The 7 Best WordPress Wiki Plugins for 2023

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Add a wiki to your site.

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The plugins listed here will help you to create and publish hundreds of wiki articles on your site. They’ll look great and adapt seamlessly to mobile devices for comfortable reading.

Honestly, you’ll probably be satisfied with the first plugin listed here, but there are a few alternatives included to you can pick out the plugin that looks best for your site.

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Wiki WordPress plugins

The plugins here have good customer reviews and are all easy to use. They also work with the latest version of WordPress.

Here are the best wiki plugins for WordPress.

  • 1. Helpie WP

    Helpie WP Wiki

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    Plugin Description

    Helpie WP is a combination wiki and knowledgebase plugin. It’s perfect for creating public wiki sites on movies, video games, business topics, or anything else you’d like.

    Much like the popular wiki sites you find ranking in Google already, Helpie WP will let you create a community site where visitors can register and submit content. You have full control over who can edit and publish content and all members will work on the front-end of the site keeping them out of the private admin dashboard you use.

    Helpie WP has a handful of practical business tools included like site analytics. You can find out which articles are being viewed, what topics are most searched for, and review the likes/dislikes for any article. Overall, it’s an awesome plugin for building a one-of-a-kind wiki website.

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  • 2. Document Library Pro

    WordPress Wiki

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    Plugin Description

    A wiki can contain a huge amount of information. As a result, it’s essential that your users can find information quickly and easily. That’s where Document Library Pro comes in.

    You can easily add or import content to the wiki, whether these are normal pages, downloadable documents, or multimedia content such as embedded audio and video players. Once added, the plugin displays them in a searchable, sortable table with filters.

    Each article in the wiki is listed on a separate row of the table. Users can quickly use the column sorting, AJAX-powered search box, and filter dropdowns to drill down and find the exact information they need.

    You can choose which columns of information to include on the main wiki page so that people can learn more without having to click elsewhere. They can also click through to read each article on a separate page.

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  • 3. WP Glossary

    WP Glossary

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    Plugin Description

    There’s no other plugin quite like the WP Glossary plugin. This unique product lets you create massive wikis and comprehensive glossaries. Use it to create a term glossary organized by alphabetical order or a more typical wiki site with articles organized by category.

    WP Glossary has built-in styles so you won’t need to customize it to fit your site. The design is simple and looks like what you would expect from a wiki site. The simple layout makes it perfect for showcasing large volumes of articles. You can easily use this plugin to present visitors with hundreds of wiki articles.

    While WP Glossary will look fine with your theme out-of-box, there are style customization options bundled as well. Change the colors of the text, customize the tooltip popups, and modify the linking options to optimize your site’s SEO. The wiki is output with a shortcode so adding it to any post or page will take just a moment.

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  • 4. KnB


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    Plugin Description

    Use KnB to create a responsive or knowledge website. The wiki homepage can be output on any page with a simple, customizable shortcode. Personalize various aspects of the design like the number of colors and color of the links from the admin dashboard.

    While you can edit the shortcode directly, this can feel a bit technical for the average WordPress user. If you are intimidated by editing shortcodes, you’ll love the shortcode generator. All you have to do is fill out a few fields and KnB will auto-generate the shortcode for you to copy and paste into a page.

    Every article has optional thumbs up/down buttons at the bottom so readers can vote on the articles. Voting is a great way to know which articles are helpful and which are not.

    Shortcodes are great for displaying content within posts and pages, but KnB also includes a widget which allows you to link to articles from within any widgetized area. Also, add special wiki-based search forms to make finding content even easier.

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  • 5. Heroic FAQs

    Heroic FAQs

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    Plugin Description

    Rather than creating a large, multi-page wiki website, you might just need a small wiki section tacked onto your site. If you think this may apply to you, keep reading.

    The Heroic FAQs plugin is perfect for publishing beautiful frequently asked questions pages. Click the button above to visit their website and you can check out the demo page. There are five different designs for the FAQ each with a slightly varied, minimalist design.

    This premium wiki plugin has some advanced functionality that makes customization a joy. The drag-and-drop interface lets you quickly reorder the questions and answers. With a built-in rich text editor, there are no restrictions on how you format your answers. A few simple style options round out the FAQ creation experience and make it possible to match the page to your brand.

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  • 6. Yada Wiki

    Yada Wiki

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    Plugin Description

    Yada Wiki adds a handful of feature to make adding a wiki to your website simple. Let’s cover those features now.

    First, Yada Wiki adds a new “Wiki” post type which allows you to publish wiki articles separately from your regular posts. The wiki articles can have categories and tags too.

    When it comes to featuring the articles on your site you have a few options. There is a shortcode made especially for outputting the table of contents page which lists all the wikis. Next, there are shortcodes for listing articles from any category. Lastly, there are shortcodes to link to any individual wiki article on the site. Plus, Yada Wiki includes a widget for linking to any of those three page types.

    This wiki WordPress plugin isn’t that customizable, but it has excellent information architecture and is easy to work with. The articles inherit styles from your theme, so as long as you already like the aesthetic of your site, you’ll love how this wiki looks too.

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  • 7. Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki

    Encyclopedia Plugin

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    Plugin Description

    This wiki plugin is quite flexible and can be used in a variety of ways. Use it to create an online wiki, dictionary, knowledge base, or encyclopedia.

    In short, the Encyclopedia plugin adds a new custom post type to your site that essentially recreates the blog post functionality found natively in WordPress. You can publish new wiki articles just like posts and there’s an index page that lists them all in reverse chronological order like the blog page. Some features like categories are only available in the pro version.

    Any English text you find in this glossary plugin is fully translatable. It also works with WordPress multisite so you can use it on a network of sites. There’s no branding in the design or content making it 100% white label.

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Which wiki plugin is best?

If you want to build a popular wiki site, Helpie WP is probably the best choice. It comes with excellent community features and some very useful business tools.

WP Glossary is another great option choice for your WP site. While the alphabetical layout is better suited for a glossary, the category layout is perfect for wiki sites.

KnB is a solid alternative and Heroic FAQs is perfect if you want a simpler, one-page wiki design.

If you still have questions about any of the wiki WordPress plugins included in this list, post in the comments below.

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