7 Best WordPress Themes for Writers

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A stylish website is an essential tool for self-promotion and marketing as a writer.

There are few better ways to display your work, find new readers/clients, and build your brand than with a WordPress website and blog.

Discover some of the best themes available for publishing your work as a writer in this post.

WordPress Themes for Writers

Whether you’re a blogger, copywriter, journalist, author, or another type of writer, there’s a theme out there specifically designed for you.

I’ve done some of the legwork for you, diving into the vast depths of themes out there, to narrow down the seven best premium writing WordPress themes.

These themes make it easy to create a functional, unique, and beautiful website.

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  • GraceUnderPressure

    GraceUnderPressure WordPress theme

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    GraceUnderPressure is, as its creators describe it, “a WordPress blog theme for true writers.”

    Several layout options are available, though my favorite is the “literary” option. This theme looks like a book, making it the perfect place to display stories and novels online.

    GraceUnderPressure is also notable for its responsive design, touch optimization, beautiful selection of photos, and custom typography.

  • Literatum

    Literatum theme

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    Literatum is a cool theme with a look similar to Medium.com. That means a large post title laid over a beautiful fullscreen image, followed by a single column layout.

    It’s modern and beautiful. This theme is perfect for journalists or anyone writing about business or tech in particular.

    Literatum also has a handful of features that make it easy to use for multi-author websites.

  • The Writer

    The Writer theme

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    If your goal is to tell a story with your website, The Writer is the theme for you.

    Aptly named, The Writer was created from the ground up with a focus on bloggers that crave an easy-to-read layout.

    This WordPress theme is easy on the eyes and fully customizable. A very simple design ensures no extraneous elements are present to distract your readers.

    Some additional features include social profiles, SEO tools, a visual customizer, and excellent customer support.

  • Himmelen

    Himmelen writing theme

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    A fast, clean design that highlights your writing is at the heart of the Himmelen theme.

    It’s elegant and stylish look makes it particularly effective for bloggers with a sophisticated audience. For instance, Himmelen is a great fit for travel, food, and fashion bloggers.

    Hundreds of blog styles and layout combinations give you total control to make your writing site unique.

  • Forte

    Forte theme for writers

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    Another simple, clean theme, Forte draws readers in right away with a large featured image. While its design focuses mainly on writing, bloggers with excellent photos will make great use of this theme.

    Advanced customization tools enable you to make this theme your own. An impressive selection of layouts and styles, paired with advanced visual and technical control, are highlights of this theme.

    Additional features that help Forte stick out from the pack include email subscriber compatibility, responsive design, beautiful video backgrounds, and advanced integration with Restrict Content Pro.

  • Evoke

    Evoke WordPress theme

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    Evoke is an excellent WordPress theme for writers that like to include images with their written work.

    It displays your writing and images in a simple, elegant way. A modern design that takes up the entire screen with little clutter is what Evoke is all about.

    The theme utilizes the WordPress theme customizer to give you many different options to tailor the theme to your needs and preferences.

    Other features include mobile responsiveness, live preview during customization, and excellent customer support.

  • Wild Book

    Wild Book theme

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    Writers love Wild Book for its simple, elegant beauty.

    This theme features beautiful vintage styling and numerous customization options. Set up a blog, author page, and portfolio section to showcase your writing skills.

    Wild Book utilizes the split page layout we’ve seen in a few of the other themes here. One side is a vertical menu while the other is your post/page content.

    Highlights of this WordPress theme for writers is its extreme flexibility, SEO friendliness, and classic design.

Which Writing Theme is Right for You?

All seven WordPress themes for writers displayed above are incredibly stylish, easy to use, and responsive. You can’t go wrong with any theme on this list.

As a category, writing themes aren’t especially feature-rich, so you won’t need to compare much on functionality. Go with the theme that has an aesthetic and layout most conducive to your work, and it’s sure to be a great fit.

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