12 Best WordPress Music Themes for 2017

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Creating a website with WordPress is a great way to reach a new audience as a musician.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a singer, musician, band, DJ, promoter, or manager, there’s a WordPress theme that’s perfect for your individual needs and preferences.

These themes will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

WordPress Music Themes

There are hundreds of themes available that could work for those involved in the music industry.

But you don’t want just any old theme, right? You want a beautiful, effective theme designed specifically with music in mind.

Well, the best WordPress music themes below are just that. Designed with music in mind, these themes provide the best platform to create your own website.

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  • #1 Lovers

    Lovers WP theme

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    Lovers has a great aesthetic and a feature set that makse it a great choice for many music-based websites.

    This responsive theme captures visitor attention with a large responsive slider on the homepage, and the large left sidebar makes navigating the site easy.

    Lovers displays an audio player at the bottom of the page and an album list a the top helping you to showcase your music. Also, this theme has extensive customization settings for colors, social icons, your logo, and more.

  • #2 Music

    Music theme

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    The aptly named Music theme is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to build a following through their site.

    A clean design makes it easy for visitors to keep up with the latest news on your band or organization, and the sidebar prominently features a customizable playlist making it easier for new visitors to discover your music.

    Music also includes WooCommerce support, so you can sell digital and physical products right from your site.

  • #3 Beat Heaven

    Beat Heaven WordPress theme

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    Beat Heaven is hands-down the best-named theme on this list.

    But more importantly, it’s got a great design that includes all the elements you could want from a music theme. Show off your best tracks with the responsive audio player, promote your latest albums, and keep your fans engaged with posts and updates.

    The most impressive part of Beat Heaven is the events page which lets you list tickets for sale and embed a map of the location with Google Maps.

  • #4 Superstar

    Superstar theme

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    Superstar is another excellent choice with all the capabilities you need from a music theme.

    Where Superstar excels is in the different templates it offers. For instance, Superstar has templates for:

    • Upcoming shows
    • Events
    • Galleries
    • News & updates
    • Ticket ordering

    On top of that, there’s an entirely separate layout for including a store on your site. Interested in selling Ts? This might be your best bet.

  • #5 Harmony

    Harmony music theme

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    Harmony is a simple, but beautiful theme.

    Like many of the other themes, it includes layouts for galleries, blog posts, and even a store. That said, the audio player isn’t as flexible as in some other themes, and there isn’t a dedicated events page.

    If you want a simple site and you’d rather list your songs on another service like SoundCloud and use a separate service for your events and ticket sales, then this theme may be the right fit your site.

  • #6 Sonic

    Sonic theme

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    Sonic is high among the most popular WordPress themes for those involved in the music industry.

    An energetic design comes in several templates. This can be further customized to your specific preferences with a handful of design tools. These tools allow you to tweak your style, and an easy-to-use interface makes building your website simple.

    Another great feature is WooCommerce compatibility which allows you to sell merch to your fans online.

  • #7 MESH

    Mesh music theme

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    MESH goes above and beyond in giving you all the tools you need to create the best possible music website.

    In addition to flexible design features accessed with a drag-and-drop builder, MESH incorporates numerous tools that directly benefit bands and musicians.

    These tools include a plugin for selling tickets, a non-stop music player, an events calendar, online store compatibility, and social media syncing.

    The MESH WordPress music theme is also notable for its excellent customer support, SEO friendliness, and responsive design.

  • #8 Lush

    Lush music WordPress theme

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    It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re into; the Lush theme can be customized to meet your needs.

    It utilizes a simple website building interface to give you complete control. Drag and drop elements and plugins before viewing them in real time with the live preview.

    10+ theme templates give you a basis to work off of depending on the type of music you’re interested in.

    Other features to make a note of are the 3D push menu, WooCommerce compatibility, gig manager, audio player, photo albums, slider revolution, and retina readiness.

  • #9 Wave

    Wave WordPress theme

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    Though Wave is suitable for just about any type of website, it excels as a website for musicians, bands, and other artists.

    Part of what sets it out is the number of great plugins it comes with. These include Visual Composer, Audio Player, and WooCommerce.

    Another highlight of Wave is its versatility. It comes with nearly 100 ready-to-go layouts. These can be installed in as little as 10 seconds.

    Once you select a layout, some highly effective tools allow you to take control of the entire design process. You can tweak just about every component to give your website the exact look you desire.

  • #10 Clubber

    Clubber theme for music

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    Clubber is a WordPress music theme created for DJs and fans of club music.

    It places a heavy emphasis on making it easy for both you and your fans to share music and video content through your website.

    Numerous customization tools give Clubber a flexible design. Best of all, the interface is very intuitive, so even WordPress newbies can create an awesome website with this theme.

    Strong tools allow you to easily add events, audio, photos, and video to your website.

  • #11 Eprom

    Eprom WP theme for music

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    Eprom is an in-your-face WordPress music theme.

    Your visitors will love it for its simple and straightforward design that puts a major emphasis on music and video content.

    You’ll love it for its straightforward interface. Eprom is extremely easy to use with a wide range of tools for simple customization.

    A responsive layout, dark and light design and events plugin are a few of the features that help this music theme stick out from the pack.

  • #12 Lucille

    Lucille band theme

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    The music industry loves Lucille for its intuitive interface, flexible tools, and premium features.

    A beautiful basic design is complemented by a wide range of tools that enable you to adjust layout, fonts, and other on-page elements.

    Lucille comes with a variety of powerful plugins so you can add an events calendar as well as music/video content to your website.

    Another highlight of this WordPress music theme is its intuitive theme customizer. You can change nearly every aspect of the theme to meet your needs and preferences.

Which Music Theme is Right for You?

The WordPress themes for music sites listed above are the very best.

No matter your position in the music industry, whether you’re a musician, band, or promoter, these themes will enable you to create a beautiful and functional music website.

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