The 4 Best WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugins

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Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to mean blogging.

There are lots of ways to approach affiliate marketing, including launching an eCommerce store.

WooCommerce allows you to add affiliate products that link out to another store, making it easy to monetize your site with products.

The biggest challenge is getting new products into your store, and that’s where these plugins come in.

Using the plugins listed here, you will be able to:

  • Automatically import products from Amazon to WooCommerce
  • Insert your Amazon Associate link automatically
  • Monitor prices and update your products automatically
  • Add Amazon products to your store’s search results

In other words, you can create and maintain a large eCommerce store like Amazon with hardly any effort on your part.

Keep reading to find out how these Amazon affiliate marketing WooCommerce plugins work.

WooCommerce plugins for Amazon Associates

The plugins in this collection have a variety of tools but focus mainly on importing and updating products in WooCommerce.

You will probably want to grab one of them for the importing, but you may want an additional plugin for a feature like Amazon search results. Keep this in mind while you review your options.

Here are my top picks for the best WooCommerce plugins for Amazon affiliates.

  • 1. WooCommerce Affiliate Automatic Amazon

    WooCommerce Affiliate Automatic Amazon plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Affiliate Automatic Amazon is the best plugin for creating an Amazon affiliate store with WooCommerce. Here’s why.

    This plugin gives you a variety of efficient ways to import products from Amazon. You’ll find a new page in the WordPress dashboard where you can enter a search term and optionally select a category to search Amazon. A list of products will be returned, each one with an import button you can click to automatically add the product to your store. This makes it extremely easy to review products before you add them and rapidly publish new products in your store.

    If you have a brand new Amazon Associates account, you can still use this feature even without Amazon API access if you’re in the US or U.K. Alternatively, you can paste in a list of product URLs to bulk import them. Once you get your first three sales, you’ll get access to your API key.

    Even better, this product sets up scheduled cron jobs that let it check your products for new info every day. This means that if a product goes out of stock on Amazon or if the price changes, the product on your store will update accordingly without any editing on your part.

    If your goal is to create an affiliate eCommerce store with WooCommerce, this is most likely the best plugin for your site.

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  • 2. Amazon Product Importer & Affiliate

    Amazon Product Importer & Affiliate plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Amazon Product Importer & Affiliate is an interesting plugin for affiliates. It allows you to import the full details of any product on Amazon into your own store in just a few clicks.

    This plugin is designed to work with a Chrome extension made by the developer that helps to integrate your store with Amazon. When you install the WordPress plugin, you’ll get a secret key that you enter into the Chrome extension to connect it to your store. Then you can visit any product on Amazon and use the Chrome extension to quickly import it. You can choose which details you want to import, including the description, image, and reviews. Other fields like the name, SKU, and price are required.

    The most helpful aspect of this plugin is that it can import tons of images, which would be a pain to download and upload manually. It lets you populate your store with products from Amazon in little time and use your Amazon Associate link to earn commissions for referrals.

    While this plugin does make it way easier to import Amazon products than doing so manually, it doesn’t include a bulk import feature so you have to add new products one at a time. As long as that’s not an issue, you’ll love using it for your affiliate store.

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  • 3. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is a highly advanced product importing plugin that will let you rapidly fill your affiliate store with products.

    Using this plugin, you can bulk import products via CSV or use a specialized interface in the plugin’s menu. You can enter a search term and Amazon products will show up right in your WP dashboard. Then simply click on every product you want to import into your store. There’s even an article spinner for quickly rewriting the product descriptions.

    The coolest feature of this plugin is the ability to set up a rule for auto-importing. Using the auto-import, you’ll enter a search term and a handful of parameters to narrow down the results. Then the plugin will check Amazon every day for any new products that match and automatically import them to your site. This means your store can grow on auto-pilot publishing new content daily without any input. This is a fantastic use of the WooCommerce and Amazon integration.

    This plugin works well for many users but has collected its fair share of negative reviews too. For some users, the plugin can be buggy and others find the interface confusing. The developers could do more to simplify the plugin and make it more reliable for users. If you’re okay with a complex interface, it’s worth giving a try since the time you save by importing products could be immense.

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  • 4. SearchAzon

    SearchAzon plugin

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    Plugin Description

    SearchAzon is an awesome WooCommerce plugin for Amazon Affiliates who want to increase their commissions. It works by adding products from Amazon to searches on your site.

    Normally, when someone uses the search bar on your site, they’ll only find your products. Oftentimes, they may not see any products at all for their query. With SearchAzon, the user’s search will also be used to fetch products from Amazon. Those products will be listed below the search results from your site. This will let you earn commissions when a product from your own store doesn’t catch the shopper’s attention. If you’re running an affiliate store with products imported from Amazon, there’s virtually no difference between this and linking to a product page on your site.

    There’s a wide variety of customization options so you can alter the colors and spacing of the search results. There’s also a live statistics page that shows you all the keywords visitors are searching for and how many clicks those searches generated.

    If you want to sell Amazon products with WooCommerce, this is a great way to promote more affiliate items on your store.

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Which WooCommerce Amazon plugin is best for affiliates?

What did you think? Were you able to find the perfect new plugin for your site?

If you’re still struggling to make the right choice, here are some final recommendations.

WooCommerce Affiliate Automatic Amazon has the best interface and most reliable importing functionality of any plugin on the market. If you want to quickly populate your WooCommerce store with products from Amazon, this is the plugin for you.

Amazon Product Importer & Affiliate is a nifty plugin for affiliates who want a little more control and don’t need thousands of products in their store. The Chrome extension makes it easy to browse Amazon and select individual products you want to feature on your store.

Regardless of how you want to add products to your store, one of these WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugins is sure to help.

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Ben Sibley
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