Top 5 Best Price Comparison WordPress Plugins

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Ready to make more sales?

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer looking to increase your commissions or a business owner looking to close more sales, price comparison tables are major conversion boosters.

The plugins collected here can be used to create simple price comparisons or extremely detailed line-by-line product comparisons.

I think you’ll find these plugins have more than enough features and design flexibility to suit your needs.

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Do you have a beautiful design yet? If not, check out our price comparison themes collection. And read this guide if you haven’t made a WP site yet.

Price comparison plugins

There were both free and premium plugins that stood out from the pack. The five plugins selected here are truly the best of the best, and offer some nice variety in terms of features provided.

Here are the top picks for the best price comparison WordPress plugins.

  • 1. Content Egg

    Content Egg

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    Plugin Description

    Content Egg is my first recommendation because it has a lot of other valuable affiliate marketing tools in addition to basic product comparison tables.

    The comparison tables in Content Egg are rather simple. You can include a logo, price, and “buy now” button for each product. However, there are some pretty awesome features that take things to the next level.

    With Content Egg, you can import product data from the Amazon API. Below your product listings and comparison tables, you can include price drop notifications that visitors can subscribe to. They’ll get sent out automatically thanks to the API integration included in Content Egg. And this works for more than just Amazon¬†– there are more than 20 affiliate systems that Content Egg works with.

    This product comparison plugin also comes with price alters, auto blogging tools, and automatic price updates. With WooCommerce support recently added too for showing off product variations, Content Egg is a powerful plugin for affiliates looking to grow their business.

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  • 2. WordPress Pricing Tables

    WordPress Pricing Tables

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    Plugin Description

    WordPress Pricing Tables is made with product owners in mind more so than affiliates, so keep that in mind when assessing it. This comparison plugin has a few standout features.

    First, the comparison tables are extremely flexible and detailed. You can compare products on as many custom features as you want. This makes it easy to create really in-depth comparisons to help visitors make the right choice.

    Next, WordPress Pricing Tables includes pricing sliders and traditional pricing tables. There are more than 50+ designs to choose from which makes it easy to match the tables to your theme. The shortcodes provided allow you to embed any table you make in any post or page on your site.

    WordPress Pricing Tables is a solid choice for detailed comparisons and it comes at a very reasonable price. Click the link below to take a closer look.

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  • 3. Pricing Table by Supsystic

    Pricing Table Supsystic

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    Plugin Description

    Pricing Table by Supsystic is an amazing plugin for creating comparison tables on your site. As you can tell from the name and image, it’s marketed more pricing tables but works great for comparisons too.

    Thanks to the flexibility of this plugin, you can use it just as easily for your own products as for promoting affiliate offers. The customizable table design can accommodate product images, descriptions, ratings, and multiple call-to-action buttons.

    All tables made with this plugin are fully responsive, so they’ll look great on mobile devices. You can also switch between horizontal and vertical table layouts to best suit your needs. The drag-and-drop editor makes rearranging columns and rows fast and painless.

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  • 4. Datafeedr Comparison Sets

    Datafeedr Comparison Sets

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    Plugin Description

    If you’re serious about creating an affiliate eCommerce store, you’ll want to check out Datafeedr. Datafeedr is a subscription service that allows you to auto-import products from Amazon and dozens of other affiliate networks into your site.

    The advantage to using Datafeedr is that you’ll save a huge amount of time because you don’t need to manually add any products to your site. In addition, you can use cool plugins like Datafeedr Comparison Sets to create dynamic product comparison tables and output them with simple shortcodes.

    This affiliate system is designed to work with the popular WooCommerce plugin, so you’ll need to create an eCommerce store rather than just a blog.

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  • 5. Affiliate Toolkit Starter

    Affiliate Toolkit

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    Plugin Description

    Made specifically for Amazon affiliate sites, Affiliate Toolkit has a bundle of powerful digital marketing tools. It integrates with the Amazon Product Advertising API to retrieve product data which you can then display on your site.

    Once you import product data, you can create price comparisons and more detailed comparison tables with Affiliate Toolkit. There’s a shortcode generator available to help you output products throughout your site, and the premium version includes a dynamic widget too.

    The free version of this affiliate plugin also includes best-seller lists and product lists based on search queries. That said, you will need to upgrade to the premium version if you want access to the comparison tables mentioned already.

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Which price comparison plugin is best?

Content Egg is awesome not just for adding pricing tables to your site but also for tons of other affiliate sales boosters. It’s versatility earned it the #1 position in this list.

You’ll do well creating comparison and pricing tables with any of the other plugins, but I want to highlight the Datafeedr Comparison Sets plugin as an especially smart choice for any marketers looking to create an affiliate store.

If you read the descriptions and still have questions about these price comparison WordPress plugins, you can leave a comment below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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