The 6 Best WooCommerce Min/Max Quantity Plugins

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Struggling with margins?

What if shipping costs eat up your margins?

How do you stop one customer from ordering the whole lot?

There are very different business problems, but both entirely solvable with the plugins included here.

In this post, you’ll find WooCommerce plugins that will let you set a minimum and maximum order quantity. Most of them also let you set limits based on the order value as well.

Keep reading to find the top plugins.

Minimum & maximum order quantity plugins

All of the plugins here include the basic settings to limit min/max order quantities.

Most of them also include options to set these values based on the category and individual products. Some have much more complex options like setting rules based on the user role or product variation too.

You’re probably excited to check them out, so here are my top recommendations for the best min/max quantity WooCommerce plugins.

  • 1. WooCommerce Quantity Manager

    WooCommerce Quantity Manager

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    Plugin Description

    Barn2 has a knack for developing streamlined plugins that get the job done without sacrificing flexibility, and WooCommerce Quantity Manager is no different.

    With this plugin, you can set a minimum and maximum quantity for all orders on your site. In addition to the store-wide setting, you can also customize these values for categories, products, product variations, and even user roles. The default quantity users see is also customizable.

    These options are so easy to set, you’ll have your profit optimizations complete in a matter of minutes. Minimum quantities will prevent low margins, and the “stepping” feature encourages customers to buy more based on fixed increments.

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  • 2. WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity

    WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantity plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Another option for enforcing minimum and maximum order quantities is this professional plugin by Woosuite. It gives you all the tools you need to create conditional quantities for customer orders and is especially useful for wholesale stores.

    With this plugin, you can set a variety of dynamic rules for your store. First, you can set a minimum and/or maximum value on the customer’s order. For instance, you can require them to spend a minimum of $500 for a wholesale order. As an alternative, you can require shoppers to purchase minimum quantities of your products in order to checkout. And, you have the option to restrict how many they can purchase too.

    One way to boost your sales is to set a default quantity for your products instead of defaulting to “1.” This is a nice trick to encourage customers to purchase more by showing them “20” might be a standard quantity to purchase. There are also quantity increment controls, user targeting rules, tax exemptions, and volume discounts.

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  • 3. WooCommerce - Minimum/Maximum Quantities

    WooCommerce Minimum/Maximum Quantities

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    Plugin Description

    Here’s another very affordable choice for adding complex order quantity rules to your WooCommerce store. Set your quantity limits globally, by category, for individual products, and even specific product variations.

    In addition to quantity limits, this plugin also lets you set minimum/maximum limits based on the order value and number of items (different products). The min/max rules for the number of items are especially interesting and an uncommon feature.

    This plugin has a 4.95/5.00 rating when writing this post, and that’s from 41 ratings. Overall, it’s an excellent solution and likely to work well for your site too.

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  • 4. YITH WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity

    YITH WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity

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    Plugin Description

    This is another great option for setting minimum and maximum order quantities for WooCommerce. It works great out-of-box and includes a nice variety of customization options.

    In addition to setting minimum quantity restrictions, you can also require customers to meet a minimum order value. And on the other hand, you can also limit purchases to a maximum quantity. These options can be configured for each product category and refined for individual products.

    If a customer tries to add a product without meeting the thresholds, an error message specific to their context will be shown. All of these messages are fully customizable via the settings menu.

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  • 5. Min/Max Quantities

    Min/Max Quantities

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    Plugin Description

    Min/Max Quantities is a simple and affordable plugin available on the official WooCommerce extension store. It’s limited in functionality, but that may be a plus if you want a quick solution.

    Once you add this plugin to your site, you’ll find a few new options in the settings panel. From there, you can set the minimum quantity for your store, the maximum limit, and the grouping rules (buy in sets of 5, for example).

    These rules only take a minute to set, and then you can override them for any product (or variation) that needs its own rules.

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  • 6. Advanced Product Quantity

    Advanced Product Quantity

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    Plugin Description

    Here’s another solid choice for limiting order quantities on your site. Using this plugin, you can limit min and max quantities for the customer’s cart and control the increments they add.

    If a user tries to add a product to their cart outside of the limits, they’ll be notified with a customizable message that tells them what the quantity needs to be. You can also replace the standard quantity input with a dropdown menu. This is perfect when you have just a few quantity options to select from.

    Advanced Product Quantity works a bit differently from the other plugins in that it gives you a wide set of options, and you create one rule at a time – as many as you want. If you check out the screenshots, this will be a bit clearer, and you can find them by clicking the link below.

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Which min/max order plugin is best?

The functionality behind these features isn’t too complicated, so there are many good plugins to choose from. All of them have similar options but with slight design differences.

WooCommerce Quantity Manager gets the top recommendation because it’s easy to use and has all the options you’re likely to want. If you aren’t sure which plugin to use, it’s a solid choice for most stores.

Thanks for checking out this list of the best WooCommerce min & max quantity plugins. I hope you enjoyed it, and please share it with someone else if you did.

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Ben Sibley
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