Top 8 Best WordPress Chat Plugins for 2023

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Who wants more sales?

How about happier customers?

Live chat is more than just a fad. This awesome communication tool has helped businesses grow and take their customer support to new heights.

Emails and ticket systems are fine, but people are notoriously impatient on the web.

Chat windows offer near-instant responses that many visitors will find more appealing than email.

In this collection, you’ll find the seven best chat plugins available for WordPress. They’re full-featured and well-designed; keep reading to find the unique advantages each has to offer.

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The best live chat plugins

Below you’ll find a combination of free, freemium, and premium plugins. Every single one of them has outstanding reviews, so just make sure to pick the one that fits your needs and budget best.

Here are my picks for the best live chat WordPress plugins.

  • 1. Live Chat Unlimited

    Live Chat Unlimited

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    Plugin Description

    Live Chat Unlimited is my top recommendation. For a reasonable price, you get a robust live chat plugin you can reuse on as many domains as you want. Let’s dive into the features…

    First off, this chat plugin has a gorgeous design your visitors will love. It loads fast so it won’t slow down your site and visitors won’t experience any lag when chatting with you. That’s because Live Chat Unlimited is written with clean code and runs in a simple iframe added to the footer of your site.

    This WordPress chat plugin is also incredibly scalable. You can have up to 100 users chatting at once. For instance, your site could have 10 operators speaking to 90 visitors all at once. Speaking of which, don’t forget about your operators!

    Operators on your site get a full-featured chat console to speak with visitors. The console allows them to switch seamlessly between chats so they can keep multiple conversations going at once. The optimized workflow will help you get more out of each operator on your site.

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  • 2. Support Board

    Support Board

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    Plugin Description

    Live chat can be awesome for closing sales, but if you want to utilize it for customer support, check out the Support Board WP plugin.

    Support Board includes both a live chat tool and support desk. The support desk acts more like a traditional ticket system (think Zendesk). Visitors and support agents get access to a gorgeous dashboard to reply to open tickets.

    The live chat is available for customers or site visitors who want help more immediately. A few features that make Support Board’s live chat stand out are the rich messages which can include buttons and surveys instead of simple text messages. It even integrates with Google’s Dialogflow if you want to try chat automation to further speed up support.

    Some other awesome features include Slack integration, custom header designs for the chat box, and a built-in chatbot.

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  • 3. ProProfs Live Chat

    Proprofs Live Chat

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    Plugin Description

    ProProfs Live Chat WordPress Plugin is one of the buzz creators in the SaaS market for customer support tools. All the more reason for you to check out the plugin now.

    It is fast, easy to use and implement, thus making your operator’s job a lot simpler to provide instant support effectively. This cloud-based tool is also known for personalizing the customer experience and journey with its awesome features in place. You can monitor visitors in real-time and initiate a proactive conversation using Chat Greetings to understand customer pain points better.

    With a forever free plan (and paid plans), your online business based on WordPress can create awareness about upcoming product updates, sales, discounts, and even events with a feature like Announcement. You get to integrate with other ProProfs tools such as a knowledge base, live chat, and survey maker, thus creating a complete support bundle for your business.

    Other than that, you can customize your chat widget with 100+ customizable settings options to give the complete look and feel of your brand. To enable your support process further, this live chat plugin for WordPress website also supports mobile app (both Android & iOS) use.

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  • 4. Facebook Chat for WordPress

    Facebook Chat WordPress

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    Plugin Description

    Want a more personal way to communicate with your customers? Let them use their existing Facebook accounts!

    You can offer support with this approach, but many marketers have lauded Facebook chat as an exceptional channel for increasing sales. When it comes to adding this feature to WP, Facebook Chat for WordPress is the best option on the market.

    An obvious advantage of utilizing this plugin on your site is that visitors already have Facebook accounts. Furthermore, they’re used to chatting on their phones with a text messaging style interface. They’ll feel right at home communicating with you in this way.

    With Facebook Chat for WordPress, you also get unlimited chat history and unlimited bandwidth. Plus, there’s virtually no setup required. If you think most of your customers and prospective customers have Facebook accounts then this plugin will be an awesome sales tool for your website.

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  • 5. LiveChat


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    Plugin Description

    LiveChat is one of the top providers of live chat software on the web. They have a separate web app you will signup for and use to chat with your customers. The plugin is free and makes it extremely simple to integrate the chat window into your WordPress site.

    You might find you prefer using a separate application for the chat console. WordPress is great for writing and publishing posts, but we don’t need to use the WP admin dashboard for everything! LiveChat has full control over the interface of their application which makes they can make a more suitable UI for you to work in.

    The LiveChat platform includes a chat dashboard in the web browser and native applications for Windows and macOS. You’ll love the speed and performance you get from a native app instead of a web-based app.

    Some other exceptional features are the visitor tracking stats, live chat triggers to open up the chat window, the surveys and feedback tools, and the offline form that allows visitors to submit tickets when you’re away.

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  • 6. Live Chat

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    Plugin Description is a truly free option for live chat. There’s no premium version or separate service to signup for.

    Before diving into the features, you may be suspicious as to how can be completely free. There’s no catch, but they do have a separate service that allows you to hire chat agents for as little as $1/hour. It’s completely optional so don’t expect any locked features or surprise costs – it really is free. Live Chat is quick to set up and start chatting. You get an awesome dashboard on their site via a browser login (or you can use one of the desktop apps). There are analytics and reporting that help you track how you’re doing. You also get automated triggers, customizable widgets, canned shortcuts, removable branding, and integrations with over 100+ other popular apps.

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  • 7. Tidio Live Chat

    Tidio Live Chat

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    Plugin Description

    How is Tidio Live Chat different? It emphasizes chatbots.

    You might be surprised how effective chatbots are despite the relatively recent adoption of this technology. The bots can free up your agents and answer simple questions for you. They mimic the behavior of real people so visitors don’t know the difference. You can click the button above to visit the plugin page and watch the Youtube video there for deeper insight into how this works.

    With Tidio, visitors will enter their email to begin the chat so you can follow up with them later. There’s also an offline form so visitors can submit an email ticket instead of you don’t have any available agents. While Tidio works great with plain old email and the live chat window, it also integrates with platforms like Zendesk if you want your tickets sent there.

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  • 8. WP Live Chat Support

    WP Live Chat Support plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WP Live Chat Support is extremely popular as it is installed on more than 60,000 WordPress sites right now. It has a huge amount of features, so let’s get to them now!

    The live chat window looks very similar to the others you’ll find here. The design is pleasant and customizable so you can match it to your brand. There are six-predefined styles to pick from and you can customize from there. You can add GIFs into chat messages, integrate with Google Analytics to track usage statistics, archive all chat conversations in your database, send chatting visitors surveys, and more.

    WP Live Chat Support is free and comes with a ton of features as a free plugin. There is a premium add-on that makes this plugin even more flexible, but the developers have done a good job of making things fair. You’ll truly feel like you’re getting great value from the free and paid especially since the premium version is a one-time payment, unlike many subscription-based live chat products.

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Which chat plugin is best?

Live Chat Unlimited has every feature you could want from a chat plugin and a fantastic design to match. Better still, it’s a one-time payment which is cheaper in the long term than a subscription.

If you are interested in using live chat for customer support, then Support Board is probably the best choice.

Facebook Chat for WordPress offer angle due to its Facebook integration and works especially well for improving sales conversion rates.

The one other plugin I want to highlight is which is the only truly free chat plugin. You get full access to every feature and never have to pay.

Feel free to post in the comments section if you have any questions about these live chat plugins for WordPress.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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