Top 11 Best WordPress Podcast Themes for 2021

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Are you launching a podcast?

Then you need a website!

The WordPress podcast themes listed below are well-designed for promoting and hosting your podcast.

Each WordPress theme is packed with customization options and comes with a gorgeous design. If you’re ready to start a podcast, you’ll have no trouble finding an excellent theme for your site here.

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WordPress Podcast Themes

There are quite a few themes that would be great for a podcast, but these eleven are the best.

They have audio players, download options, and designs that fit podcasting particularly well. They’re also completely responsive, so they look amazing on desktop and mobile devices. And none of them require any coding knowledge to use.

Pick a WordPress theme here and use it for a podcast website, audio program, or any other type of online broadcast.

Here are my top picks for best podcast WordPress themes for 2021.

  • 1. Podcaster by Themestation (Themeforest)

    Podcaster WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    Podcaster has a clean and minimalist look. Its design as a podcasting theme isn’t quite so pronounced, but it still has the audio player integration a good podcast-friendly WordPress theme needs.

    The podcasting page itself is quite lovely and might lead to more plays than other themes just because it’s so clear and easy to use. Want to add show notes to your site? No problem! Podcaster lets you publish full articles along with each audio embed, so you have the freedom to add any content and links you need.

    Podcaster also boasts special support for podcast platforms like BluBrry PowerPress and the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugins. While I’d love to see more pages designed around the podcasts in this theme, the podcast archive page does a good job and looks clean and easy to use. It also has a handful of customization options so you can change the color scheme, add a header image, match the typography to your brand, and it’s fully translation-ready for non-English WordPress websites.

    In your search for the best WordPress theme for a podcast website, Podcaster may be the one you’ve been looking for. Click the link below to get a look at the demo site and all the features it has to offer.

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  • 2. Viseo by ProgressionStudios (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Do you tell stories with your podcast? Using Viseo might be the best decision you make for your website. With a beautiful modern design, Viseo is designed around telling stories and is an excellent choice for a video podcast WordPress theme.

    You’ll find a gorgeous slider on the homepage including a play button for immediately displaying video content. Below this is a clean layout of the latest posts which can be text, audio, or video (or all). While the demo site uses video content heavily, audio files can be used just as easily. You can even add SoundCloud embeds to the top of any post. Every post also has integrated social media buttons to encourage sharing. Viseo also includes other customization tools, such as header styles, podcast categories, layout choices, and video galleries.

    Beyond the great design, Viseo has smartly integrated with the Elementor page builder plugin making it easy to create custom page layouts. This popular podcasting WordPress theme also bundles the ProgressionPlayer plugin for embedding self-hosted videos, so you aren’t constrained to Youtube and Vimeo for hosting.

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  • 3. Megaphone by meks (Themeforest)

    Megaphone WordPress podcast theme

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    Theme Description

    Megaphone is a mobile-friendly WordPress theme for podcasts. It’s got a gorgeous, modern design that will help you present your podcast in a professional manner to your visitors.

    Due to the way it’s built, the Megaphone theme can work just as well for a personal podcast as a network with multiple hosts and shows. In fact, you could use it to construct your own audiobook website which may be of interest to any writers with websites. The audio player integrates with all the top services, including:

    • Spotify
    • iTunes
    • SoundCloud
    • MixCloud
    • Sticher
    • Podbean
    • Blubrry
    • LibSyn
    • Spreaker
    • Cadence
    • Podomatic

    On top of all these great integrations, this WordPress theme comes with a nice amount of customization options too.

    Megaphone includes options to bundle podcast episodes by the show, promote the hosts with full bios and social links after the posts, and make it easy to include subscribe buttons throughout the site. This podcast WordPress theme can be used with a page builder, but you probably won’t need one. There are layout options provided, unlimited widget areas, custom widgets, pagination types, page templates, custom fonts, and unlimited custom color options. Plus, the downloadable demo content can be quickly imported to give your new site a head start.

    Overall, Megaphone is an awesome theme and a great choice for any podcast website.

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  • 4. Tusant by SecondLine Themes


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    Theme Description

    Tusant is a beautiful and smartly designed WordPress podcast theme. Let me explain.

    When choosing a WordPress theme, you want one that looks great out-of-box but also includes a nice variety of customization tools. Tusant provides such customization tools without adding an overwhelming number of new menus and options. You can change everything from the colors, spacing between elements, and font all from the Live Customizer. But enough about that! Let’s get onto the podcasting features.

    Tusant integrates with all the major podcasting plugins. This includes but is not limited to Seriously Simple Podcasting, PowerPress, PodLove, Buzzsprout, and more. This means you can continue using state-of-the-art podcast publishing tools and integrate your episodes seamlessly into the Tusant theme. And speaking of displaying your latest episodes…

    Tusant provides you with special templates for displaying individual podcast posts as well as your podcast RSS feed. There are multiple layouts for both and thanks to an integration with the Elementor page builder plugin, you can include episodes and episode feed wherever you want on your site.

    If you like what you’ve seen so far from this WordPress theme, click the link below to see what else it has to offer.

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  • 5. WPCast by Quantum Themes (Themeforest)

    WordPress podcast themes

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    Theme Description

    WPCast has its own audio player which will make your life a little easier. The podcast player has a gorgeous design and can stay “sticky” on the page so that it’s always visible. Better still, it can play continuously while visitors navigate around your site so that loading a new page doesn’t interrupt the playback.

    Another nice feature in this podcast WordPress theme is the ability to organize series’ on your site. You can group episodes together and add beautiful series cards to your site linking to all the related episodes.

    This podcasting WordPress theme is compatible with the Seriously Simple podcasting plugin, as well as many other top choices for podcasters. Of course, it also works perfectly well with the most popular podcast hosting services like Google and Apple Podcasts. You won’t need to upload your audio files to your Media Library to have them stream flawlessly for visitors.

    To help you build custom pages, WPCast includes a drag-and-drop page builder plugin called WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer). This popular page builder lets you create pages from pre-designed blocks and goes way beyond what the normal WordPress editor can do. This added bonus will give you a ton of creative opportunities when building your podcasting website.

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  • 6. Satchmo by SecondLine Themes


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    Theme Description

    The Satchmo podcast theme is minimalist and business-driven. This modern template places all the emphasis on your podcast.

    If you visit the demo site featured above, you’ll find that you can feature an episode at the top of the page. This could be your first, latest, or your most popular episode. You can list out your latest episodes and add a link to the archive of all episodes as well.

    The individual podcast pages have beautiful background images and a built-in audio player. There’s also plenty of room for show notes and visitor comments.

    With the Satchmo WordPress theme, you can publish your podcast on your WP site and as you publish new episodes, RSS feed aggregators will automatically find and republish them. This includes Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more.

    If you want the flexibility you get with a drag-and-drop page builder plugin, Satchmo integrates with Elementor. It’s not required, but you may like it if you find you need the added design control on your podcast website.

    With all these features and integrations, Satchmo may seem hard to set up, but that’s hardly the case. With the one-click demo importer, you can immediately recreate the demo site on your own WordPress install. Furthermore, Satchmo is fully translatable and includes RTL support. Use it for podcasting in any language or even multiple languages thanks to compatibility with the popular WPML plugin.

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  • 7. OnAir2 by Quantum Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Onair2 bills itself as the best WordPress theme for radio stations. Using it for podcasting is a simple re-purpose of the theme. Onair2 comes with a Podcast custom post type, so you can easily publish a separate feed for a podcast series.

    When it comes to features, Onair2 went all out. For instance, podcast audio embeds can be sourced from Mixcloud, Youtube, Soundcloud, or a self-hosted audio file. It also comes with tons of creative layouts for promoting your latest episodes on your site. You also get the Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin for free since it comes bundled with the theme.

    Perhaps the coolest feature in this multimedia theme is the schedule template. You can set up a simple or complex schedule with all the different shows you do. In fact, you could easily use this theme to make a website for a podcast network that manages multiple podcasts and shows.

    While it can be used to publish a ton of content, the one fault with the Onair2 podcast theme is that it will require more setup than other themes. This comes with the territory since its diverse feature set allows it to be used to create a simple podcast site or an online radio website. That said, Onair2 does have demo content you can import which will give you a head start on your website. If you’re okay with investing a little more time to get your site exactly how you want, you’ll reap the benefits of this beautiful and feature-packed podcasting theme.

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  • 8. Chords by CSSIgniter (Themeforest)

    Chords podcasting WordPress Theme

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    Theme Description

    Chords has a great unique look. While it might better suit a music/band site, its design and feature set is appropriate for a podcast as well. As a simple theme, you may find it easy-to-use compared to other podcasting themes.

    Chords includes many templates including multiple types of galleries for listing media, producers, and albums. These could be easily adapted to podcast episodes, podcasters, and shows/seasons. It comes with all the functionality you need to promote your podcast and increase viewership, plus it doubles well as a podcast blog theme.

    Overall, Chords is a professional and simple WordPress theme you can use to publish both audio podcasts and written content.

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  • 9. Podcast Master by Launch & Sell

    Podcast Master theme

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    Theme Description

    What I like about Podcast Master is that the developers clearly analyzed the niche before making this theme. It really shows in the layouts and features available in this responsive template. Let me explain.

    As a supporter of minimalism, I appreciate theme’s that do their best to emphasize a site’s content. Podcast Master doesn’t distract visitors with needless frills and decorations. It’s got a gorgeous style that will the attention of your visitors on what matters most: your podcast! The design will also work great for promoting your personal brand as a podcaster or vlogger.

    Adding your podcasts with Podcast Master is easy. There’s a customizable audio player included in this theme, and you can import your episodes from any of the following podcast hosting services:

    • BuzzSprout
    • Libsyn
    • Podbean
    • Spreaker
    • Simplecast

    Podcast Master also includes a variety of theme options to help you market and grow your podcast. This includes social media sharing buttons, opt-in forms for major email programs like MailChimp, and multiple lead capture blocks. You can select from three different homepage layouts and add unlimited episodes to your site.

    The icing on the cake is that Podcast Master is WooCommerce compatible too. Most podcasts have sponsored advertisements, and this is a great way to monetize your work. However, you may want to sell merchandise, and with this premium WordPress theme, adding an online shop to your site is simple.

    Use the link below if you want to see more of this podcast theme and what it can do to help you grow your audience.

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  • 10. Audonic by Mixamedia (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Audonic is a clean blogging theme with a handful of features that make it a good choice for podcasters. Like many WP themes, Audonic features a full-screen header image with a strong call-to-action. If you have a new episode or a product to promote, this can be a very effective design.

    Below the header is a unique slider that will automatically navigate through your posts/episodes. The awesome Audonic theme works well for promoting your latest content and podcast episodes. The audio player is attractive and works well. Also, you can display an audio player in place of a post. Listing the audio player on the podcast archives is user-friendly and makes it simple for visitors to pick an episode.

    Audonic comes with the following social media integration: plugins for both Twitter and Instagram feeds which will help you to grow your accounts from your site. It also includes post format support, two different types of image slider plugins, and a mobile-friendly design.

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  • 11. Remix by Codevz (Themeforest)

    Remix WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    Remix is another music WordPress theme that is also a good fit for a podcast. Unlike some of the other themes, Remix does a great job of putting audio at the forefront of the design. You can feature the audio player on most page templates, and it supports playlists which let visitors easily play through a series of episodes.

    This theme has a colorful and trendy aesthetic which also might help you stand out from the crowd. It will be an obvious choice for anyone with a music podcast or album podcast. If you want a template with more detail and edge, this will work better for your site than some of the subtler more minimalist options featured here.

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WordPress Themes for Podcasts

Podcasting has never been bigger. If you want to create a real presence online, you’ll need a professional site.

The themes above are best for podcasting websites. Each WordPress theme includes a mobile-friendly audio player and aesthetics that will match podcasts on a wide variety of genres.

If you have another best WordPress podcast theme to suggest or any questions about one of the templates listed here, please share in the comments below.

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