7 Best WordPress Themes for Video in 2017

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Want to build a site around video?

WordPress is hands down the best platform for creating a video-centric website.

In this post, you’ll find some excellent options for making a site with your own videos or thousands of user-submitted videos.

WordPress Themes for Video

There are hundreds of themes available that will help you transform your WordPress website into a hub for video content.

But you don’t want just any old theme, right? You’re looking for the best of the best. You want a theme that’s going to increase user engagement as much as possible while also making website creation easy.

I’ve narrowed down the vast amount of options to the seven best WordPress themes for video featured below.

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#1 VideoTube

VideoTube theme

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VideoTube checks all the boxes for what a great WordPress video theme should be.

Embed or upload your videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, and more. VideoTube creates thumbnails automatically for each video added. Your users can even submit their own videos for your review.

Advanced widgets and customization options allow you to make your website unique. The theme also features a built-in “like” system, so your visitors know which videos are most popular.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of VideoTube is just how easy it is to use. Embed videos with a simple code and tweak website design with the visual page composer.

#2 Snaptube

Snaptube WP theme

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Snaptube makes creating a visually-appealing website for videos easy.

The theme employs a drag-and-drop system so you can customize your website to your personal preferences, and the three-click setup means you can get your site up and running in record time.

Another highlight of Snaptube is its plugin compatibility. It works seamlessly with a wide variety of plugins including:

  • WordPress Video Gallery
  • AdRotate
  • BuddyPress
  • And more

Key features of the theme include mobile responsiveness, advanced customizability options, a multitude of advertising options, and retina readiness.

#3 Gigawatt

Gigawatt WordPress theme

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Gigawatt is an extremely popular WordPress theme for video – and for a good reason.

The theme is responsive, WooCommerce enabled, SEO friendly, and has a widgetized home page. Uploading or embedding videos is a cinch.

Of course, Gigawatt also looks great. The visually-appealing theme prides itself on a simple, straightforward design.

Additional features to note are:

  • Multiple post types
  • Dozens of customization options
  • Gorgeous slider
  • Portfolio section

#4 Vlog

Vlog theme

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As its name implies, Vlog is a WordPress theme with an emphasis on video blogging.

It uses a magazine-style layout with various interactive elements to create a functional and interesting website experience for your visitors.

Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and more with the intuitive design tools. You can then group the videos into playlists like on Youtube.

Vlog is the perfect WordPress theme for those interested in video blogging, video tutorials, and viral video sharing.

#5 X Theme

X WP theme

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It’s hard to quickly show off the X theme because the theme itself includes four different customizable themes. Yea, it’s a beast.

This visually-impressive WordPress theme uses an app-like interface and Cornerstone page building tool to make creating a stellar website fast and intuitive.

X is also distinguished for its compatibility with a variety of theme extensions and plugins. These extensions/plugins allow you to make your website even more unique.

A few plugins that come included with the X include:

  • Video lock
  • MailChimp
  • Disqus comments
  • Facebook comments
  • Google Analytics

X can be used for any kind of site and has plenty of functionality for building video-based websites.

#6 SocialPlay

SocialPlay WordPress theme

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The SocialPlay WordPress theme is a great choice for those that want to create a website that lets users upload video content.

It’s a great-looking theme with flexible design options so you can make it all your own. You can upload or host videos with YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and more.

SocialPlay is notable for its seamless interface. It’s very easy to tailor your website to your exact specifications with this theme.

Features worth special mention include:

  • User profile manager
  • Responsive design
  • Dozens of customizable options

#7 VideoTouch

VideoTouch theme

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VideoTouch features a very intuitive design, both on the web owner’s and site visitor’s side of things.

A clean, crisp design makes user navigation easy. Add videos from any source or website.

Creating the exact look you desire is simple with the drag-and-drop interface. Select the elements you want to feature and drag them into place.

VideoTouch also includes a variety of customization options. Unlimited layouts, unlimited colors, and fully responsive design are just the tip of the iceberg.

Which Video WordPress Theme is Best for You?

The 7 WordPress themes for videos outlined above are the best around.

Though they each have their set of pros and cons, as well as separate characteristics, they all make it easier than ever before to host video content on a great-looking website.

Is there anything missing in this list? Have a particular feature you’re looking for? Leave a comment below.

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