The 6 Best Audio Player WordPress Plugins

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Sometimes when creating plugin collections, it’s difficult to find enough high-quality choices, but there are loads of great audio players to choose from.

Out of the available options, these are the ones that stood out for having the best features, design, and ratings from existing users.

If you want a slick design to go with the audio player, then check out our collection of the best music WordPress themes and our top podcast themes list.

Best audio player plugins

There’s a mix of free and paid plugins below, but all of them are very affordable.

You’ll find plugins for music, podcasts, and general-purpose audio in this collection.

Here are the top plugins for adding an audio player to your WordPress website.

  • 1. AudioIgniter


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    Plugin Description

    AudioIgniter is a modern, beautiful and flexible audio, music, and podcast player plugin for WordPress. It allows users to create unlimited playlists with unlimited tracks, making it ideal for creating tracklists of long-running podcast series.

    The player can be easily embedded in any post or page using the provided shortcode. It’s also responsive, so it works great on mobile devices. Each track supports a cover image, name, artist, and URLs for track listening, downloading, and purchasing. The player’s size, visible elements, and track info can be easily configured as well. It supports popular media formats along with streaming services like ShoutCast, RadioJar, and more.

    AudioIgniter also offers a Pro version which comes with customizable colors, a custom Gutenberg block, widgets for WordPress, Elementor & WPBakery, a global footer player, batch file uploads, drag & drop track reordering, per track lyrics/podcast description, playback rate control, delays between tracks, playlist shuffle, custom starting time and much more.

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  • 2. Modern Audio Player

    Modern Audio Player

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    Plugin Description

    The Modern Audio Player has a gorgeous design and is probably the best-looking plugin in this collection. While you can use it for any audio, the playlist integration makes it especially practical for albums and podcast series.

    There are multiple skins available for this plugin that allow you to choose between a wide or vertical layout, dark or light mode, and choose how the upcoming tracks are listed. You can use audio tracks uploaded to your site or source them directly from SoundCloud. There’s also live stream support and integration with popular radio services like Shoutcast and Icecast.

    Modern Audio Player has a few other features that put it over the edge as an excellent choice for your website. There are detailed statistics, including plays, likes, downloads, built-in social sharing buttons, and various playback methods to choose from. Overall, it’s an awesome audio plugin and will blend well into the design of any modern website.

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  • 3. tPlayer

    tPlayer audio player

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    Plugin Description

    tPlayer is a full-featured audio player with playlists. The design is pretty nice and what you’ll like most about this plugin is the massive variety of customization settings.

    The tPlayer plugin lets you create an unlimited number of audio players and playlists, and you can embed each player wherever you want on your website using the included shortcodes. There are 10 color schemes to choose from, numerous layouts, and options to show/display each of the different controls. The features and customization options included making it really adaptable and a good choice for a DJ website or other musician.

    tPlayer takes things to the next level with built-in advertising controls, social sharing buttons, and detailed song statistics. Besides just adding audio to your website, you can use the tPlayer plugin to support a business that relies on visitors listening.

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  • 4. MP3 Music Player

    MP3 Music Player

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    Plugin Description

    If you’re adding an audio player to your site for music, then you can’t skip over the free MP3 Music Player plugin.

    This flexible plugin is simple to set up and use. You can upload MP3 or M4A files to your WordPress Media Library and then select them when adding an audio player with this plugin. Unlike some other plugins that add new post types for each audio track, this system is much lighter and quicker to work with.

    Another awesome feature of this plugin is its Elementor integration. If you use the Elementor page builder, you’ll find this feature exceptionally practical and more flexible than a simple shortcode.

    MP3 Music Player also includes “buy now” and download buttons, optional tracklists, social icons, and album cover artwork.

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  • 5. HTML5 Audio Player

    HTML5 Audio Player plugin

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    Plugin Description

    HTML5 Audio Player is an excellent general-purpose audio player plugin. It’s thoughtfully designed so you can create as many custom audio players as you want and add them to any post or page on your site.

    This plugin adds a new menu item below your Media menu to create new audio players similar to how you create new posts. This allows you to give each player a unique look if you want. When you’re finished customizing how you want the player to look, you’ll get a shortcode to add it to a post or page. While shortcodes are easy to use, you might also like this plugin’s Gutenberg block, making adding audio players into posts even easier.

    The audio players added by this plugin are totally responsive, so they will work well on iPhones and tablets as well as laptops and widescreen monitors.

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  • 6. PowerPress

    PowerPress WordPress Plugin

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    Plugin Description

    If you’re looking to add an audio player to your website for a podcast, then you should check out the PowerPress plugin by Blubrry. They’ve been around for years – way before podcasting was trendy – and their plugin has exceptional ratings from WP users.

    When you first install this podcast plugin, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be overwhelmed by its options. It’s massively customizable. That’s why the developers put in a “Simple” mode you can activate to get started with, so make sure to give that a shot.

    With PowerPress, you can add podcast episodes from Youtube, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, among other popular choices. You can perform SEO tasks to help your podcast show up in search engines, create podcast categories, and get statistics on how many plays your episodes have gotten.

    For serious podcasters, PowerPress is definitely worth trying out.

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Which audio player is best?

Modern Audio Player stands out because of its design. It’s gorgeous and very adaptive which makes it a top recommendation here.

Another top plugin is AudioIgniter, which has an excellent free version and extremely robust premium upgrade.

If you are a musician and want to share your music then MP3 Music Player is a great alternative.

For podcasters, make sure to check out the PowerPress plugin by Blubrry. They have lots of other services for podcasters you might appreciate too.

If this collection of the best audio player WordPress plugins helped you build a better site, then make sure to share this post before you go.

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