How to Embed Youtube Videos in WordPress

It’s easy to embed Youtube videos in WordPress.

WordPress has been using oEmbed to enable auto-embedding from 3rd party sites for years. What does that mean?

It means you can copy & paste a Youtube URL into the post editor and the video will embed for you. Like this:

Say “goodbye” to ugly embed codes.

Embed non-Youtube Videos with WordPress Too

oEmbed isn’t only for embedding Youtube videos. You can embed videos from the following websites too:

Just like in the example above, you can copy and paste a video URL from any of these sites to insert them in a post.

WordPress doesn’t only auto-embed content from popular video sites like Youtube and Vimeo either. It also auto-embeds content from non-video websites like SoundCloud, SlideShare, Twitter, and more. You can view the full list of supported embed sites here.


You might already have a theme for your Youtube channel and plenty of subscribers.

Don’t get slowed down by struggling with embeds!

By simply copying & pasting the Youtube URL into the editor you can instantly embed your videos. This is just as easy with the classic editor as with the new Gutenberg post editor in WordPress 5.0.

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  1. jitendra jitendra

    till now i was using embed codes for youtube videos to paste it on my wordpress blog post which was quite time consuming…but this is great of just pasting the link of an youtube video…thank for sharing such awesome info

  2. huepham huepham

    It’s easy to embed Youtube videos in WordPress. the article is very detailed. thank for sharing such awesome info

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