The 7 Best WordPress Flower Shop Themes to Sell Bouquets & Arrangements Online

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Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Want to build an online presence?

These premium WordPress themes have everything you need to build a strong brand online as a florist. They have perfect designs for flower shops and look just as gorgeous on mobile as desktop devices.

Besides the great design, you’ll also find that these themes come with the functionality you need to expand your reach and improve your website’s revenues. They can create complete eCommerce stores, sell services for custom arrangements, and even help visitors find a nearby physical location to visit.

Sound good? Keep scrolling to find the top picks.

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Flower shop WordPress themes

Only WordPress themes that have been released or updated recently have been included here to ensure that they work with the latest WordPress version.

On top of that, every WordPress theme listed here is fully responsive which means they look amazing on all devices from laptops to smartphones.

Here are my top picks for best florist WordPress themes for 2024.

  • 1. Flower Shop by CMS Masters (Themeforest)

    Flower Shop

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    Theme Description

    Flower Shop is exquisite and full of delicate decorative flourishes and accents. Use it for a florist or bouquet shop. The screenshot above features just one of many beautiful styles available in this boutique WordPress theme.

    When viewing WooCommerce themes, it’s easy to spot design trends where the developers got lazy. It’s nice to see a theme like Flower Shop, where the designers have carefully crafted this theme to take the standard WooCommerce templates and transform them into a completely new look. That said, it still includes support for all the regular WooCommerce features like product search filters, customer reviews, and image galleries.

    In addition to its application as an eCommerce theme, Flower Shop will also work great for a blog. There are multiple blog styles for giving your posts an interesting style. Besides your blog posts and products, you can also publish beautiful galleries. The portfolio galleries are an excellent way to show off some of your nicest floral displays.

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  • 2. Creta by Magik Commerce (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Creta is an adaptable WordPress theme for flower shops. It shows off its flexible styles effectively in two diverse live demo sites. Make sure to look at this theme if you’re curious to see how different the second demo site is from the one featured above.

    The screenshot above features the demo prepared more like an eCommerce store and less like a boutique, service-based business. It’s a great design for generating online sales and is very clearly focused on commerce. It also includes expansive mega menus that you can include images and advertisements in addition to lists of links.

    Like most WordPress themes made for online stores, Creta has been developed to work with the WooCommerce plugin. However, the integration is of professional quality. Everything from the product pages to the shopping cart has been carefully crafted to look amazing and perform well.

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  • 3. Divi by Elegant Themes

    Divi Florst

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    Theme Description

    The Divi theme has a layout pack prepared for florists that you can import into your site. You’ll get seven pre-designed pages, including the homepage featured above. The style is simple and clean without too many decorative extras. That said, what makes Divi an excellent theme isn’t the style of its pre-made layouts. It’s the control this unique theme provides.

    Divi is unique because it includes a plugin called Divi Builder that comes with it. Together, the pair give you unrivaled customization control. You can drag-and-drop modules into the page and then customize every single aspect. And, you do it all while previewing the site instead of working from an options menu. For example, if you wanted to change the title in the screenshot above, you would just click on it and start typing. This adaptable approach allows you to create designs for local businesses, eCommerce stores, blogs – you name it.

    Originally founded in 2008, Elegant Themes is one of the oldest and most successful WordPress theme shops, so you can expect a premium experience from them and their products.

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  • 4. Rosebud by Mikado Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Rosebud has an exceptional aesthetic that will help your brand stand out as a premium flower shop. If you’ve got a collection of high-resolution photographs to show off, you’ll Rosebud’s fullscreen backgrounds and prominent galleries.

    This premium WordPress theme includes three unique homepage designs, each of which you can import into your site right away. The screenshot above is just one of those demo homepages. Rosebud gets this flexibility from its integration with the popular WPBakery page builder plugin, giving you a drag-and-drop interface for creating your website.

    This flower shop theme also includes an admin settings page where you can make global style changes. For instance, you can switch up the fonts, colors, and other details from this one page without editing each element individually with the page builder.

    Overall, it’s a beautiful theme and comes with a nice assortment of customization tools.

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  • 5. Creative Flower by Netbase Team (Themeforest)

    Creative Flower

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    Theme Description

    Creative Flower is a flexible theme with a variety of styles to show off in the demo websites. Thanks to its adaptability, it can be used for a few types of sites. You’ll find it just as easy to sell pre-made displays as promoting services for custom flower arrangements for weddings and other events.

    The Creative Flower theme works with the free SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin, while most other themes on Themeforest tend to bundle the Visual Composer plugin with them. The difference is that the SiteOrigin plugin allows you to create custom page templates using widgets. This includes all 17 of WordPress’ built-in widgets and the many custom designed widgets that come with Creative Flower. Altogether, this makes for a comprehensive system for creating any page layout or template you want.

    Creative Flower includes all of its customization options in an admin menu in your dashboard. There are options for all the site’s various design elements, from the colors and typography to custom logos and blog layout. There are many other features, so if you think this may be the right theme for your site, make sure to check it out to learn more.

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  • 6. Flowers Boutique by Ancora Themes (Themeforest)

    Flowers Boutique

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    Theme Description

    Flowers Boutique is an attractive theme for florists and flower shops and comes powered by a page builder plugin. Create any template or layout you want with this powerful combination.

    Like any WordPress theme that comes bundled with a page builder, you can see how it all fits together in the demo site. The homepage, in particular, features a lot of the various available page elements. Using a drag-and-drop system, you can put them into place to create brand new page designs.

    Of course, as a theme designed for flower shops, Flowers Boutique has eCommerce capabilities, including a shopping cart and checkout page. All of this functionality and more comes from its integration with the free WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce WordPress plugin, and it’s actually used on more eCommerce websites than Shopify or any other solution. Flowers Boutique is also WPML compatible, which means you can use it for a multilingual website.

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  • 7. Flowers by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    Flowers is a simple theme for a flower boutique. It has a concise set of customization features and would great for a mostly informational website.

    The style of this theme is simple and straightforward. If you want to quickly make a site with a handful of pages promoting your flower shop, you’ll find everything you need here. In the admin options panel, you’ll find all of the customization options. You can switch between different sidebar layouts, change the font sizes, and add your logo in just a few minutes. All these customization options make Flowers a reusable template that could work just as well for a handmade crafts website or other local business.

    This is also a great theme to choose if you think you’ll be blogging frequently or using content to promote your organization. There is a nice blog design, and Flowers supports eight post formats. That means instead of plain text-based blog posts, you can just easily publish image galleries, quotes, and videos on your blog in the same way.

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Which flower shop theme is best for you?

The best theme for your site depends on your customization needs and design preferences.

Divi takes some time to learn but has an extremely flexible editor and can be reused to create dozens of unique websites.

Flower Shop has a premium design quality and a fair amount tools for customizing and building your site.

Thanks so much for reading this collection of the best flower shop WordPress themes!

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
This article was written by Ben Sibley. He is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.