Top 6 Best Radio Station WordPress Themes for 2020

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Need a beautiful new website for your radio station?

These professionally designed themes won’t just ensure that you end up with a beautiful website. Let me explain.

The right WP theme does so much more than look nice. It also supports your business objectives. The premium themes you’ll find here can help you promote events, get new listeners, and build the brand of your station and its DJs.

You’ll know what I mean once you check out a few of the demos.

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Radio station WordPress themes

These themes are primarily made for music websites and FM radio stations. However, there’s no reason you couldn’t use any one of them for a news radio station instead.

All of these themes are responsive, so they look excellent on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktop screens. If you’re ready to check them out, keep scrolling now.

Here are my top picks for best radio station WordPress themes for 2020.
  • 1. Onair2 by Qantum Themes (Themeforest)

    Onair2 radio WP theme

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    Theme Description

    Onair2 is a very popular and highly-rated theme for radio stations, and for a good reason! It’s an attractive theme, and it comes with a massive amount of customization tools and theme options.

    A quick browse around the demo site and you’ll see that Onair2 can be used to create all kinds of content. There are 11 different post types which let you publish everything from albums to upcoming concerts and keep it all organized in your WP dashboard. The post types make Onair2 a perfect theme for events and shows.

    The homepage, in particular, shows off a lot of different site elements. You don’t need to make your homepage exactly like the demo. You can give the homepage a completely custom set of “blocks” using the Visual Composer plugin that comes bundled with Onair2. With page building, you get full control over the content and its order on the site. Not to mention, you can reuse on as many other pages on your site as you want.

    When it comes to style options, Onair2 doesn’t disappoint. You can change the color scheme, custom widgets, fonts, social icons, and more. You’ll need to check out the theme for yourself to see everything it can do for a radio streaming website

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  • 2. Sounder by ThemeREX (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Sounder is a gorgeous internet radio station WordPress theme. The bright colors leap off the page and make for an exciting display. If you have a bold and modern brand, then Sounder is going to be a perfect match.

    This premium theme includes online radio streaming, a visual timetable for promoting your show schedule, and management tools for your shows and broadcasts. With broadcast support, you can also use Sounder as a live streaming theme. There are plenty of ways for your audience to engage with your brand’s online media.

    When it comes to style customizations, Sounder really shines. It integrates with layout builders like WP Bakery for creating entirely custom page templates. Not to mention, it includes a nice variety of pre-made templates you can use to create common pages. There’s even a header and footer builder, and trust me, even a small change to the header of a site can make a huge impact on your site.
    Regardless of how you customize Sounder, it’s fully responsive and mobile-friendly, so it looks awesome on every screen. Overall, Sounder is a top-notch WordPress theme for creating a radio station website.

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  • 3. Sonik by Qantum Themes (Themeforest)

    Sonik radio station theme

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    Theme Description

    The Sonik theme can be used for pretty much any kind of business in the music industry. Make sure to check out the demo site made for radio stations in particular (featured above).

    This premium music theme stands out for having a greater focus on events and video. The animations and video integrations make the page jump to life from the moment the site loads. Given the fact that radio is by nature a live form of entertainment, it makes sense for your site to focus mainly on upcoming shows and events.

    There are plenty of cool layouts and “content blocks” available for page building in Sonik. You can promote the hottest artists in image galleries, showcase your DJs, promote upcoming festivals and concerts, and more. Sonik is a popular choice for music sites and has a 4.94/5 rating from over 30 customer reviews, so you can expect a great experience after you buy.

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  • 4. MusicPlay by Aivah Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    MusicPlay is a cool theme for a radio station or even an individual radio show. It has lots of different layouts, a dark background design, homepage slider, and a built-in music player.

    The MusicPlay theme comes with tons of useful features for a site in the music industry. For instance, you can publish songs and complete albums that visitors can listen to straight from your website. There’s also an events page for promoting upcoming shows and festivals. As a radio station, this will be great for events you host, and you can use it to promote events held by other organizations.

    MusicPlay includes a few premium touches. The music player at the bottom of the site stays present while visitors browse between pages and the songs don’t skip a beat because everything is loaded immediately with AJAX (no slow page loading!). The admin options panel includes a massive variety of customization options making this theme highly flexible. It’s a great option if you may want to reuse this theme for other internet radio programs and sites in the music industry.

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  • 5. Vice by Qantum Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Vice is a good theme for quickly setting up a simple website for your radio station. It has a cool animated parallax scrolling effect which takes visitors between gorgeous fullscreen sections. Each section can have its own image and promote a completely different aspect of your station. That said, Vice can be used for much more than a one-page website. You can create as many pages as you want and even run a full blog.

    Like other themes listed here, it comes with templates for promoting events and artists. There’s not much a radio program website could need that this theme doesn’t have. Vice comes with a handy set of customization options. You can change the colors and fonts (powered by Google Fonts) throughout the design, add image galleries, and upload your logo. There are also integrated social media buttons to encourage sharing, an XML theme demo content file available for importing, and WPML support for creating a multilingual website. The unique look of this theme will help you stand out, but it may not be an excellent choice for anyone who wants a more straightforward design.

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  • 6. Chords by CSS Igniter (Themeforest)

    Chords Radio

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    Theme Description

    Chords is a simple and clean WordPress theme for a radio station or other broadcast company. When you view the demo, you’ll see there are three options and the one featured above is “Chords Radio” which is designed specifically for radio shows and stations.

    Scroll through the homepage, and you’ll find that Chords has an excellent layout for informing and exciting visitors. Right away, Chords will help you promote upcoming shows and events. These can be programs coming to the station or live events that you sponsor. You can upload recent clips and showcase your different radio personalities letting visitors know when they’ll be live.

    The design and templates available in Chords are extremely practical. You can make custom page layouts with the drag-and-drop widget system. Of course, there are thousands of widgets already available, but Chords adds a variety of its own custom widgets specifically for music websites. The widgets allow you to add various content like a schedule for your radio station, discographies, image galleries, Youtube embeds, and more.

    Chords is also completely responsive, so it looks great on mobile devices. Also, it is translation-ready, so you can use it for any language. Lastly, with an SEO-friendly codebase, Chords is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to rank well and get a lot of search traffic.

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Which radio station theme is best for you?

Onair2 gets my top recommendation as the all-around best theme for a radio station. It looks good and is extremely flexible. You’re most likely going to get your site exactly how you want with this theme.

Sounder stands out because of its bright and contemporary style. You’ll know right away whether or not this theme is a good match for your brand.

Sonik is an excellent alternative and includes great opportunities to promote events with images and video. It has a great vibe that makes the site feel alive, and that can be very hard to do in web design.

Chords is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a simple option. It’s clean and well-designed although less feature-rich than some other themes here. MusicPlay is a good alternative if you want something a little more complex.

Lastly, Vice is best for someone who wants to make a strong impression and create a more modern and unique website for their radio station website.

If you have any questions about these radio station WordPress themes, post your comments below.

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