Top 5 Best WordPress Stock Market Plugins for 2023

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Want to embed stock market data on your site?

The trouble is this data needs to update in real-time.

Believe it or not, this functionality isn’t reserved for fancy websites with developers on staff.

In fact, you can add stock tickers and advanced charts using live data for an extremely low price (sometimes even free).

The collection of stock market plugins here will provide you with every variety of chart and ticker display you could ever want to add to your site.

If you’re building a website about the stock market, you might like our collections of finance WordPress themes and the best investor themes too.

Stock market plugins

While there weren’t a ton of plugins to choose from, any poorly rated plugins were left out of this collection. Only highly-rated products that have been used by plenty of customers made the cut.

And if none of the plugins below meet your needs there are free currency APIs available to build your own. 

Here are my top picks for the best stock market plugins for WordPress.

  • 1. Premium Stock & Forex Market Widgets

    Premium Stock Market Widgets

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    Plugin Description

    Premium Stock & Forex Market Widgets is a collection of finance widgets for WordPress. It also happens to be the most popular stock market plugin on the web.

    This finance plugin includes more than a dozen different widgets for displaying stock market data on your site. Widgets include visual price charts, portfolio embeds with real-time valuations, doughnut charts, stock comparison tables, leaderboards, tickers, and more.

    While most of the widgets are practical for displaying data, the button widget can urge visitors to purchase a stock and utilize an affiliate link. This may be more profitable in forex markets which are also supported.

    With over 900 sales and an average 4.93/5.00 rating from 55 reviews, this is easily the best stock marketing WordPress plugin.

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  • 2. Stock Market Charts

    Stock Market Charts

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    Plugin Description

    There’s no better plugin for displaying data from the exchanges than the Stock Market Charts. This stock market plugin includes 5 different chart types including smoothed line charts and the popular candlestick charts.

    The charts are incredibly advanced. Visitors can search for any symbol or asset name. The chart updates instantly and can even compare the performance of multiple stocks at once. It can show the asset price, trade volume, and even intraday performance data. There are buttons to choose common date ranges like the last week or month, but the slider below the chart can be used to select precise dates.

    Stock Market Charts supports 49 different exchanges, so you’ll have no trouble displaying the data your audience is interested in. You can also add an unlimited number of charts to a single page. On top of this, the plugin is translation-ready so you can use it for any language.

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  • 3. Stock Market Heat Maps

    Stock Market Heat Maps

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    Plugin Description

    If you do any global economic analysis on your site, Stock Market Heat Maps is a must-have for your WordPress website.

    This stock market plugin displays an international map with each country color-coded according to price changes. More specifically, it will take the largest exchange in the country and color it green or red based on growth or price decline. The colors are more saturated the greater the price difference. It’s a cool way to get a look at how the world’s markets are operating.

    All currency is balanced against the USD for comparison. The same heat map functionality is also available for forex markets, and dozens of stock indices are supported.

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  • 4. Stock Ticker

    Stock Ticker

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    Plugin Description

    Stock Ticker is perfect for adding a simple, animated stock ticker to your website. It includes a customizable widget and a shortcode which means you can add it virtually anywhere on your site.

    The free Stock Ticker plugin is also highly customizable. You can select a global set of symbols to use across your site and then customize which symbols you want to use for any individual ticker you create. The colors are customizable for both the widget and shortcodes.

    You can disable the automatic scrolling if you just want to display the real-time price of a few stocks that can fit on-screen at once. Regarding the exchanges supported, there are over 20+ including the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

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  • 5. Finviz Stock Market Charts

    Finviz Stock Market Charts

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    Plugin Description

    Finviz Stock Market Charts is a simple and free plugin to display financial graphics on your site. You can have it up and running on your site in just a few minutes.

    This stock market WP plugin uses a shortcode which you can add as many times as you want to any post or page on your site. All you have to do is include the name of the symbol in the shortcode and you’ll see a comprehensive performance graph displayed on your site.

    The graphs include data like the price and trading volume. There aren’t many customization options available, but you can set a specific width for the ticker graph inside the shortcode. While not very flexible, it’s extremely easy to add stock market charts to your site with this plugin.

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Which stock market plugin is best for you?

Premium Stock & Forex Market Widgets is the obvious choice here. It bundles every type of stock-related chart and button you could ever want to include on your site.

Make sure to check out some of the other options for charts and tickers if you have a more specific need.

I hope you were impressed by these plugins and were able to find what you need. However, I understand if you still have some questions.

Please feel free to post questions you have about these WordPress stock market plugins in the comments section.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
This article was written by Ben Sibley. He is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.