable and diverse your mega menus can be when using Converio.

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  • 2. Petal by Aislin (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The Petal theme has one of the best mega menu builders I’ve seen. You can create exquisite and user-friendly dropdown menus with this theme.

    Petal includes a header builder, which lets you drag-and-drop elements into place to construct the header. This includes placing your logo, menu, social icons, and other common elements wherever you’d like. Even better, you can use this same system to create a design specifically for a mega menu. This degree of flexibility allows you to create a custom layout for a mega menu and add it as a dropdown item for any menu item you want.

    The Petal theme was made for any creative website, service provider, or digital agency. It has tons of attractive grid layouts to showcase work from your portfolio, and it even includes WooCommerce, so you can add an eCommerce shop to your site if you’d like.

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  • 3. Newspaper by tagDiv (Themeforest)

    Newspaper WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    Newspaper is one of the most customizable themes ever made. It’s made for creating news websites and can be adapted to cover any niche. You can feature all of your finest content using many of the available layouts and custom widgets available.

    The style of this responsive news theme is modern and clean. While the design does not have lots of white space like many modern, minimalist themes, it also does not feel cluttered. The designers have done a good job of including plenty of content on the page at once so visitors can quickly find a headline that interests them.

    Of course, this theme wouldn’t be here without a mega menu. There is a mega menu builder that actually lets you choose from a few different styles. The style featured in the screenshot above stands out because it lists posts and their Featured Images, and you can even choose from different categories from the left side, which is pretty cool and rather advanced.

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  • 4. BoxShop by SkyGroup (Themeforest)

    BoxShop eCommerce theme

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    Theme Description

    If you want an eCommerce theme with mega menus, BoxShop is an excellent candidate for your site.

    Check out the mega menu featured in the screenshot here. You can see how different product categories and pages can be featured along with specific products. BoxShop gives you lots of control over the layout and can make some pretty complex designs.

    As an eCommerce theme, BoxShop is well-designed for usability. It also uses a vertical menu on the left side, as Amazon has for years. If you wanted to create a site like Amazon, this would be a great choice. Hover over any menu item in the sidebar, and it will reveal a larger mega menu that can feature a background image relevant to the product category.

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  • 5. Elision by Qode (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The Elision theme advertises mega menus as one of its top features and includes a unique way to build them.

    With Elision, you can create regular menu items and dropdown menu items just like any other template. The difference is that the menu builder in Elision also allows you to insert custom content into a dropdown menu. This unlocks loads of possibilities. For instance, you can insert a shortcode into the menu to display any dynamic content you want. You might prefer the structure provided by other themes when creating a mega menu, but the freeform approach provided by Elision is cool.

    This is a multipurpose theme, so it’s not made for any niche in particular. If you plan on making multiple websites, you might like Elision since you can reuse it for more than one website without recreating the same design.

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  • 6. DashBlog by Hercules Design (Themeforest)

    DashBlog theme with mega menus

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    Theme Description

    Want a highly customizable minimalist theme for your blog? You can’t go wrong with DashBlog.

    DashBlog has a black and white color palette, which matches the overall clean aesthetic of the theme. This simple style also makes it easy to see how it can be customized. Switching layouts is simple, and there are 12 to pick from for the blog homepage and another four for the post pages.

    You can see how advanced the menus are in the screenshot for DashBlog. On the left side of the mega menu, there’s a list of categories, and as you hover over each one, the posts to the right will update to the latest from the category. It’s a cool way to make content browsing easier without requiring visitors to load a new page on the site.

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  • 7. Barcelona by Minduction (Themeforest)

    Barcelona magazine theme

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    Theme Description

    Barcelona is a clean and beautiful magazine WordPress theme. While there are plenty of layouts to choose from for this modern theme, the aesthetic is consistent and minimalist throughout each template.

    The mega menus in this theme are well-designed too. You can use them to promote some of your latest posts. Each post includes the Featured Image, title, and date, which light up as visitors hover over them.

    There’s a lot of customization options powering Barcelona. There are 7 pre-designed homepages to select from, but there’s also a “homepage builder” available to customize the layout. Easily add or remove sidebars, utilize six different post layouts, five post formats, and change the background to a color or image effortlessly from the Customizer.

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Which mega menu theme is best for you?

Converio is our top pick because it has awesome mega menus and the widest application of all these themes. As a multipurpose theme, you could use it for any website.

For an online portfolio or agency website, go with Petal. Petal has the most advanced mega menu builder of all the themes featured here.

I hope this collection of the best mega menu WordPress themes helped you find an awesome new template for your website. Please consider using the buttons below to share this post before you go.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
This article was written by Ben Sibley. He is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.