How to Customize Your WordPress Site

How do you change your site’s layout?

How can you increase the size of your post titles?

Here’s everything you need to know to customize every aspect of your site.

The four ways to customize your site

There are four easy ways to customize your site without writing any code.

Each method serves a different purpose, so select whichever one fits your situation best.

1. Pick a new theme

Switching themes is the most obvious and dramatic way to change the look of your site.

A new theme will completely transform the design. However, picking the right theme can be tough because you likely have quite a few requirements for the layout, colors, features, etc. Furthermore, there are tens of thousands of themes to choose from these days!

In our guide on how to pick the right theme, I cover exactly what you should be looking for in a theme, and what you can get from plugins and additional customizations instead.

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2. Basic customization

WordPress comes with a handful of built-in customization options and it’s useful to know about them and how to use them. In addition, most themes come with a few customization settings located in the “Customizer.’

Follow along with our basic site customization guide to learn how to quickly adapt your new theme to your brand and personal taste using these basic options.

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Beginner WordPress Customization

3. Advanced customization with CSS Hero

Every theme comes with at least a few customization options, but you may desire more precise control over the design.

For instance, you might want to change the color of the header or make the post titles larger. These kinds of specific customizations are usually impossible without writing CSS, and that’s where CSS Hero comes in.

CSS Hero is the perfect tool for customizing the design of your theme without writing any code. If that sounds practical to you, check out our complete guide on using CSS Hero.

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Learn how to use CSS Hero

4. Advanced customization with page builders

CSS Hero is great for tweaking your site’s design, but maybe you have more ambitious goals.

If you want to create entirely new templates and layouts, a page builder like Elementor will be perfect for your site.

Learn how page builders can be used to customize and redesign your site with our complete page builder guide.

Click here to customize your site with Elementor

Page Builder Guide

Speed up your site

There’s nothing you can’t change about your site with the four customization methods above.

If you want a new challenge to further perfect your site, the next step is performance optimization. A beautiful, well-designed site is great, but no one wants to wait around forever while it loads!

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