Top 16 Best WordPress Newspaper Themes for 2017

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The news moves fast, and your site needs to keep up.

Whether you’re a traditional news outlet or you cover a specific industry, the layout of your site helps your content connect with your readers.

Newspaper themes offer a variety of features designed for fast-paced, content-rich sites. Many themes even allow for multiple headlines as well as videos, images, and other media.

If you use WordPress, there are plenty of newspaper themes available. Here are some of the best newspaper WordPress themes.

WordPress Newspaper Themes

The themes below are modern, stylish, and fully responsive. That means they’re beautiful and mobile-friendly. They’re also compatible with the newest version of WordPress.

  • 1. CityNews by ThemeVan (Themeforest)

    City News

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    Theme Description

    Let the words do the work with City News. Emphasizing a clean look with minimal frills, the City News news magazine theme is fast-loading and readable on both desktop and mobile.

    The Visual Composer plugin integrates with City News for building custom page layouts. Four post types are available: Standard, Video, Gallery, and Audio. A built-in Mega Menu keeps readers in the loop by showcasing the most popular stories.

    This column-based theme works great for displaying news articles, long-form pieces, and even personal journals. When you want your message clear and readable on practically any device, choose City News.

  • 2. Newspaper by tagDiv (Themeforest)

    Newspaper Theme

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    Theme Description

    As the name suggests, this is one of the top themes for news-related sites. One of the most popular news themes ever, over 40,000 people use this theme for news, newspaper, magazine, reviews and more.

    Like a traditional newspaper (remember those?) this theme can be divided into topical sections. Easily adaptable for posts of various lengths. The theme also supports full integration with YouTube, bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce and more. The styles can range from modern magazine style designs to a classic news portal look like the NYT.

    All changes and customizations are visible live. Change headers, menus, content, layouts and other page elements quickly and intuitively. Everything is done by drag-and-drop, so absolutely no coding knowledge is required!

    If you’re looking for a traditional theme capable of handling lot of ever-changing news content, Newspaper has you covered.

  • 3. Newspaper by MyThemeShop


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    Theme Description

    Newspaper’s layout combines a classic, elegant look with modern, multi-media functionality.

    Newspaper works great for sites that publish a lot of content even multiple times a day. Sorting features like “trending” and “latest” allow readers to find the most up-to-date info easily.

    If your site frequently posts across multiple categories, you’ll likely love Newspaper’s numerous layout options and media-rich features. Plus, the theme is optimized to load quickly – even on mobile. Like most themes by MyThemeShop, Newspaper also has full RTL support for right-to-left languages.

    Overall, Newspaper is a terrific way to create a glossy, professional media website.

  • 4. Fineglobe by Republik WP (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    If you’re looking for a classic news site design, you need to check out Fineglobe. Everything from the black and white color scheme, the condensed all-caps titles, and the limited white space makes this theme feel instantly classic.

    Fineglobe excels at featuring huge quantities of content. There are numerous sections on the homepage and multiple sidebars for including even more stories. If you are a frequent publisher, you’ll enjoy the editorial control you get with Fineglobe.

    Fineglobe comes with all the customization tools you’ll need. There are seven layouts for each the header, footer, post, page, and category pages. You also get drag-and-drop page building with the bundled Visual Composer plugin. You’ll be able to setup a design that perfectly suits your content objectives.

  • 5. Sahifa by TieLabs (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    More and more people use their smartphones to access the web. With Sahifa, your blog is accessible on any browser and device. The theme automatically resizes and adapts to fit every screen. Since the entire post grid at the top can be placed into slides, Sahifa is a great choice for a newspaper theme with a slider.

    Customizing your site is a snap with the powerful admin tools. You can configure theme settings, colors, fonts and layouts. Over four hundred options are available.

    With over $74 worth of bundled plugins, Sahifa has a lot to offer publishers. Great functionality and style for readers on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • 6. Newsmag by tagDiv (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    With the sleek, modern look of a glossy news magazine, Newsmag is a popular choice across many different publishing niches. By combining design and functions, Newsmag provides nine different ways to display, broadcast and publish content.

    Widgets help provide custom info for readers such as weather forecasts, exchange market updates and more.

    Newsmag can be used to create a page which regularly updates based on the visitor’s location and interests. If you want readers to check in on your page all day, Newsmag is the theme for you.

  • 7. Click Mag by MVP Themes (Themeforest)

    Click Mag

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    Theme Description

    Click Mag is a theme designed for the hippest, hottest and most current content. This theme has a variety of features designed to help your content go viral. Fully responsive mobile features mean your site will be quick loading and readable on any device.

    Readers help dictate design with Click Mag. Pageviews can determine which content is placed in the Trending News section. A “Continue Reading” button allows you to shorten stories when necessary, which allows you plenty of room to insert ads.

    If your content is fast-moving and interactive, you’ll love Click Mag. The theme combines the classic cool of a popular magazine with the modern features of a viral-centered website.

  • 8. Newser by Zozo Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Looking to create a high-quality, glossy magazine – but one which stands out from the crowd? Newser is a feature-rich theme for blogs, newspaper, magazines, review sites, and other publishers.

    Newser’s dynamic layout features give you a ton of creative freedom to alter the appearance of both your site and each article. All customization can be done with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

    If you’re looking for an easy way to design a unique news site, check out Newser today.

  • 9. Bitz by MNKY (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Breaking news today is old news tomorrow. Bitz lets you publish and display a constant flow of fresh content. Articles can be displayed in 10 different styles. You can also order news stories by title, views, date and other guidelines.

    If you cover a niche industry, you’ll love Bitz’s ability to create personalized categories. Each category can even be given a custom style. This creates a visually striking alternative to traditional article categories.

    Custom timing options, along with custom categories, make Bitz an excellent theme for online news sites centered around breaking news and up-to-the-minute info.

  • 10. Read and Digest by Elated Themes (Themeforest)

    Read And Digest

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    Theme Description

    The Read and Digest theme has more of a magazine-style look but will work for any news site. There’s a great balance between the post titles and Featured Images and an overall modern and pleasing aesthetic.

    This news theme includes a few layouts for mega menus which are excellent for helping visitors find more content on the site. The individual post pages are quite beautiful with the title overlaying a large image. Category archives are very important for a news site and Read and Digest has an effective design for them too.

    Read and Digest includes an enormous number of features. You’ll need to visit some of the demos to get a good idea of what this theme is capable of. There are tons of layout variations and all the standard customization options like custom colors, fonts, etc.

  • 11. TopNews by CodexCoder (Themeforest)

    Top News

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    Theme Description

    Versatility meets simplicity with Top-News, a publishing theme suitable for topics from hard news to light features and everything in-between. With multiple variations and headline options, you can easily create a custom look using the drag-and-drop page builder.

    Predesigned demos are also available which cover a rich variety of topics including Fashion, Sports, Tech, Travel and more. Top-News is fast-loading, user-friendly, and displays on both high and low resolutions.

    Top-News is a feature-rich theme suitable for news and magazine-based blogs. But Top-News is also an excellent theme for non-traditional niche publishing.

  • 12. Herald by meks (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Herald puts the power of an entire publishing house into your hands. Design the exact site you want with over 500 layout options, unlimited sidebars, four pagination types, custom widgets and more. The advanced theme options panel lets you create a custom look in literally minutes – and no coding is required.

    Incredibly responsive, Herald themes load quickly and work flawlessly on desktops, laptops and all variety of smart devices.

    Whether you publish hard news, light features or a little bit of everything, Herald has dynamic newspaper layout options which you’ll love.

  • 13. Volt by Saurabh Sharma (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Volt is a simple newspaper WordPress theme that gets straight into your content. Without a large slider image taking up space, visitors will immediately find themselves browsing top headlines.

    The Volt theme is a bit plain compared to some other themes on this list, but it is also well-designed in many regards. The characters-per-line in posts are kept around 75 which is ideal for reading, new content is easy to discover, and all the text is easy to read.

    Volt provides a few different layouts and utilizes custom widgets and shortcodes for customizing the page structure. There are seven widget areas in total which means you can add all types of content throughout the site. Volt also comes with built-in social sharing buttons and WooCommerce support for on-site eCommerce.

  • 14. Noozbeat by CSSIgniter


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    Theme Description

    Do you want a theme with the look of a high-end, glossy magazine? Noozbeat has got you covered. This theme includes over 30 distinct color options along with multiple category layouts.

    Want to get started right away? You can select one of the ten pre-build homepage layouts or one of the six built-in layouts for featured posts.

    Want to create a site which is different from the competition? Customization options allow you to create a site which is completely your own. The theme includes custom widgets for content, social networking and more.

    Noozbeat is also one of the few themes which include built-in space for advertising. Ad spots allow you to insert ads into your site naturally. The theme is a great choice for sites which want a professional, but unique, magazine style website.

  • 15. Neuton by CSSIgniter


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    Theme Description

    A news style layout often emphasizes functions over form. Neuton attempts to merge both with a unique design which presents multiple main stories simultaneously. Seven different category layouts, including slideshows, allow you to customize your site quickly.

    The Neuton theme works great for blogs that post new pieces of content throughout the day. The most discussed content on the site can be highlighted in the Trending Topics section. Plus, content widgets allow for easy connection to your brand’s social media platforms.

  • 16. Gridlove by meks (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Is your site content-rich? Present your articles in an organized, reader-friendly manner with Gridlove. This theme offers a variety to predesigned layouts designed to create an orderly arrangement of multiple articles.

    Gridlove is all about speed. Setup involves just the click of a button. Drag-and-drop customization is visible in real-time. Finally, articles are designed to load quickly for readers.

    If your site cycles through a lot of content on a daily basis, Gridlove is a great way to keep your site organized, well-designed and attractive to readers.

Which newspaper theme is right for you?

Which premium WordPress newspaper theme are you considering?

In the online newspaper/magazine niche, there is a ton of competition among themes. This works out great for you because there are so many beautiful and feature-rich themes to choose from. To select the best theme, remember to check out the user reviews and examine each live demo closely.

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