The 5 Best WooCommerce Support Ticket System Plugins for Happier Customers

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Keep your customers happy with one of these support ticket systems built for WooCommerce.

If you’re still using a basic contact form or email address for support, these plugins will transform your business.

Using a plugin listed here, you’ll be able to view your customers’ entire order history while you message them. You’ll also get tools to build a knowledge base and add live chat to your site.

The new support system will make life easier for both you and your customers.

Support ticket plugins

In this collection, you’ll find a range of customer service systems.

Some of these plugins add a ticket system directly into your site and let you answer customer requests through the WordPress dashboard. Other plugins take your customer’s order data and sync it with an external dashboard.

Every plugin listed here integrates with WooCommerce, you can view customer order data while providing support.

Here are my top choices for the best WooCommerce support ticket system plugins.

  • 1. Richpanel


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    Plugin Description

    Richpanel is an all-in-one customer service platform and CRM built for eCommerce stores. It’s by far the most comprehensive and well-designed support solution built for WooCommerce.

    With Richpanel, you can create a support system for your store similar to what Amazon customers experience. Richpanel helps you create a self-service portal where users can find answers to common questions on their own. It also includes live chat and traditional support tickets. And your support reps get a beautiful dashboard where they can respond to customers with a birds-eye view of the conversation.

    On top of all this, Richpanel also gives your customers an account page where they can automate returns, track their orders and cancellations, and more.

    Richpanel comes with a premium price tag, but it does the work of many premium plugins all in one tightly integrated product.

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  • 2. WooCommerce Support Ticket System

    WooCommerce Support Ticket System

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    Plugin Description

    The aptly named WooCommerce Support Ticket System plugin is a solid option. It’s not as advanced as some other plugins here but comes with a few advantages and a much lower price.

    This plugin adds a fully integrated support system straight into your WordPress dashboard. This means you never have to leave the admin interface to assist your customers. It also keeps the customer’s order info easily available.

    There are a surprising number of configuration options available, but the functionality is fairly simple. Customers open tickets on the site and get an email-like feed for the conversation. You can also set up email notifications so they can read your response and return to your site to reply.

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  • 3. Zendesk Support for WooCommerce

    Zendesk Support for WooCommerce

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    Plugin Description

    Zendesk has been a popular customer service platform for years. As customer support has evolved, they’ve kept their software up-to-date and adapted with the times. With Zendesk, you get all sorts of tools for creating a great customer experience including live chat, email tickets, and self-service knowledge bases.

    With the Zendesk Support for WooCommerce plugin, you get complete data parity with Zendesk and WooCommerce. While you’re assisting a customer, you can view their current and prior orders. This helps tremendously in helping them with any issues they’re facing with their order.

    Since this plugin mainly integrates the two services, you’ll want to review Zendesk before buying this plugin to make sure it’s the right support ticket system for your eCommerce business.

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  • 4. FAST


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    Plugin Description

    While not developed specifically for WooCommerce, the FAST WordPress support ticket plugin has complete integration with the eCommerce plugin.

    This plugin is another great option for someone looking to integrate a support desk into their site. Customers will submit a form on your website to open a ticket, and you can respond from within the admin dashboard.

    Compared to the WooCommerce Support Ticket System plugin, FAST has a nicer design and the settings available are similar, but laid out in a more manageable way. The integration with WooCommerce isn’t quite as advanced and the price is a bit higher, but many eCommerce store owners will find FAST to be the best solution for their site due to the design and WordPress integration.

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  • 5. TotalDesk


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    Plugin Description

    The last option here is a bit like FAST in that it is made for all WordPress websites and has WooCommerce integration included.

    TotalDesk was designed as a complete customer service portal solution. There is a ticketing system, but much more too. TotalDesk also adds live chat, a knowledge base, and email notifications to your site.

    The TotalDesk plugin also has a reporting feature to help you track the performance and success rate of your customer support system.

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Which support system is best?

It comes with a higher price tag, but Richpanel is leagues ahead of the competition. If you want a world-class customer experience, it’s your best option.

If you want a cheaper plugin to add a ticket system into your WordPress dashboard, then you can’t beat WooCommerce Support Ticket System. It’s highly configurable and works just the way you’d expect.

While we’re on the subject of customer support, it’s also worth noting that adding order tracking for your customers will reduce redundant requests about the status of their deliveries.

Do you have any questions about these support ticket system plugins for WooCommerce? If so, please let a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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