The 8 Best WordPress BuddyPress Themes for 2021

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Want to start your own social community site?

As you know, BuddyPress is the best social plugin for WordPress. With a solution in place for social network functionality, that just leaves the site design.

While you can use BuddyPress with any WordPress theme, there are many designed specifically to be used with BuddyPress. These themes look amazing with all of the features in BP and integrate seamlessly with the plugin.

After reviewing the most popular and highest-rated themes, these are my top choices for a BuddyPress WordPress theme.

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WordPress BuddyPress themes

Besides having fantastic reviews and decent sales history, all of these themes are up-to-date and working with the latest version of WordPress too.

In addition, every theme listed here is fully responsive, so your site will look amazing on mobile devices too – important for a social network!

One more thing!

Before you check out the themes, take a look at the Youzer BuddyPress profile plugin.


This plugin is compatible with every theme listed here and adds incredible and customizable user profile pages to your community site. It even works with themes that don’t support BuddyPress, so check it out to see what it can do for your site.

Here are my top picks for best BuddyPress WordPress themes for 2021.

  • 1. Aardvark by GhostPool (Themeforest)

    Aardvark BuddyPress theme

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    Theme Description

    Aardvark is a highly flexible BuddyPress WordPress theme. Think of it as a multipurpose community theme.

    You can use Aardvark to create a social network, membership site, e-learning portal, or even a social eCommerce store. If you check out the demo sites, you’ll see what I mean. You can honestly create any type of website you want with this premium theme.

    The one aspect that unites all the demos and styles is the fact that Aardvark is adeptly integrated with the BuddyPress plugin. If you want to create a membership site, Aaardvark is compatible with the Paid Memberships Pro plugin. For e-learning and online training, it works with Sensei, and for eCommerce, you can use WooCommerce. For event management, it integrates with the very popular (and free) Events Manager plugin.

    When it comes to the actual page creation, this community theme comes with a built-in drag-and-drop page builder. It’s simple to create custom templates to use for any pages on your site. Add to this the customization features for changing the colors and typography, and Aardvark is a wildly flexible WP Theme.

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  • 2. KLEO by Seventh Queen (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Kleo is another multi-purpose BuddyPress theme. You can create a social website with an emphasis on eCommerce, online courses, a business directory, or blog/magazine site.

    Kleo has a ton of live demo sites to visit, but the one featured above does the best job of showcasing the social features. You can see how members get their own beautiful profile pages that include all of their activity. If you’re familiar with BuddyPress, then this should look familiar, but it is cool to see how attractive and well-integrated this feature is in Kleo.

    Kleo bundles the Visual Composer with it, which means you get the $33 page-builder plugin totally free when you purchase Kleo. Despite all the customization features, it won’t take you a long time to get started. In fact, there is demo content and a one-click demo importer that immediately prepares your WordPress site like the screenshot above.

    If you’re wondering what sets Kleo apart, it’s the huge success this theme has already had. With over 16,000 sales and a 4.72/5 average customer rating (from over 1,000+ ratings!), you can have confidence that Kleo is a reliable and well-tested theme. It’s the best-selling BuddyPress theme around, so you’ll be in good hands with this social WP theme.

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  • 3. Reign by Wbcom

    Reign Theme

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    Theme Description

    Reign BuddyPress is a popular WordPress theme and is a breathtaking solution for all your online social community needs. Reign is made by an expert BuddyPress team that has developed several free and premium BuddyPress addons.

    Reign has built-in support for both the Peepso and BuddyBoss platforms, and provide add-ons for various social network solutions. Use it whether you want to create e-commerce, e-learning, job listing, business listing, dating site, or a private social community.

    This theme also has compatibility with the most popular WordPress plugins including page builders like Elementor and plugins for building a community, multivendor, directory, membership, events, and other types of sites.

    A large variety of layout options are included for pages, posts, and custom post types. Reign also offers you the option to adjust the subheader and sidebars for each. Find several options for member and group directory layouts and a setting to modify the default profile and cover images. This will let you add a personal touch to match your brand. The Reign theme provides countless options inside almost every section of WordPress whether you’re using the Live Customizer, widgets, menu, or post editor.

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  • 4. OneSocial by BuddyBoss

    OneSocial BuddyPress WP theme

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    Theme Description

    BuddyBoss specialize in creating social community website themes that integrate with the BuddyPress plugin. OneSocial has everything you need to build an online community of any size.

    The screenshot above showcases a member profile, and you can see the users activity, followers, and groups he/she belongs to. Members can join and post in groups, direct message each other, add/remove friends, and customize their profiles.

    While the community will be the main draw of the website, you’ll likely have content you want to publish. It’s easy to run an active blog and include a forum with the bbPress plugin alongside the member directory. The blog and forum give members even more ways to communicate and publish on your site too.

    OneSocial includes tons of customization options too. The advanced admin panel includes style settings for the color scheme, typography, page layouts, and more. This BuddyPress theme also has WooCommerce support which means you can add a complete eCommerce store to your site.

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  • 5. BeSocial by Egemenerd (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    BeSocial is another BuddyPress compatible theme for building social networks. It has a more professional design than other templates here and caters towards business communities and intranets.

    The BeSocial theme works with all of BuddyPress’ popular and powerful features. That includes extended user profiles, friend connections, private messaging, live notifications, user groups, and more! There’s also some cool integrations like the WooCommerce support which allows you to sell physical and digital products from your site. You could even use it for a client portal website.

    BeSocial has similar features to many of the other themes here. However, the design is a bit more professional and serious. If you’re interested in creating a social website more like LinkedIn than Facebook, BeSocial would be a great choice.

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  • 6. Boss by BuddyBoss


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    Theme Description

    The screenshot above showcases the notifications page built-into member profiles. This page does an excellent job of displaying how users can get wholly engaged with the community you build with Boss and works perfectly for both casual communities and corporate intranet sites.

    The Boss theme has a unique three-column design that provides ample navigation options. You can add whatever menus and widgets you want to the sidebars which makes it extremely customizable. You can highlight your eCommerce shop ad in the forums alongside all the vital member pages like notifications, messages, and the Friends page.

    Easily customize the colors, logo, menus, and more from the visual customizer. Every aspect of this social networking site theme is adjustable. Boss also has social login integration. Instead of creating a new email-based account on your site, new members can simply log in with an existing Facebook or Twitter account.

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  • 7. Socialize by GhostPool (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Socialize is an excellent theme for building a website with lots of social features. Based on the design you see in the demo, this BuddyPress theme will work best for a site with a lot of editorial content as well.

    I would recommend using Socialize if you wanted to mobilize a community around a specific cause or niche. It could be used sort of like a crowdfunding website. You can publish and promote content to your network while also hosting a social platform on the same site. Users can follow each other, customize their profiles, and even directly message each other; With live notifications, the website feels alive with an active community.

    In addition to the BuddyPress support, Socialize also integrates flawlessly with bbPress. If you like the demo but think you may want some different layouts, don’t worry, Socialize comes with four homepage layouts, nine category layouts, and six post layouts. It’s extremely customizable as a multipurpose WordPress theme. Socialize is also fully translatable and can be used for any language you want.

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  • 8. Buddy by GhostPool (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Buddy has a clean and friendly design. It manages to provide a lot of white space which makes the style quite calming, and yet there is also plenty of content visible on the screen at once.

    This theme excels at building communities and can be used to make a social network like Facebook. While users can message each other directly and join groups, this could also be a good theme to use for a small, niche community centered around one topic. Rather than a massive social network where people connect individually, a community site where everyone can interact with each other and share a common interest could work well with Buddy.

    The Buddy theme has been around for years and is still updated frequently. This makes it extremely dependable. In spite of its age, it still looks totally modern and likely will for more years to come. The bbPress integration means you can easily include a forum on your site too, and Buddy includes lots of shortcodes for inserting special content into any post or page.

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Which BuddyPress theme is best for you?

You’re here for a theme that integrates with BuddyPress, but there’s a ton of different types of social sites you could make.

OneSocial has a premium style and deep integration with BuddyPress which has earned it our top recommendation. However, Aardvark is the best multipurpose BuddyPress theme and can be used for a huge variety of niches and site types.

If you’re not digging Aardvark, Kleo is a fantastic alternative.

If you’re interested in a more traditional social theme, Buddy, Socialize, and BeSocial are all worth consideration. Use Buddy for a light and fun topic, Socialize for a content-based social site, or BeSocial if you’d like to create a more professional network.

One more option is the Boss theme which is made by the same developers as OneSocial. If you want a three-column design, it’s a stand-out choice.

Have a question about one of these WordPress BuddyPress WordPress themes. Use the comment form below to post.

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