The 7 Best WordPress Themes for Youtube Channels in 2023

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“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

It’s time to start your own platform.

Youtube has been under fire for its inconsistent ad performance for a while now. As a content creator, you may have felt the pain of a demonetized video already. If not, you have to wonder about what Youtube may change next.

It’s always a smart idea to build your own platform instead of relying on someone else’s, and with these WordPress themes, porting your Youtube channel over to your own site will be easy.

These themes have amazing features like Youtube video importing, page builders, eCommerce support, and more. They can help your site look just as professional as a Youtube channel with an optimized banner and gorgeous thumbnails.

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WordPress themes for Youtube channels

All of the themes featured here have amazing customer reviews and have been updated recently, so you can be sure they work with the latest WordPress version. They’re also fully responsive, so they look amazing on laptops and mobile devices.

Here are my top picks for best Youtube channel WordPress themes for 2024.

  • 1. Vlog by meks (Themeforest)

    Vlog video theme

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    Theme Description

    I’ve recommended Vlog in just about every video-related theme collection so far. You know why? Because it’s a beautifully designed theme with tons of flexibility and outstanding customer reviews.

    The Vlog theme has many layouts for the homepage, category pages, and individual post pages. Regardless of the layouts you choose, this video theme is consistent in focusing on your videos. You’ll do well to send traffic to your site instead of Youtube whenever you can.

    Vlog also supports WooCommerce, which is important for any Youtuber looking for additional techniques to monetize their content. Make sure to check out a few of the different demo sites when evaluating Vlog too. A podcasting variation shows off how you can replace any video embed with an audio embed, so if you’re diversifying off Youtube, Vlog can still be a perfectly compatible choice for your brand.

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  • 2. goWatch by TouchSize (Themeforest)

    GoWatch Youtube channel theme

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    Theme Description

    goWatch is unique in that it can be used for a video community site or personal vlog. The “Vlog” design will likely work best for promoting your Youtube channel and is the layout featured in the screenshot above.

    This Youtube channel theme has a simple aesthetic that emphasizes videos, video thumbnails, and live streaming. Visitors will easily find your featured content and be able to browse through your categories with goWatch. That said, this theme can do a few things well that your Youtube channel can’t.

    goWatch¬†has full WooCommerce support allowing you to sell merchandise from your site. In addition, you can include ads and affiliate links wherever you’d like. With these monetization options, it might make more sense to send visitors to your site instead of Youtube whenever you can.

    On top of the nice design and monetization tools, goWatch comes with an astounding number of customization tools. There are loads of layouts, customizable colors, image sliders, and more. Perhaps the most practical feature is the Youtube video importer, which will let you quickly source your site with your channel’s videos.

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  • 3. Astra by Brainstorm Force

    Astra vlogger template

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    Theme Description

    Use Astra if you want a highly customizable solution to build your site and platform as a Youtuber or vlogger. This template is designed specifically for vloggers and videographers, but Astra includes more than 150+ templates with a highly diverse range of styles. You can import any of them in minutes to get a fresh design on your site.

    The Astra theme is performance-optimized so that it will make your site load fast. It also includes a header and footer builder, plus tons of design elements for working with WooCommerce shop pages. If you already know how to use Elementor or another page builder, then you’ll have no trouble using the integrations provided by Astra for site-building.

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  • 4. Divi by Elegant Themes

    Divi personal stylist template

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    Theme Description

    Divi is an extremely customizable theme that comes with a page-building plugin of its own called Divi Builder. This combination gives you a powerful system for creating custom designs from scratch or starting from a pre-made template like the one above.

    Elegant Themes have made 200+ template packs for Divi, including a homepage like the one featured above, plus six more designs for common pages, like About and Contact.

    Divi also includes an email list building plugin called Bloom and a social sharing button plugin called Monarch. The bundled plugins combined with Divi make it an excellent value, especially for WordPress newbies.

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  • 5. Vlogger by WordPressThemes2Go (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Vlogger is a video theme that could be used for any type of Youtube channel despite its name. It’s got a cool modern style that would be appropriate for many niches, from gaming to business and marketing.

    Youtube has been catching a lot of criticism from content creators lately because of its inconsistent earning potential. The developers behind Vlogger have put a lot of care and attention into the monetization features in this theme which should be a primary concern for anyone looking to build their own platform like Youtube. There are a whopping 12 ad slots you can utilize to place advertising throughout your site.

    Vlogger also has a Youtube importer, which makes it easy to get the site up and running. On top of that, it comes bundled with the Visual Composer page builder, which allows you to create completely custom page templates with a drag-and-drop interface.

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  • 6. SocialVideo by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    SocialVideo is an awesome theme for a Youtuber who publishes new videos often. The homepage layout is great for featuring some of your most popular or best new videos and give visitors a few vids from each category or playlist on your channel.

    If you want to run an active blog alongside your Youtube channel, SocialVideo may work really well for you. You can easily publish articles alongside your videos. If you want to supplement your video content with the occasional text post, this will be incredibly useful. That said, if you are looking for a straightforward site without a whole lot of other capabilities, SocialVideo might have more content tools than necessary.

    SocialVideo comes with a lot of customization settings. You can add Mailchimp forms to build an email list, include your Instagram feed with the included widget, and SocialVideo has full support for the Unyson page builder plugin. On top of that, this premium video theme can support multiple Youtube channels making it an excellent choice for a creator network or collaborative site.

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  • 7. VideoPro by CactusThemes (Themeforest)

    VideoPro WP theme

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    Theme Description

    VideoPro may be the most customizable video theme ever made. It has channels, playlists, social sharing buttons, like/dislike buttons, and user video submission. Now here’s the thing…

    For a solo Youtube channel, VideoPro may be overkill. Many of the layouts display a ton of videos which may be overwhelming for an individual creator. In addition, there are a lot of tools for transforming your site into a complete community website. While it is cool, you likely don’t need to create your own websites like Youtube with user submissions and channels.

    If you don’t mind using a complex theme, then you’re in for a treat with VideoPro. You can add a membership and charge people monthly to access content on your site (premium videos). There is a BuddyPress integration so your members can create their own profiles. You can create video playlists and series right on the site. On top of that, VideoPro has AMP support, so it ranks well in Google for mobile searches and loads lightning fast. Believe it or not, there’s more you can do with this video portal theme, so go check it out if you want to see more.

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Which Youtube channel theme is best for you?

Vlog is the all-around best choice because of its excellent design, vast feature set, and numerous monetization tools like WooCommerce support.

goWatch checks off a lot of the same boxes as Vlog and gets a close second place recommendation.

Astra is a better choice if you want more control over the site’s design, especially if you plan to create more than one website.

Divi is the last theme I’ll highlight here, including a beginner-friendly page builder and a few premium plugins that make it incredibly valuable for anyone who doesn’t already have favorite plugins for these features.

Thanks for checking out this collection of the best WordPress themes for Youtube channels.

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