Top 15 Best WordPress WooCommerce Themes for 2020

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

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Selling products on your site has never been easier. Running an e-commerce store in the past was extremely technical. Even simple tasks like ensuring sales transactions process accurately and securely could prove challenging.

Created in 2011, WooCommerce has revolutionized online business. This free WordPress plugin makes eCommerce easy and accessible for the average WP user. Knowing how to code is no longer a requirement for selling online.

Today, over one million people use WooCommerce to sell products (and services!) online. A WordPress WooCommerce theme lets you create a professional, engaging shopping experience for your customers.

There are literally thousands of WordPress WooCommerce themes available, so picking the right one can be tough. That’s why I’ve pulled together this list of the best WP WooCommerce themes.

Which one is right for your site? Keep reading to find out.

We have a list of eCommerce WordPress themes and single product themes that you may enjoy too.

WordPress WooCommerce themes

Every theme listed here is working with the latest version of WordPress, has excellent reviews, and is fully responsive. That means they look great on laptops/desktops, but also perform wonderfully on mobile devices too.

Here are my top picks for best WooCommerce WordPress themes for 2020.
  • 1. Media Center by Shai Krilwan (Themeforest)

    Media Center

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    Theme Description

    Does your e-commerce business sell electronics? The Media Center WordPress WooCommerce theme is a high-powered theme with a lot of buzz.

    Media Center includes a variety of features for selling electronics online. For instance, filters allow shoppers to sort products by numerous conditions like brand name. After all, brand names are very important to many electronics customers.

    A Product Comparison feature helps shoppers find the best deal. They can also add wanted items to a Wish List.

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  • 2. Eva by Temash (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The Eva WordPress theme is designed to sell home products such as furniture, electronics, clothing, and watches. Due to the bold, minimalist style, fashion is a very popular niche with this theme.

    The Eva theme is purposefully sparse and light. Products are featured against a white background. Menus are clear and easy to navigate. A search bar takes customers directly to products, where they can view large, high-quality photos.

    If you want a simple yet sophisticated eCommerce store, especially for home items and clothing, the Eva WordPress theme might be a perfect fit.

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  • 3. WooShop by MyThemeShop

    WooShop eCommerce WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    WooShop is a solid, dependable eCommerce theme. While there are no particular standout features, you do get a ton of different customization options including three grid layouts and seamless WooCommerce integration.

    A flexible banner at the top of each page helps reinforce your brand image. Plus, you never know how someone will first find your site.

    Product pages work well for stores which sell a wide variety of products in every category. For instance, you can build a page which shows various shirts for sale. Along the side of the page, shoppers can browse through options such as size, color, and fabric. You can even highlight a specific shirt in a banner ad at the top of the page.

    Customization allows practically any type of product or service to work with WooShop. It can be used to sell both physical and virtual products.

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  • 4. eCommerce by MyThemeShop

    eCommerce theme

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    Theme Description

    If you can sell it online, MyThemeShop’s eCommerce theme can help. You can customize this theme for either physical products, virtual products, services, or affiliate products. This WooCommerce theme with a slider is both beautiful and customizable.

    With unlimited categories on the homepage, your e-commerce store can be practically any size. Organization by product category is simple. You can choose between three, four or five column footer sections.

    This WooCommerce compatible theme doesn’t just focus on the immediate sale. Instead, advanced features such as QuickView and Wishlist encourage long-term customers.

    Since you can use the eCommerce theme to sell thousands of products at once, it’s an excellent choice for affiliate stores.

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  • 5. Walker by Edge Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Do you sell trendy clothing?

    The modern, fluid style of the Walker WordPress theme might be a great compliment to your products. Fifteen different homepages are available. Each homepage has a dynamic, open design which allows for plenty of high-quality photos.

    Cultivate long-term brand loyalty with the User Login Widget. Loyal customers can create an account to receive special offers and rewards. You can also reach new customers with the stylish pop-up email subscription form.

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  • 6. eMaxStore by MyThemeShop

    eMaxStore eCommerce theme

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    Theme Description

    An eCommerce store is more than just product pages. You also need to connect with your customers. Building trust and establishing expertise for your brand is the key to developing long-term customers.

    eMaxStore handles all the traditional aspects of an e-commerce store. But this theme also includes a blog. Regular blogging about your industry will both help optimize your site for search engines while also boosting brand awareness.

    Using one theme for both your product pages and blog creates a professional cohesion. Plus, the theme has a variety of customization options including 17 custom widgets, WP Mega Menu compatibility, and speed optimization

    If you want one theme for your e-commerce site, eMaxStore offers a complete package.

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  • 7. WOOW by SiteSao (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The WOOW WordPress theme offers flexible functionality. Perfect for clothing, furniture, and linens. This WordPress theme lets you customize your e-commerce store with advanced theme options including Visual Composer and a Revolution Slider.

    Two single product layouts are available. The left side gallery shows small images while the vertical gallery provides a more up-close view. The WOOW theme is clean, polished and puts the product front and center.

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  • 8. XStore by 8theme (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The XStore WordPress theme is a fast way to give your site a very particular style. Over 50 different shop designs can be installed with the click of a button. Many of the shops are quite unique, too. Books, underwear, finance, and gym style stores are just a few of the options available.

    Over $250 worth of premium plugins come with the theme. Plugins include Slider Revolution, Visual Composer, and Smart Product Viewer 360.

    If you operate in a niche market, you’ll want to check out XStore’s shop list. You might be pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of pre-designed themes.

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  • 9. Flatsome by UX Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The Flatsome WordPress theme helps give your e-commerce site a luxury look. There are plenty of options available to make the site your own. In fact, this theme is quite popular – so you’ll likely want to customize the look somewhat to stand apart from your competitors.

    Beyond the product pages, you can also use this theme to create a blog. Plus, you can add a FAQ page and maps to a brick-and-mortar location. Small touches like parallax effect sliders give Flatsome a modern vibe.

    Flatsome’s open, photo-friendly design and subtle color schemes are a good fit for upscale clothing, home furnishings, and deluxe appliances.

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  • 10. Adrenalin by Commerce Gurus (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Highly rated and popular, the Adrenalin WooCommerce theme has over 1,800 customers and 150 five-star ratings on Themeforest.

    The eCommerce theme features a large banner followed by customizable product categories and listings. While clothing is a favorite item sold through this theme, other options include food and even sports gear.

    Any items or locations which photograph well tend to look great on Adrenalin due to the theme’s image-heavy layouts. Plus, the Quick View feature lets customers tap for a close-up image.

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  • 11. Voisen by Lion Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Voisen has a full 5.00/5.00 rating on ThemeForest after its first 35 reviews. Not only is it an attractive and feature-packed theme, but the developers behind it also provide exceptional support and update the theme frequently. In fact, the theme was just updated again earlier today!

    The Voison WooCommerce theme comes with three unique homepage layouts, a page builder, mega menus, and numerous header styles. You can create a really diverse number of styles using this theme.

    Voisen comes with everything you need and more. In addition to the page builder and pre-made templates, there is a built-in shopping cart in the menu, portfolio page layouts, and autocomplete search results.

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  • 12. Oxygen by Laborator (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The light, airy Oxygen WordPress theme is easy to navigate and pleasing to scroll through. This WooCommerce theme includes four header types, customizable typography, the Visual Composer plugin and more.

    Unlike many other themes, Oxygen allows you to toggle between settings for shopping and blogging.

    While all the WordPress themes here are mobile friendly, Oxygen goes the extra mile with full touch-optimization. Shoppers can view all items in a close-up view with just a tap.

    Plus, Oxygen is customized for stores with a physical location. The Contact page allows you to see a store location from either satellite, street-side, or hybrid view.

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  • 13. Gecko by JanStudio (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Gecko is an especially visual theme for eCommerce stores. Like other themes listed here, there are quite a few demos so make sure to check out all the looks Gecko is capable of creating.

    As far as WooCommerce integrations go, Gecko does a wonderful job of supporting many of the features. You’ll find the ability to add dynamic product filters and provide visitors with additional options like color and size of the products.

    Gecko uses a technology called Ajax to make the site faster. When visitors are browsing and filtering products, the page auto-loads new content without completely refreshing the page. This small speed increase can lead to more clicks and increased sales.

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  • 14. Venedor by SW Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    A multi-faceted WordPress theme, Venedor is for any WooCommerce site. There’s no specialty here. Instead, Venedor will work for businesses which provide physical products, virtual products, affiliate marketing, and more.

    14 different demo sites are available for previewing. Instead of matching the theme to the product, most businesses will want to select a theme which fits the aesthetic of their brand.

    Beyond design, the Venedor theme is fully responsive across screens of all sizes. Thanks to the Retina Ready display, products look sharp and vibrant on all devices. Like many other themes listed here, Venedor also has sample data you can import to get setup quick.

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Which WooCommerce theme is right for you?

WooCommerce powers more eCommerce stores than any other eCommerce tool – Shopify included! With this level of popularity, it’s no wonder there are so many themes to choose from.

These are among the best WooCommerce themes available, so most of the browsing and comparing is done for you already. When selecting among these themes, remember that flexibility is often more important than aesthetics. Your site doesn’t need to look exactly like the demo.

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