The 5 Best Landing Page Plugins for Leads & Sales

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Landing pages are my favorite pages to create.

I’ll explain.

As a theme designer, I create templates that can be used for many purposes. The homepage of a blog, for instance, has many different goals and the design has to support them all.

But a landing page has just one goal: capture the lead.

The whole design of the page is based on someone submitting their info into a contact form on the page. This means every aspect of the page from the headline to the colors in the background all support this goal.

The simplicity of landing page design is really what makes it different from other pages.

And with the plugins below, you don’t need to be a professional designer or developer. You don’t need to know how to write code or do anything more than point-and-click.

Below, you’ll find a variety of plugins that can be used to create long-form and short-form landing pages for any kind of offer.

Landing page plugins

These plugins have code-free solutions to create landing pages, and pre-designed templates you can use.

You can simply choose a landing page that already looks great, insert it into your site, and then customize if from there.

You’ll be able to connect your forms to your email marketing services, and some of these plugins have even more advanced marketing integrations available.

Here are the top picks for the best landing page WordPress plugins.

  • 1. Elementor

    Elementor Website

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    Plugin Description

    Elementor is the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress, and it makes creating custom templates easy. Since you can make an entire website with Elementor, crafting a single landing page is no problem.

    One feature in Elementor that you’ll make great use of are the pre-made sections. You can drop in a call-to-action section and then swap out the text with your own. Depending on the nature of your landing page, you might just have a headline, paragraph, and email signup form, and that kind of page can be made quickly with Elementor.

    If you’re going to make a full-length sales page for a paid offer, rather than an email optin, Elementor can help with that too. While you can create whatever you want with the free version, the Elementor Pro upgrade will be especially practical for a longer sales page. There are lots of pre-made templates that you can insert into a page to instantly create a completed landing page. Of course, every element on the page can be edited, deleted, and reordered.

    Elementor is the first plugin you should consider for your site because of its great ability to create landing pages and its wide array of uses beyond sales page construction.

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  • 2. Landingi


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    Plugin Description

    I found Landingi during my research for this post, and it strikes a good balance between simple plugins and more complex page builder plugins.

    With Landingi, you get 200 pre-designed landing page templates to choose from. There’s a live editor where you can change the text, colors, background, and more. The editor is fairly streamlined, so you get a lot of control but without all the complexity of a plugin like Elementor. Many WordPress users are finding it quick and easy to work with.

    The one con with Landingi is its pricing which makes it the most expensive option here. As a SaaS app, Landingi charges $29/month for its starting plan. On the one hand, this is offputting compared to free plugins or Elementor Pro’s one-time $49 price tag, but on the other hand, Landingi has much more advanced marketing features. It integrates with loads of email platforms, includes detailed analytics, and has split-testing which no other solution here does. Not to mention, you can likely build your landing pages quicker with this tool than many others.

    Landingi isn’t right for everyone, but for a profitable website looking to create compelling landing pages, Landingi could be the perfect tool for the job.

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  • 3. Coming Soon Page

    Coming Soon Page Plugin

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    Plugin Description

    This plugin has been a popular choice to create “coming soon” pages for years now. If you are interested in creating a simple landing page with a countdown and an email optin, you’ll love the plugin by SeedProd.

    With Coming Soon Page, you can lock down your entire site to the public exposing only the single landing page on the homepage. Quickly enter a heading and subheading to share your offer with the world. Then if you’d like, you can include a live countdown, social sharing buttons, and even an email optin form. This plugin integrates with many popular email services to collect emails.

    The customization options are straightforward and simple in this plugin, and there is a premium version available with additional styling options.

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  • 4. Beaver Builder

    Beaver Builder

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    Plugin Description

    Beaver Builder is another widely-used WordPress plugin for creating custom pages. Their promise is that you’ll be able to create a website using their plugin without writing custom HTML or fiddling with any shortcodes.

    The Beaver Builder plugin has been around for a long time, so you can trust it as a reliable solution for creating landing pages. Their page builder is based entirely on the front-end. Many other page builder plugins have you editing in the back-end, so you have to later check out the site on the front-end to see what your page really looks like. With Beaver Builder, you are editing the page exactly as it will display for everyone.

    Since you can create entire websites with this tool, making a landing page is a small task. In fact, it could be overkill for your site if you don’t have an interest in creating more pages. However, anyone interested in routinely creating landing pages or making other custom templates for their site should check out Beaver Builder.

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  • 5. ConvertKit


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    Plugin Description

    While not exactly a plugin, ConvertKit (my full review) is an email marketing service that includes pre-made landing page designs for email optin pages. If you’re looking for a good email platform to use, you can get a landing page created and build your email campaigns with this single tool.

    The nice part about choosing ConvertKit to build your page is the ease-of-use. The landing pages already look great and have a simple set of options. You’ll enter your own text, swap out an image or two, and before you know it, you’re done. On the other hand, this isn’t a great option if you want a lot of control over your landing page’s design.

    One other benefit of choosing this tool is that the landing pages are hosted for you. That means there aren’t any complex integration steps required. You just set the page to live and they give you a URL you can share.

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Which landing page plugin is best?

Elementor offers a unique blend of flexibility and ease of use. You can create any kind of landing page you can imagine, and even build an entire website with it.

That said, this level of customization may be far beyond what you’re interested in. In that case, you might be happier with the Landingi plugin or a landing page solution provided by an email service like ConvertKit

What did you think of these plugins?

If you’ve got a question or something to add about these landing page WordPress plugins, post a comment below. And if this post helped you find a great plugin, then please share it with someone else too.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
This article was written by Ben Sibley. He is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.