Top 10 Best Digital Download WordPress Themes for 2019

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Selling digital products is more lucrative than ever.

With the incredible tools available now, you can set up your own shop and start selling. Unlike physical products, there’s no shipping, packaging, or inventory to worry about.

The big challenge of selling digital products is standing out. Beyond having a unique product, you’ll need a fantastic website. In fact, the quality of your site is likely to make or break your digital goods business.

Grab one of these themes below to jumpstart your success selling digital downloads.

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Digital download WordPress themes

Every theme below is responsive. That means they work great on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops/desktops. They’re also up-to-date with the newest version of WordPress.

Use one of these themes to build a site that sells digital products whether they’re images, info products, or music files.

Here are my top picks for best digital download WordPress themes for 2019.
  • 1. ShopKeeper by Get Bowtied (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Shopkeeper is a beautiful and modern eCommerce theme. As a WooCommerce theme, Shopkeeper takes advantage of WooCommerce’s built-in digital download features.

    What makes Shopkeeper stand out is the incredible amount of polish. Every page element is well-designed and smoothly animated. Features like the product image zoom, filtering, and sorting make it feel very professional.

    Shopkeeper has an incredibly diverse set of features. The blog and product pages both include multiple layouts. For the homepage, use the Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder (bundled). More features include unlimited header styles, product lightboxes, and infinite scroll.

    This eCommerce theme is one of the most customizable and advanced themes available for selling digital goods.

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  • 2. Checkout by Array Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Checkout integrates with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. It’s perfect for selling stock photography, audio files, video, and more. Due to its integrations, it can even work for multi-vendor marketplaces.

    Checkout has a clean and beautiful design. Visitors will find it easy to browse and find great products. If you choose to allow vendors on your site, they’ll also get access to well-designed dashboards and profiles pages.

    The Checkout theme includes premium fonts from Typekit which give it a high-end look. Customize your logo, colors, and more from the live customizer. Regarding content, Checkout includes sliders, pricing tables, and testimonial templates. Checkout is a robust, yet simple and easy to use theme for selling digital goods.

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  • 3. Makery by Themex (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Makery is a clean and beautiful theme with a “flat” design. Visitors will find it easy to navigate around your site and make purchases with this digital download theme.

    You can use it to create a complete multi-vendor marketplace or simply sell your own products. All eCommerce functionality in Makery is powered by WooCommerce.

    Makery comes with a decent feature set and customization options. You can change the colors, add sliders, and set up email notifications based on events on the site. Easily edit products and process orders as they come in with the complete WooCommerce integration.

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  • 4. Showcase by Catapult Themes


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    Theme Description

    Showcase is a modern theme with full Easy Digital Downloads integration. Use it to list and sell digital goods – photographs, music, ebooks, games – anything you can think of.

    The Showcase theme has a flat design and precise typography controls for creating a clean aesthetic. Modify the site with your own fonts, custom widgets, and advanced banner images. Each section featured on the homepage is also fully customizable from the WordPress live Customizer.

    Every product page in Showcase has plenty of space for detailed descriptions and screenshots. There’s a large header area with a background image and support for a video embed. There’s also a sidebar where you can list features, additional details, and category and tag links.

    Besides a tight integration with EDD, Showcase is also great for blogging. You have plenty of control over the blog styles including background colors, layouts, and more. If you want to run a site with an active blog and digital downloads for sale, Showcase is an excellent choice.


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  • 5. Olam by Webnesters (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Use Olam to sell your digital downloads or to launch an entire digital goods marketplace.

    Since you’re looking to sell digital downloads, you’ve likely heard of Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). Olam works wonderfully with this 5-star plugin. It’s compatible with all the EDD marketplace extensions such as:

    • Commissions
    • Frontend submissions
    • Reviews
    • And more

    If you prefer to use WooCommerce, Olam integrates with it as well.

    Olam provides over twenty shortcodes, three product listing styles, and integration with the Unyson page builder. Regarding features, you get custom colors, item ratings, mega menus, and a full theme options panel. Olam is an excellent choice for a digital marketplace because of its flexibility and integrations.

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  • 6. Musik by Flatfull (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    If you plan on selling music or any kind of audio downloads on your site, you’ve got to check out Musik.

    The Musik theme has a gorgeous flat design and a unique layout. Many themes use a set of similar content “blocks,” but it’s clear that Musik was made to fit this niche very specifically. Visitors can browse music on the site finding new albums and listening to tracks while they browse.

    Musik integrates with Easy Digital Downloads for all eCommerce. You can sell single tracks or albums, create an unlimited number of products, and let visitors preview any track with the on-site audio player.

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  • 7. The Polygon by Yithemes

    The Polygon

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    Theme Description

    If you’re selling video games or entertainment products, you’ve got to consider The Polygon.

    This eCommerce theme has a stylish dark aesthetic that fits the entertainment industry perfectly. Between the primary menu, category navigation, and a responsive slider, visitors have plenty of ways to navigate your site. Show off your best products in a filterable gallery below the homepage slider.

    Product pages focus mainly on promoting the sale of the item. The Polygon has product ratings, quantity selection, and instant product delivery to help increase sales. For a digital eCommerce theme in the entertainment space, The Polygon is a great choice.

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  • 8. HumbleShop by HumbleSpace (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Some digital download themes can look busy because of all the features. HumbleShop is refreshing in its straightforward and minimalist approach to eCommerce.

    You’ll notice right away that HumbleShop is well-suited to shops with fewer products. The homepage features a handful of items while the products page can list many more. Filtering options make sorting through products easy.

    HumbleShop includes multiple layouts, fonts from Google Fonts, and built-in social sharing buttons. It’s a simpler and easier-to-setup alternative to more complex digital store themes.

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  • 9. Marketify by Astoundify (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    If you want to deliver digital downloads to customers and also let visitors register and upload their own downloads, Marketify is an excellent choice.

    Marketify is beautiful and designed to look great on desktop computers and smartphones. It comes with a ton of pre-designed templates so that you can get started fast, and you can still make your own custom templates.

    The Marketify theme integrates with Easy Digital Downloads and all of its most popular extensions. This is how you can add front-end submissions from users, product reviews, sales commissions, and more.

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  • 10. Publisher by Templatic


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    Theme Description

    Publisher is a WP theme made to sell ebooks and other creative digital works. It’s a great theme for selling DVDs, music, artwork, and physical books too.

    Publisher showcases ebooks in a carousel slider and a bookstore page with a blog-like layout. Product pages themselves are simple and straightforward which should help with conversions. With WooCommerce integration, you could easily use this theme to make an Amazon affiliate store instead of selling your own digital products.

    Publisher works with both WooCommerce and Templatic’s own digital downloads plugin. Design features include unlimited colors, custom registration pages, and mega menus.

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Best-selling WordPress themes

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Which digital download theme is right for you?

WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads have developed so much over the last few years. They’re both extremely comprehensive and well-made products. eCommerce themes have made similar strides.

There are tons of beautiful and responsive themes that integrate with WooCommerce and EDD. Now you can get the whole package – excellent design and incredible functionality.

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  1. vijay vijay

    All themes are good. I would like to recommend for three themes Advertica, Invert & incrart in your next blog.

  2. T I Antor T I Antor

    Once again, a great collection of digital downloads WordPress themes. If I want to create an eCommerce website than I will go with Shopkeeper theme and one more is Marketica.
    Thanks again Ben.

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