The 5 Best WordPress Menu Plugins [Free & Paid]

Your website’s menu is like a compass.

It helps visitors find what they’re looking for and can improve your site’s engagement metrics, like visit duration and conversion rates.

Luckily, dozens of great WordPress plugins are available to help you make your website’s navigation menu that much more powerful.

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WordPress Menu Plugins

With the immense popularity of mobile devices, it’s essential you select a menu with responsive design in addition to high customizability and aesthetics.

After sorting through the top WordPress menu plugins, I’ve narrowed down the options to five of the very best.

These plugins, three paid and two free, make creating a responsive WordPress menu a cinch.

  • 1. Max Mega Menu

    Max Mega Menu plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Max Mega Menu utilizes drag-and-drop editing to make building menus from your admin dashboard as easy as possible. You can even preview in real-time to see how your menu is coming along.

    Another highlight of Max Mega Menu is its customizability features. Nearly endless options allow you to add interactive elements with images, icons, maps, widgets, and more.

    Despite the impressive array of features, this WordPress menu plugin is still one of the fastest loading available.

    Top Features

    • Drag-and-drop editing
    • Add icons to menu items
    • Organize with interactive elements
    • Use with existing themes
    • Less than 2kb for quick loading

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  • 2. UberMenu


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    Plugin Description

    Perhaps the most powerful menu plugin currently available for WordPress, UberMenu allows you to build incredibly complex, yet visually beautiful, mega menus with multiple layers of “sub-menus.”

    Despite its many features, UberMenu is remarkably user-friendly. It utilizes an intuitive menu-building platform using responsive grids.

    It also allows you to include interactive elements like images, maps, and widgets as menu items to completely customize your responsive WordPress menu.

    Top Features

    • Intuitive menu-builder
    • Dozens of responsive features
    • Highly customizable content
    • Live preview function
    • Four extensions (available separately or $19 bundle)

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  • 3. Superfly

    Superfly menu plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Superfly is great for anyone who prefers a vertical navigation menu over a horizontal one.

    The menus are hidden behind a toggle button at the top corner of the page, giving you more space for the rest of your content. This creates a very clean look (especially on mobile devices).

    This responsive menu plugin features numerous styling and customization options. It also supports multiple “sub-menus” as well as social sharing buttons in the menus.

    Top Features

    • Vertical menus for space-saving
    • Incredible for mobile responsiveness
    • Abundant customization options
    • Upload custom imagery to menus
    • Supports four levels of “sub-menus”

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  • 4. WP Responsive Menu

    WP Responsive Menu

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    Plugin Description

    Specifically designed for building sliding mobile menus, this WordPress menu plugin naturally excels at responsiveness and “mobile-friendliness.”

    It seamlessly integrates with the WordPress admin interface and features user-friendly menu-building tools. Dozens of options allow you a lot of wiggle room to customize your menus.

    Perhaps the best aspect of WP Responsive Menu, however, is the streamlined menu creation process. It takes less than 5 minutes to create a functional, beautiful menu.

    Top Features

    • Sliding mobile menus
    • Fully responsive on all mobile devices
    • Intuitive menu-building interface
    • Dozens of customizable options
    • Ability to hide unwanted elements on mobile

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  • 5. Hero Menu

    Hero Menu WordPress plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Hero Menu features many customizable options, making it one of the most versatile WordPress menu plugins currently available.

    250+ free icons, 650 Google fonts, and infinite colors are only the beginning as far as styling options go. You can also add interactive elements like pictures, maps, and widgets.

    A streamlined interface makes building a navigation mega menu with Hero Menu effortless.

    Top Features

    • Intuitive menu-building interface
    • Unlimited customization options
    • 60 design pre-sets
    • “Sticky Menu” functionality
    • Fully responsive on all mobile devices

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Which WordPress Menu Plugin is Best for You?

Responsive web design is a must nowadays. And it starts with a functional, visually appealing navigation menu that looks great on all devices.

Though each of the five WordPress menu plugins discussed above will appeal to a different audience, there’s no denying they’re all high among the best currently available.

Is there any feature not listed above? Have another recommendation? Post a comment below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.

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