The 5 Best Online Radio WordPress Themes for 2020

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

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These WordPress themes have been built from the ground up to serve businesses in the music industry including radio stations. That goes for traditional radio and exclusively online radio stations.

You’ll find some great designs here bundled with tons of customization tools so you can personalize your site to your brand. Furthermore, these themes also include publishing tools that help you stream your programs, add schedules, and more to your site.

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Online radio WordPress themes

Only the finest themes have been included here. They’re all mobile-friendly, gorgeous, and jam-packed with practical features.

Here are my top picks for best online radio WordPress themes for 2020.
  • 1. Onair2 by Qantum Themes (Themeforest)

    Onair2 radio WP theme

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    Theme Description

    Onair2 has outstanding customer reviews and is the only WordPress theme that advertises itself exclusively as a theme for radio stations.

    This responsive theme is pretty advanced. It really shines when it comes to all the post types it supports. You can publish much more than plain pages and blog posts with Onair2. You can also add podcast episodes, videos, promote upcoming shows & online events, and you can even publish a weekly schedule of all your station’s programming.

    On top of all the publishing tools bundled in this theme, there are plenty of customization tools. It’s designed to work with the WPBakery page builder plugin which comes bundled with it. Onair2 is also compatible with all the major streaming providers such as ShoutCAST, IceCAST,, Airtime, and Radionomy.

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  • 2. Sounder by ThemeREX (Themeforest)

    Sounder online radio theme

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    Theme Description

    Sounder is a new theme by ThemeREX. While it hasn’t amassed many reviews yet, the developers behind this beauty always collect amazing ratings for their work.

    This modern theme has a bold, colorful, and contemporary style that really sets it apart from the others. It’s one of the more striking templates I’ve seen in a while. Also, while all of the themes in this collection can work great for radio stations, Sounder is the only one that is made specifically for online radio stations.

    Browsing the demo site, you’ll quickly see how you can promote your upcoming radio shows, events, and team of hosts. You can easily add uploads of previous shows and all audio on the site can be played with the lovely audio player designed to perfectly match the rest of the theme.

    While Sounder has a handful of pre-made templates to use for your pages, consider these starting points for your site. Anyone of them can be customized with the drag-and-drop page editor.

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  • 3. Sonik by Qantum (Themeforest)

    Sonik Radio

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    Theme Description

    If you really want to stand out, give Sonik a shot. This innovative theme is full of interesting design cues, layouts, and custom animations. You’ll need to browse the demo to really check it out.

    The homepage features a background video which makes the site come alive right away. Throughout the menu and other elements, you’ll find slick animations and cool design flourishes that make this template feel premium.

    Like most of the other themes included in this collection, Sonik comes with a variety of publishing tools. Promote upcoming shows, publish genre charts, and advertise the program currently on air. In total, there are 12 different post types giving you a ton of flexibility when publishing with Sonik.

    Besides online radio stations, this theme could also be used for a music label, producer, DJ, or band.


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  • 4. Remix by Codevz (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Remix is an extremely customizable music theme. Don’t just take the screenshot above as the sole example – click the link to take a look at more of the diverse demo sites available.

    This premium theme can handle lots of different types of content. You can add audio players with track lists and playlists. And, each track can link to SoundCloud or Apple Music. You can even link to an MP3 download or add a shopping link that will add the track to the visitor’s cart.

    If you’re planning on selling music on your site, you’ll appreciate the WooCommerce compatibility included in the Remix theme. You can open a complete store selling digital music files as well as physical products like t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise.

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  • 5. Chords by CSS Igniter (Themeforest)

    Chords Radio

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    Theme Description

    If you’re looking for something a little simpler, you may appreciate the Chords theme for radio stations. It has less complex layouts and a very clean style that makes it easy to navigate.

    While some of the other theme’s have much more advanced audio players, you’ll get what you need from Chords. The player works well and handles the most essential functionality well.

    One feature that makes Chords stand out is the built-in event manager. You don’t need to install a third-party plugin in order to create events complete with starting times, map embeds, and ticketing.

    For page building, Chords uses a simple widget system. It’s not quite as flexible as some other page building solutions, but you can easily put together an attractive homepage using this system.

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Which online radio theme is best for you?

Onair2 has a cool design and an extremely comprehensive set of publishing tools which is why it gets our top recommendation.

As a new theme, Sounder hasn’t collected too many reviews yet, but it’s a gorgeous theme and one custom tailored to online radio stations.

If you want to stand out, the Sonik theme is full of modern flourishes. Remix is a very customizable option for webmasters who like to personalize their site, and Chords is a better choice for anyone who wants a simple site for their online radio station.

These online radio WordPress themes have tons of features to learn about. If you have any questions, please post in the comments section.

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