Top 5 Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins

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Are you familiar with customer success?

It’s extremely important that customers successfully use your product. Otherwise, they won’t get real value.

If your customers are successful, they’re more likely to recommend your product to others and continue using it. They’re also less likely to leave a negative review or request a refund.

That’s why a well-organized knowledge base is so important.

When a customer does face a problem they can’t solve, you want to minimize this roadblock as much as possible. If they can quickly locate your knowledge base and find a helpful answer, they’ll be back on their way to success.

Adding a beautiful and user-friendly knowledge base to WordPress is rather easy if you know the right tools.

In this post, you’ll find the five best plugins to consider when creating a knowledge base.

Keep reading to find the top picks!

Knowledge base plugins

There’s a mix of both premium and free plugins included in this collection. Regardless of price, they all share a few qualities.

Only well-designed plugins with excellent customer reviews have been featured. Any poorly rated or confusing plugins have been sorted out and excluded from this list.

Here are the top picks for the best knowledge base WordPress plugins.

  • 1. Heroic Knowledge Base

    Heroic Knowledge Base

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    Plugin Description

    Heroic Knowledge Base has the perfect blend of features to keep the plugin simple while still providing plenty of customizability.

    This knowledgebase plugin has been carefully designed to integrate with any theme. It will look awesome regardless of what template you’re currently using. The knowledge base homepage can include as many different categories as you want. Each category has a section with a few articles and a link to the full collection of articles in that category. Overall, the architecture of the knowledge base is easy for customers to understand and navigate.

    Besides looking good and being easy to customize, Heroic Knowledge Base is designed to help your customers succeed. The search bar provides live results as users type and customers can leave feedback on any article, so you know which ones are the most (or least) effective.

    Another awesome feature in this premium plugin is the built-in analytics. Knowing which articles are being read and how they’re being rated is incredibly useful when improving your knowledge base to serve your customers better.

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  • 2. Helpie

    Helpie WP

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    Plugin Description

    Helpie is an advanced, premium knowledge base plugin for WordPress. It’s quite flexible and includes a fantastic set of features.

    With Helpie, users will get automatic results pulled from your knowledge base as they type queries into the search bar. Each article can have a table of contents that gets auto-generated and makes navigating the post easier. Articles also have buttons that let customers provide feedback, and you’ll get access to a dashboard that includes insights like the ratings your articles are receiving.

    One thing you might like about Helpie is all the design variety. If you click the button above to visit it, you’ll see demos for a basic FAQ, wiki site, and classic knowledge base. In fact, this feature is powered by an additional FAQ plugin that comes bundled with Helpie so that you can publish both an FAQ and a complete knowledge base.

    The last feature that makes Helpie stand out is the front-end editor. Instead of using the classic editor or Gutenberg editor, you can edit your articles while viewing them on your site. It’s a neat feature, and you might find you enjoy this new content creation workflow.

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  • 3. Echo Knowledge Base

    Echo Knowledge Base

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    Plugin Description

    If you’re looking for a simple and free solution to create a knowledge base with WordPress, make Echo Knowledge Base the first plugin you consider.

    This free plugin is built in a clever way. It adds a new post type for publishing help articles, so you’ll see a new menu added to your WordPress admin called “Knowledge Base.” Publishing knowledge base tutorials is just like publishing regular posts. They even have their own tags and categories.

    Echo Knowledge Base creates one knowledge base homepage where all the articles are located. Visitors can navigate the various categories you create from the homepage or use the search bar. The search is even Ajax powered which means it can pull up results as the visitor types.

    As for customizing the style of the knowledge base, there is a style editor built into the settings menu. Speaking of which, there are 16 pre-defined skins to choose from and a visual layout editor that lets you preview your changes as you make them.

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  • 4. MinervaKB


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    Plugin Description

    MinvervaKB is a powerful and highly customizable plugin for building a knowledge base. Here’s what it can do…

    First, there are two main styles available. That classic knowledge base design is rather minimalist and would work fine for most businesses. However, if you want something a little flashier, the modern style variation a colorful design and updated icons for each category.

    As you might expect from checking out some other plugins here, the search bar is Ajax-enabled so your customers will get live results as they type. In addition, the search bar has seven different themes available for adapting its style to your brand. When it comes to customizing the rest of the knowledge base design, there are an astonishing 500+ options to choose from.

    As an added bonus, MinervaKB comes with a plugin for adding stylish FAQs to your site. It also integrates with premium plugins like Visual Composer which allows for drag-and-drop page building.

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  • 5. Very Simple Knowledge Base

    Very Simple Knowledge Base

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    Plugin Description

    Let’s start with the obvious.

    The Very Simple Knowledge Base plugin is, well, simple! If you’re looking for a free plugin to quickly add a knowledge base to your site this is the best solution.

    Your posts will be used as the articles for the knowledge base when using this plugin. That won’t be an issue for a dedicated support site, but it means you can’t use it out-of-box on a WP site that already has blog posts. That said, you can add a custom post type with the Custom Post Type UI plugin quite easily and then use the custom post type instead of posts.

    Very Simple Knowledge Base provides a customizable shortcode for outputting the knowledge base content. It is rather simple, but you do get a fair degree of control. There is also a widget available for outputting a list of your support articles.

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Which knowledge base plugin is best for you?

Heroic Knowledge Base gets the first recommendation because it has an excellent balance of practical functionality and great design.

If you want something even more flexible and customizable, check out Helpie. It’s got an extraordinary number of features for styling and perfecting your knowledge base.

If you have a limited budget, Echo Knowledge Base is the best free solution available.

Have a question about any of these WordPress knowledge base plugins or how to use WordPress? Post in the comments section below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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