Top 7 Best Content Marketing WordPress Themes for 2019

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Content marketing is becoming a redundant phrase.

Soon we’ll just call it marketing 😉

If you’re going to utilize content marketing as a major channel for your business, you’ll need an effectively designed theme. A WordPress theme made for content marketing will have a beautifully designed blog, integration with email optin forms, and a clean, SEO-optimized codebase.

If you’re ready to find your new theme, check out these top WP themes.

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Content marketing WordPress themes

Every theme here is well-reviewed by its customers and fully optimized for mobile devices and small screens. They’re also up-to-date with the latest versions of WordPress

  • 1. Authority Pro by StudioPress

    Authority Pro content marketing theme

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    Theme Description

    Authority Pro is the quintessential content marketing theme. It’s got the perfect design for building a brand, promoting lead generators, and getting prospects through your sales funnel.

    The Authority Pro theme is made by StudioPress, a theme development company owned by Copyblogger. If you’re not familiar with Copyblogger, they’ve been around for over a decade teaching content marketing and using it effectively to grow their own business. You can rest assured that themes by StudioPress like Authority Pro don’t just look great; they’re designed by experienced content marketers.

    The homepage is perfectly designed for building an email list. There’s space for your value proposition and multiple places you can promote free giveaways like ebooks. The blog is also beautifully designed with an ultra-modern style. The aesthetic mostly sticks to “flat design” but also includes some very recent trends like the large pillowy drop shadows behind certain images and widgets.

    Authority Pro is an all-around great theme and since it’s designed specifically for content marketing (and by content marketers), it’s well worth trying out for your site.

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  • 2. Genesis Framework by StudioPress

    Genesis Framework

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    Theme Description

    Genesis is a simple and clean theme for blogging. It made a huge splash when it was initially released and still continues to be a dependable and valuable choice for bloggers and content marketers.

    The Genesis Framework is a theme and it’s used as the foundation for all of StudioPress’ other themes. The other themes they have are “child themes” and work in conjunction with Genesis. They do this so that you always get the same reliable code base regardless of which theme of theirs you choose.

    Besides the sharp aesthetic and content-marketing-oriented design, Genesis includes all the qualities of a premium theme. It’s fast, easy to work with, and the developers have paid special attention to SEO when making it. This theme is an excellent choice for anyone who cares just as much about traffic as their content.

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  • 3. Maker Pro by StudioPress

    Maker Pro

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    Theme Description

    Maker Pro is the perfect choice for a service provider looking to build their clientele with content marketing. The homepage is beautiful and bold, and it’s well-designed for differentiating your organization and pitching your products.

    This internet marketing theme has a minimalist design that looks super modern. The typography is striking and precise, and the use of images keeps the templates balanced. It’s immediately obvious that this is a premium theme and has an aura of professionalism about it.

    Maker Pro will work best for an organization selling services like a digital marketer, web design agency, videographer, or even many local businesses. It comes with a handful of custom page templates, widget areas, and plenty of customization settings the live customizer.

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  • 4. Market Pro by StudioPress

    Market Pro feminine blog theme

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    Theme Description

    Market Pro has a lighter, more feminine touch. It stands out as an excellent option for anyone selling products like art, crafts, jewelry, or clothes. This creative theme would also work well for an entrepreneur selling services in one of many related niches.

    While it’s not exactly laid out like an eCommerce shop, Market Pro emphasizes the shop and products throughout the design. The homepage is largely dedicated to selling products. Content marketing is ultimately about selling products, so this is a sensible choice for your website.

    The blog is attractive and well-designed for active publishing. There’s an “about” section for the author after every post which will help you build a personal brand alongside your business’ brand. As a theme built on the Genesis Framework, Market Pro is fast, customizable, and easy to use.

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  • 5. Academy Pro by StudioPress

    Academy Pro

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    Theme Description

    Academy Pro is a gorgeous theme with a small twist. It’s designed specifically for websites selling online courses. In this case, your content marketing will be used to sell more content!

    The aesthetic is clean, modern and has an original flair that makes it feel fresh. The homepage has an awesome design for selling courses and includes all the sections you’ll need. If you sell online courses, you’ll have to consider Academy Pro.

    For selling products on your site, Academy Pro integrates with WooCommerce which is the most popular eCommerce solution for WordPress (and the entire web!). it has a customizable header, colors, fonts, and more available in the instant customizer.

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  • 6. Readable by Proteus Themes


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    Theme Description

    If you’re looking mostly to blog then Readable will be a great theme for you. The layouts are great for showcasing your best content and it’s beautifully designed.

    Readable includes lots of subtle touches that make it so good for blogging. There are built-in subscription forms, different post layouts, and fast load times. This theme will work fine for a single-author blog, but it will really shine when publishing content more frequently on a multi-author publication.

    There’s a concise set of features included to give you just the control you need without any bloat. Some features include multiple widget areas, built-in customizable contact forms, and seamless integration with tons of popular WP plugins. For instance, Readable integrates perfectly with the free Pagebuilder by Site Origin plugin for creating custom page templates as well as the premium Visual Composer plugin.

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  • 7. Tabor by ThemeBeans (Themeforest)

    Tabor content WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    Tabor has an awesome and simple design for a blog. It has a single-column layout similar to what you’ll find on Medium which makes for a clean, distraction-free reading environment. If you use content to instruct, inspire, and persuade visitors, this design will yield great results.

    If you plan on writing product reviews or doing affiliate marketing, Tabor is a great choice. It looks a lot like popular blogs that use this financial model. Building an email list and performing other online marketing tasks via content marketing will be simple and straightforward.

    Because it’s a simple theme, Tabor is especially easy to setup and get started with. You’ll be online and published in no time. As a theme with special consideration for content marketing, it integrates seamlessly with important marketing plugins like Yoast SEO, OptinMonster, Schema, and MailChimp for WordPress.

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Which content marketing theme is best for you?

I featured a lot of themes by StudioPress because they specialize in themes for content marketing, and it’s obvious by looking at the designs.

Authority Pro stands out as a top choice, especially for anyone who plans on building a personal brand along with their business brand.

Next, you need to know about the Genesis Framework which serves as a foundation for all of StudioPress’ other themes. It’s also great on its own as a simple blogging theme.

Maker Pro is the best theme here for a service provider, Market Pro is excellent for a business using content marketing to promote artsy products, and Academy Pro is perfect for anyone selling content or online courses.

Lastly, if your site is going to mainly utilize affiliate marketing and/or advertising for monetization, both Readable and Tabor are solid choices.

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