Top 5 Best Tumblr Style WordPress Themes for 2020

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Forget about long-form blog posts!

Publish images, videos, Tweets, and statuses with these Tumblr style WordPress themes.

The classic Tumblr style blog has a simple one-column layout and a variety of content types. The appeal isn’t just the minimalist nature of the template, it’s the way the design supports “microblogging.”

The themes listed here share similar designs to those found on Tumblr and all support “post formats” which you can use to publish numerous types of media.

So are you ready to get publishing?

Keep reading to find my top picks for WordPress themes that look like Tumblr sites.

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Tumblr style WordPress themes

The themes listed below all look good on desktop and mobile devices. They utilize “responsive design” to adapt to the screen size, so they always perform well.

Here are my top picks for best tumblr style WordPress themes for 2020.
  • 1. Nord by Nord Studio (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Nord is a gorgeous, crisp theme with a Tumblr-like style. This theme features wide, spacious layouts and massive images. It’s great for publishing images, sliders, videos, and full-length posts.

    Nord is another single-column theme, so it places all the emphasis on your content without any distractions. It makes use of “flat design” throughout creating visual hierarchy mostly through proximity and space with a few shades of gray and green accents. You won’t find any drop shadows or moleskin background textures in this theme 😉 The aesthetic is well thought out and creates a truly premium feel for the site.

    Like other themes here, Nord supports post formats but only uses the video, gallery, and audio formats. The gallery presentation, in particular, is pretty awesome because it displays as a slider in place of the regular image which is seamless and user-friendly. If you like the oversized images and don’t need the missing post formats like Tweets or statuses, give Nord a shot.

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  • 2. Scopic by HeroThemes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Scopic is a unique theme with a timeline style presentation. It handles all types of content effectively. From the live demo, you can see the content published includes images, galleries, videos, audio embeds, Tweets, status, Instagram posts, and regular posts. Scopic would also be a fun theme for a quotes website.

    While posts can be clicked on to read the complete article, this theme excels when all the content can be consumed on the homepage layout. It’s well-designed for microblogging and image sharing in particular. This easy-to-browse theme gives you the power of WordPress on the back-end and the appeal of a simple Tumblr looking website.

    Scopic hasn’t been updated in a while, but still retains a very high rating on Themeforest. Despite being a little out-of-date, it looks great on mobile devices and is fully responsive. If you love the timeline blog style, you’ll love Scopic.

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  • 3. SnowBird by Zozo Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    SnowBird has a Tumblr inspired design but could work for a magazine or modern news site too.

    This blogging theme showcases a large, centered logo and stylish posts slider before the regular archive of posts. For someone looking for a simple blog, this may not fit the bill, but it’s quite stylish nonetheless. There are also 6 layouts in total including a couple grid layouts that exclude the slider and a sidebar.

    The SnowBird WordPress theme supports all the popular post formats allowing it to be used like a microblog. It also has 10 custom widgets, one-click demo import data, and shortcodes for special content inclusion.

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  • 4. Cedar by Ecko Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The Cedar blog theme has a simple one-column layout familiar to most “tumblogs.” On the demo site, Cedar features mainly articles set with beautifully precise typography. However, it has special presentations for the following seven additional post formats:

    • Quotes
    • Statuses
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • Images
    • Galleries
    • Links

    If you are interested in writing complete posts, Cedar will probably work better for you than some of the other microblog themes listed here.

    The Cedar theme comes with shortcodes for adding special content to posts and pages like columns, tabs, and galleries. It also includes 9 widgets custom made for the theme in addition to all of the standard WordPress widgets. You can also customize the fonts and change over 100+ other settings in the Customizer.

    Altogether, Cedar is an excellent and customizable WP theme that you can use to blog about travel, business, or any other subject you want.

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  • 5. Anew by Alx Media (Themeforest)

    Anew tumblr style blog theme

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    Theme Description

    Anew has a cool, minimalist style like many tumblr themes. It supports “post formats” for publishing all sorts of content including quotes, videos, images, and old-fashioned articles 😉

    The accent colors used throughout the theme for each post format are completely customizable. It also includes a sidebar you can add any widgets to even if you just want them to provide additional navigation for your posts. Anew supports built-in WordPress galleries, font selection, and integrated share buttons too.

    The Anew theme was released in mid-2015 when Tumblr was more popular, but it’s been kept up-to-date by the developers. The most recent update was less than a week ago! Anew also holds a full 5.00/5.00 average rating from its customers for its customizability and design quality.

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Which Tumblr style theme is best for you?

Nord isn’t for everyone, but it’s awfully beautiful and supports the most common content types. If you have lots of large images to share and like to write the occasional article, it will be perfect for your site.

Cedar is an excellent alternative for anyone who prefers writing more posts than publishing images.

Anew is equally great at handling written and image-based content. It’s a good choice for anyone who wants to seamlessly switch between, image, video, and audio content. And if you want to write a post, that’s all good too! The one drawback with Anew is that the design is a bit dated, so it’s not quite as sharp as some other themes here.

Scopic might be the best-designed theme here for microblogging. The timeline approach is extremely competent at handling content from multimedia tumblogs. However, the customizations here are limited, so make sure you prefer the timeline design over more traditional blog layouts.

Lastly, SnowBird should be the top choice for anyone who wants a site like a Tumblr blog, but with a little something extra. You can create 3-column layouts and include responsive sliders in this theme which make it capable of working for news and magazine-style sites too.

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