How to Set a Minimum Order Amount (Price & Quantity) in WooCommerce

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Every eCommerce store is different.

Not every shop works well with the way WooCommerce sets up the cart system.

For some stores, it’s crucial that you set a minimum quantity and/or order value before customers can checkout.

The good news is that there are pre-built solutions that make these types of customizations extremely simple.

Following the steps outlined here, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set a minimum & maximum product quantity for orders
  • Create a minimum order value
  • Limit the cart quantity to one product
  • Add a minimum order per product

Keep reading to learn how to make these customizations to your store with the recommended WooCommerce quantity plugin.

Install the Quantity Manager plugin

The easiest way to add these options to your site is with the Quantity Manager plugin by Barn2.

WooCommerce Quantity Manager

This plugin gives you streamlined options for setting minimum and maximum values for both the quantity and monetary value of orders. Furthermore, it lets you set these limits globally for your whole store, and then override them for categories and individual products.

Once you get a copy of Quantity Manager, you’ll receive a zip file containing the plugin (this is how all plugin downloads work). You can upload the plugin by visiting the Plugins > Add New page and clicking the Upload Plugin button at the top.

Then click the Choose File button to select the zip file you downloaded and click Install Now to install it.

How To Install Plugin

On the next screen, you’ll see a link to activate the plugin. Click the Activate link and you’ll be redirected to the setup wizard page.

All you have to do on the first screen is paste in your license key (provided by your Barn2 account) and then click the Continue button.

Setup Wizard

The next page is where you can begin configuring the quantity options for your store.

How to set a minimum order quantity in WooCommerce

After entering your license key, the next page in the setup wizard will let you fill out the simple order quantity rules.

In order to set a minimum number of items a customer can purchase, enter the desired amount into the first input field.

Set Minimum Order Quantity

For example, if you want customers to add at least five items to their cart before they can checkout, you would enter 5 into that input.

Next to it is the maximum input, which works the same way. You can use it to limit how many items a customer can purchase at once. This is useful if you want customers to only add one item to their cart at a time.

How to set a minimum order value in WooCommerce

Below the quantity rules are the order value rules.

If you want to set a minimum cart total for customers to checkout, enter the desired value into the minimum field highlighted below.

Set Minimum Order Value

In my example, I’ve entered “20” into the minimum value field, and since my store currency is USD, it means customers can’t checkout unless their cart value is at least $20.

Additionally, you can set a maximum limit on their checkout total using the other input field.

As you can see, it takes seconds to configure the minimum and maximum order amounts using this WooCommerce plugin.

That said, there are a few more options you should be aware of.

How to change the minimum quantity or price per product

The minimum and maximum values you configured in the setup wizard affect all products in your store. You can create rules that are specific to individual products via the Product data section when editing a product.

Here you can see the new quantity rules added to the Inventory tab.

Product Quantity Settings

Using these rules, you can set a minimum quantity for this particular product. For example, you could enter “5” into the minimum quantity rule, and then customers will have to add that many before they can add the product to their cart.

Once you set the minimum amount, the quantity input on the product page will default to that value, and clicking the down arrow won’t lower the amount at all, so customers cannot purchase a smaller quantity.

Product Quantity Input
Clicking the down arrow keeps the quantity at 5

If you check the screenshot of the settings above, you’ll see that there are also fields to set a new default value and change the size of the increments. For instance, you could change the default quantity to 10 and make it increment in steps of five. Then the customer could decrease the quantity to 5 or increase it to 15+.

These options are really helpful for products, but it could be tedious if you have a lot of products to tweak. Luckily, there are quantity rules for your categories too.

How to set minimum & maximum quantity limits for categories

With the Quantity Manager plugin, you have the same quantity and order value limits available globally, for individual products, and for individual product categories.

To find these settings for your categories, visit the Products > Categories page and then click on the category you want to edit. You’ll find the quantity rules at the bottom of the next page.

Product Category Quantity Rules

The Quantity Manager plugin uses a “cascading” system to decide which rules take precedence. You can think of it like this:

Product rules > Category rules > Store rules

Any rules set for an individual product will override the category rules, which override the global store rules. In practice, you’ll want to set them in the reverse order: configure your global settings, make more customized rules for categories, and lastly, override for specific products when needed.

That said, if the global values work for all of your products then you can stick with that.

How to change the default quantity & increments

As you saw in the product and category settings, you can customize the default quantity of each item as well as how much to increment/decrement the quantity when a customer clicks the up/down arrow in the quantity input.

These settings can be configured globally during the setup wizard as well.

Quantity Step Rules

As discussed earlier, the default quantity value will change the number in the quantity input next to the “Add to Cart” button on the product pages. Normally, clicking the up/down arrows will increment/decrement the quantity by one, but you can change that value with the step rules here to force customers to buy in quantities of five or ten, for instance.

And if you ever need to change the global values you’ve set, that’s easy too.

How to customize your global values

Quantity Manager adds a new sub-menu to the Products tab in the WooCommerce Settings page where you can customize all your quantity rules.

Global Quantity Settings

As you can see, all the settings from the setup wizard are available here, including the min/max quantity and min/max order value settings.

There are also links to the documentation and support portal should you need help with something.

Setting order quantity and price limits in WooCommerce

Like most things in WordPress, you can solve any dilemma with the right plugin.

In this case, the Quantity Manager plugin by Barn2 presents itself as the perfect solution to set a minimum order amount in WooCommerce

If you want to view some alternative solutions, check out our collection of the best WooCommerce min & max quantity plugins next.

Thanks for reading!

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Ben Sibley
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