The 5 Best WordPress Themes for Handmade Crafts in 2020

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Whether you call it “DIY” or Homemade your crafts need a reliable and robust WordPress theme to handle your multimedia and marketplace. You want your customers to move seamlessly from page to page, and not have to wait through long loading times.

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Handmade craft WordPress themes

To achieve these goals you need a WordPress theme that has clean coding for smooth running and a lot of support.

Often the best WordPress theme recommendations for homemade crafts rely on well-known themes that bloggers or photojournalists use. However, many themes cater towards handmade crafts, small marketplaces, and many different skill levels of WordPress.

Here are my top picks for best craft WordPress themes for 2020.
  • 1. Handmade Shop by CMS Masters (Themeforest)

    Handmade Shop

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    Theme Description

    CMS Masters created an outstanding theme for all creative types. This WordPress theme caters to highlight homemade crafts, art, and people who blog about their handcrafting abilities. Many people using this theme appreciate its multifunction design. Bloggers can now host their marketplace, blog, and build their portfolio in one place.

    Custom widgets, layouts, and over 99 shortcodes this theme is for someone who’s familiar and confident with WordPress. HandMade Shop helps their customers with around the full support for all the theme’s features.

    Bloggers benefit from additional SEO support. The Handmade Shop WordPress theme uses an optimized code and a clean structure for fast loading times and provides custom SEO options. So what’s the downside to this theme? Handmade Shop works very well for those familiar with WordPress but not so well for beginners.

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  • 2. Manufactura by Bold Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Simple, structured, and made for artists, Manufactura from Bold Themes is a favorite among artists and anyone cataloging or marketing their homemade crafts. This theme is fully responsive and formats well to any sized device. If you’re working with a customer-base that is always on the go, this might be the right theme for you.

    What draws many WordPress users to Manufactura is the single page slider. This one-page viewing choice allows your crafts to have center stage. When you use a catalog style format, it’s difficult for any particular piece to stand out to viewers. Keep your viewers on your pages longer, and let your homemade crafts get the spotlight moment they deserve.

    There is opportunity however for those who are new to WordPress to feel overwhelmed with all the options. You can customize icons, mix and match over 800 different Google Fonts and more. These options can also slow down your loading speed.

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  • 3. CraftBird by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    CraftBird from Zemez is meant for personal blog use but works well with WooCommerce and other marketplace plugins. CraftBird took all of the past few years of web design trends into consideration. It isn’t a timeless classic like other options available on this list. But, its trendy look will surely keep your reader’s attention.

    The overall structure is easy to navigate and clean looking. CraftBird also comes with 15 images to help you build the look and feel of your site. WordPress themes often rely on your own media packages, however for someone just making their website this is a great bonus.

    CraftBird relies on its stable back-end to ensure that everything happens very quickly. The installation only takes 5 minutes, and page load times are fast too. With a theme that processes everything rapidly so you’ll save yourself and your customers frustration.

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  • 4. Crafts & Arts by designthemes (Themeforest)

    Crafts & Art theme

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    Theme Description

    This beautiful theme relies on simple headers, and menus to keep the focus on your projects and products. There are 3 homepage options, so there aren’t a lot of choices but this keeps the code clean and your site running quickly.

    The most significant advantage to choosing this theme from Designthemes is the catalog like structure. You’re able to display your crafts and art in a clan format that you have a lot of control over. Since there aren’t a lot of page setup options, they’ve created a unique inner page layout system.

    WordPress beginners appreciate the inner page layouts because it’s easier to achieve the desired look without a lot of effort. A bonus to this theme is the add-ons. Unlike other WordPress themes made for homemade crafts, you can rely on the theme and not a ton of widgets to increase the impact of your page. This theme allows you to showcase portfolio galleries, link to related portfolios and separate them into categories.

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  • 5. Craft Factory by Dannci (Themeforest)

    Craft Factory

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    Theme Description

    Craft Factory stands out from the other homemade craft WordPress themes because they take crafts and make them modern. This theme is modern and exceptionally easy to use.

    The layout uses modules that are easy to manipulate. Unfortunately, to work through most of the theme, you’ll need to read through the very detailed instructions that come with the theme and explain the additional features. Craft Factory uses a Redux framework, which will keep your site running quickly. Eliminating loading times will help keep readers and customers on your page.

    The added bonus with Craft Factory is the responsible layout. While many themes look great on multiple devices, the Craft Factory theme doesn’t just shrink down; it adapts to the device. It’s a genuinely responsive theme.

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Which craft theme is best for you?

The best theme depends on your needs. If you’re using your homemade crafts site as a marketplace for your online store, you’ll need something that works well with WooCommerce and can handle multiple language packs. Handmade Shop is great for anyone running a store with their handmade crafts.

However, if you’re looking to showcase and blog, consider CraftBird by Zemez. The standard but trendy blog format will allow readers to navigate your personal site easily.

When choosing the right WordPress theme for your handmade crafts site, ensure that you select a theme you can navigate. Many new WordPress users often overload their pages with widgets and font add-ons. Instead, focus on finding a theme that delivers what you need, and still performs well. Both Handmade Shop and CraftBird offer all the features that a handmade crafts blogger or seller could need.

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