Top 5 Best Viral WordPress Themes for 2019

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Love memes and GIFs?

If you want to launch your own viral content website, you can’t beat the themes here.

These themes are designed especially for viral news and media websites. Publish your own content and let the community vote. Even better, foster an active and engaged community by allowing them to publish their own posts and videos on your site.

All of this and more is available with the awesome viral media WordPress themes below.

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Viral WordPress themes

The themes in this collection are responsive so they look incredible on smartphones and laptops alike. They’ve also been updated recently which means they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Here are my top picks for best viral WordPress themes for 2019.
  • 1. Bimber by Bring The Pixel (Themeforest)

    Bimber viral theme

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    Theme Description

    When it comes to WordPress themes for viral media and social sharing, it’s hard to beat Bimber. This theme has been designed from the ground up to be just like Buzzfeed. And on top of that, the developers have been consistently investing in this theme for years, and it now includes an incredible amount of functionality.

    If you browse around the Bimber demo, you’ll find a few different post types. There are regular posts, but there are also polls. This includes special types of polls like Hot or Not and Versus to name a couple. The layouts are great for featuring both eye-catching images and clickbaity titles. You can also promote lists of the hottest and trending content on your site.

    Regarding the functionality in this theme, it’s hard to even scratch the surface. There are SO MANY features in Bimber. There are user ranks complete with a point system, BuddyPress integration to enable social network features like on-site live messaging, auto-play videos, image editing tools, and an ad manager.

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  • 2. BoomBox by PX Lab (Themeforest)

    Boombox Theme

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    Theme Description

    Boombox is another great option for building a viral news content website. Share memes and images, microblog the hottest headlines, or allow registered members to submit their own stories.

    One thing that makes Boombox stand out its extreme flexibility. If you check out some of the demo sites, you’ll see what I mean. You can alter the appearance of this theme drastically from the screenshot that you see above. Everything from the header to the post layouts is customizable.

    With bbPress and BuddyPress, Boombox can be used to create a full-fledged viral community website. You can let users friend and follow each other and publish complete forums. That said, these features are optional, so Boombox is also an excellent choice if you simply want to publish blog posts and viral videos by yourself or with an editorial team.

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  • 3. Maggz by Select Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Maggz has an ultra-modern and vibrant style. Everything you publish with this theme will look current thanks to this aesthetic which is important for a viral website!

    The design of this theme suits news and magazine sites best. It would work well if you want to create a website like 9gag. There are better themes here for building a community website and allowing user-submitted content, but Maggz is excellent for a website where you’ll publish all the content. There is very little distraction in the design and tons of space to promote your posts. Maggz will be a great choice if you publish frequently (1+ posts/day) thanks to this design.

    When it comes to customizations, Maggz doesn’t disappoint. It has plenty of built-in layouts for the post archives and homepage. In addition, the Visual Composer plugin comes bundled with this viral theme which lets you create completely custom page templates. It also comes with the Slider Revolution plugin for creating responsive image sliders with beautiful animations. Add in custom colors and other basic customization tools like custom fonts and this is one highly flexible theme.

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  • 4. King by Red Kings (Themeforest)

    King viral WP template

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    Theme Description

    King is a cool theme for sharing all sorts of viral media. It handles images, audio, and video just as well if not better than text-based content. In addition, it really shines as a community site where users can add their own posts. Design and usability wise, it’s somewhere between Buzzfeed and Reddit.

    The portfolio style layout found in the demo is reminiscent of Pinterest. Visitors can quickly scroll through lots of content. Images really shine in this layout making it better for visual content more than links, articles, and Q&A posts. Every post has integrated share buttons and some reaction buttons after the content a lot like the ones you find on Facebook. It’s well-designed for spurring interaction and engagement on the site.

    Users are rewarded points for their engagement too. There are leaderboards for them to compete on and they can earn badges as they hit new levels and milestones on the site. The layouts in King are that flexible, but you do get a good set of options. If you like the multi-column post layout feature above, you’ll appreciate the various styles available in this viral WordPress theme.

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  • 5. Bunchy by Bring The Pixel (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Bunchy is made by the same developers behind the awesome Bimber theme, but it has a special spin that makes it different. This theme is designed around creating viral list posts. Here’s how it works…

    With Bunchy, you publish list posts like “12 Cartoons Your Mom Shouldn’t Have Let You Watch When You Were Young.” However, users can upvote any of the submissions and their votes get saved instantly allowing the post to reorder its content. This is a fun way to let the community decide which items deserve to be at the top. Visitors can also vote on the posts on the homepage allowing the most interesting ones to rise to the top.

    As a viral theme with an emphasis on community, Bunchy has some awesome engagement features. Visitors that register on the site and create and publish their own open list posts via the front-end submission form. The user profiles and social features on the site come from Bunchy’s integration with the BuddyPress plugin. With multiple layouts, tons of color options, built-in ad spots, and share buttons, the Bunchy theme has lots of practical functionality and customizability.

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Which viral theme is best for you?

Bimber is my top pick for the all-around best viral WordPress theme. It’s extremely popular and highly-rated by its customers because it is so thoughtfully designed and comes with an absolutely massive amount of functionality.

If you want something a little different, check out BoomBox. It’s not that unlike Bimber, but it does have more layout capabilities that make it capable of some pretty cool and unique styles.

For a viral news site where you and your team will be publishing most of the content, Maggz is probably the best choice.

If you’re looking to build a site where the content is entirely sourced from your audience, King will work better than any other theme in this list. It also shines when used for visual media like images and video.

Lastly, Bunchy has a very specific but interesting take on the viral content site – it focuses entirely on user-upvoted list posts. If this approach fits with your vision for your site, there’s no other theme like it.

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