Top 9 Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes for 2017

Need a fresh look for your travel blog?

WordPress is a great platform for blogging, but it won’t guarantee an awesome site on its own. The entire design of your site and much of the functionality depends entirely on your theme.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of WordPress themes made specifically for travel blogs. They have embedded maps, images sliders, and beautiful blog displays.

If you want to stand out and “wow” your visitors, check out these top nine themes for travel blogs.

Travel blog themes

Every theme listed below is responsive which means it’s mobile-friendly. They’re also all up-to-date with the newest version of WordPress

Use these themes for a personal travel journal, photo blog, or even a travel agency site.

  • 1. Travelog by DJMiMi (Themeforest)


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    Theme description

    Travelog is a beautiful and user-friendly travel blog theme. The header area has an awesome Google Maps embed that lets you add pins to locations you’ve visited. Visitors can click any pin to read a full post about the location.

    The Travelog theme works great as a blog with an emphasis on location. The full-screen map embed is featured at the top of every page. Category archives include multiple locations, and each post highlights one place in particular.

    Regarding customizations, you get a lot of flexibility with this travel theme. Features include four header styles, ad-ready widget areas, and three blog list layouts.

  • 2. Gnar by Theme Blvd (Themeforest)


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    Theme description

    Gnar is extremely stylish and has a premium level design quality. Excellent use of imagery, typography, and small touches make it a great choice for travel bloggers.

    Gnar doesn’t have the same emphasis on blogging that other themes on this list do. The page builder lets you create any type of page whether that’s for creating a detailed “about me” page or even adding a store to the site. You can even setup a forum by integrating bbPress. That’s not to say you can’t blog with Gnar. In fact, the blogging layouts are beautiful and make it easy to add large images to showcase your travels.

    The page builder is incredibly comprehensive including 80 sample designs. When it comes to logo placement and custom colors, Gnar handles them easily as well.

  • 3. The Trip by ThemeFuse

    The Trip

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    Theme description

    The Trip is a great travel theme for long form blogging. You can create custom page layouts, but as you’ll see on the demo site, it’s best-suited for a classic travel blog.

    When blogging, it’s important that you can show off your images. The Trip lets you add full-screen, parallax images that are beautiful and very modern. Adding photo galleries to posts is easy too.

    The Trip works well for simple sites but also has deep customizability. With the page builder, custom colors, sliders, and WooCommerce integration, there’s not a whole lot you can’t do with The Trip.

  • 4. Interactive by MyThemeShop


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    Theme description

    Are you planning on blogging a lot? Or, will you have a team of writers on your site? If so, Interactive could be the best choice for your travel blog.

    Interactive is a content-rich blog theme with a clean and responsive design. It supports multi-author blogs well, in particular. The theme is easy to setup and use for both the admin and the site’s visitors.

    As a theme by MyThemeShop, you can expect an extremely comprehensive set of options. You can customize every aspect of the site from colors and fonts to layouts and social icons. This theme loads quickly and looks great on mobile devices too.

  • 5. Relive by Tesla Themes


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    Theme description

    Relive is a highly visual photo travel theme. The crisp aesthetic delivers a modern and professional feel.

    Relive makes great use of Featured Images. Every post highlights a primary image on the blog and post page along with a full-width header image above. Galleries can be added quickly to posts and pages.

    Relive comes with shortcodes for adding special content and the Visual Composer plugin for page building. Other features include hundreds of fonts sourced from Google Fonts and social share button integration.

  • 6. El Greco by CSSIgniter

    El Greco

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    Theme description

    El Greco is a minimalist theme for travel blogs. The design is clean and professional without feeling corporate or business-like.

    El Greco manages a perfect balance between written content and media. Whether you love filling your site with photographs, or if you prefer simple journaling, this travel theme will fit your needs well.

    The El Greco theme has a page builder that allows you to customize the layout of the homepage. Color schemes, Jetpack support, and a handful of custom widgets all come with this responsive theme.

  • 7. GoExplore by Parallelus (Themeforest)

    Go Explore

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    Theme description

    GoExplore is full of unique and exciting layouts. This theme is sure to capture and hold visitors’ attention as they explore your site.

    GoExplore makes heavy use of images displaying them in small and fullscreen widths. It can be used for much more than simple travel blogs too. Create an entire location directory complete with reviews for local landmarks, hotels, and restaurants. This functionality comes from the “Travel Destinations” plugin which lets you add places like adding posts.

    GoExplore comes with many layouts, custom headers, a review system, and much more. It’s a highly customizable and feature-rich theme for travel sites.

  • 8. Travelista by BloomPixel (Themeforest)


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    Theme description

    Travelista is a general blogging theme with an aesthetic that fits travel blogs well. If you’re looking for a minimalist theme with an easy setup, Travelista might be your best choice.

    As a blogging theme, Travelista makes great use of post formats. Beyond regular posts, you can also publish audio, video, quotes, galleries, and more. Every post is added to the blog regardless of the format used.

    Travelista has eight layout options, custom color settings, and is completely mobile-friendly.

  • 9. Hermes by Wiloke (Themeforest)


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    Theme description

    Hermes is an expansive travel theme for WordPress blogs. You’ll have an easy time sharing experiences and photos from locations around the world.

    Hermes includes a built-in rating system, so you can use it to review locations. You can rate any type of location from restaurants to ancient ruins. It can also work well for evaluating general places and transforming your blog into a tour site.

    The Hermes travel theme comes with its own page builder plugin for creating custom layouts. It also makes extensive use of map embeds via Google Maps and a wide variety of customization options.

    One thing that sets Hermes apart from the rest is its emphasis on monetization. You can charge visitors to submit listings via the Wiloke Submissions plugin. There are also designated ad spots and integrations with major email services like MailChimp for building an email list.

Which travel theme is right for you?

All of these themes are pretty flexible, so focus on choosing a theme that has the features you need. Do you want to sell products or publish thousands of posts? Or, will a simple blog theme work best?

Leave aesthetics as the secondary factor in your decision. Looks are important, but you can always customize the theme.

Have any questions about these travel themes or setting up a WordPress site? Leave a comment below.

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