The 8 Best WordPress Job Portal Plugins to Promote Job Openings

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Job boards can be a great way to monetize a website.

If you have a blog in a competitive professional space, many of your visitors are sure to be on the lookout for a new company.

The plugins included here are packed with practical features and can be used to add a job board to any site. You can use a simple plugin to promote job openings at your own company or build a large directory of job openings from hundreds of companies, like Indeed or CareerJet.

If this is your first website, check out our guide on how to create your own job portal site.

Job portal WordPress plugins

If you want to create a job portal website, you may want to consider one of the themes in this collection of job portal WordPress themes.


Because a job board WordPress theme will give you a complete website. It will have a gorgeous design and either the job listing functionality built-in or have integration with one of the plugins listed here.

If however, you’d prefer to add a job board to an existing site, one of the plugins listed here will be a much better choice than an entirely new theme.

Without further ado, here are the top WordPress plugins to make a job website.

  • 1. JobSearch


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    Plugin Description

    JobSearch is incredibly feature-rich and includes everything you need to create a popular job board. What makes it great is the combination of premium features and a gorgeous design. The screenshot above shows off an excellent example of a job page made with JobSearch. Not to mention, there are job themes made to integrate with this plugin, so you can create a really attractive website.

    There are a few features that set this plugin apart. First, it allows you to create a directory of both job openings and applicants. This makes it possible to have both parties searching on the site for each other. There are application tracking and deadline tools, email alerts, job suggestions, a profile builder, and a resume builder. You won’t need to install a resume plugin to have members create their own robust CVs right on your site.

    On top of all these features, JobSearch also includes some awesome integrations like job importing from Indeed. There are also “Apply with Facebook” and “Apply with LinkedIn” options.

    Lastly, what makes this the best job portal plugin are the built-in monetization tools. It integrates with WooCommerce so you can charge members to post job openings. This gives you a reliable and effective way to make money with your website.

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  • 2. WP Job Openings Pro

    WP Job Openings Pro

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    Plugin Description

    WP Job Openings Pro is an excellent plugin and can promote jobs in a few different ways.

    First, you can use this plugin to post job openings at your own company. It works great even when offering a single position. The design is attractive, and there’s a customizable email form that potential hires can submit. If your business has a dozen open positions, it’s no harder to publish a dozen of these job postings with WP Job Openings Pro.

    Since this plugin handles small and large quantities of jobs so well, you can use it to create a job portal on any WordPress website. It has a search bar and filters so applicants can quickly sort through hundreds of available positions. Unlike some other plugins listed here, WP Job Openings Pro has a built-in monetization tool, so you will need to work out arrangements with other companies to get paid to promote their job openings.

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  • 3. WP Job Manager

    WP Job Manager

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    Plugin Description

    WP Job Manager is the most popular job board plugin because it’s completely free to install and use. This plugin does a great job of adding basic job board functionality to WordPress.

    With this plugin, you can list jobs and include filters, allow members to register and submit jobs, and provide basic job maintenance tools for employers. While the features included are pretty basic, they’re comprehensive enough to create a complete job board on any WordPress site.

    WP Job Manager handles design quite well too. The listings have simple styles, but they look nice enough on their own. You can write some CSS to spruce them up yourself, although a lot of WordPress themes have styling for this plugin due to its popularity. WP Job Manager also has a decent number of premium add-ons for further extending its functionality.

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  • 4. jobQuest


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    Plugin Description

    jobQuest is an awesome new plugin to create a directory website filled with job openings. This job plugin includes some awesome filtering options so visitors can sort through positions by search term, location, and category all at once. Speaking of location, there are Google Maps embeds for each job posting so applicants can see where the office is.

    Since the jobQuest theme also has its own themes, you can switch between them to instantly transform your job portal’s look. That said, the default styles are nice, so you probably won’t have to make any in-depth customizations.

    Rather than simply listing openings, jobQuest also includes application forms so you can help applicants with their job search from start-to-finish. The submission form is simple and allows resumes and other files to be attached.

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  • 5. WP Job Hunter

    WP Job Hunter

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    Plugin Description

    Many of the plugins listed in this post add membership features to employers who can add their jobs to the site. WP Job Hunter does things a bit differently.

    Instead, this job listing plugin integrates with external services to fetch employment opportunities and list them on your site. For instance, you can import in real-time job postings from:

    • Indeed
    • CareerJet
    • SimplyHired
    • ZipRecruiter
    • Authentic
    • Jobs

    Most of these companies have affiliate programs, which is pretty exciting from a financial standpoint. All you need to do create accounts with them, install this plugin on your site, and you’ll be ready to profit.

    The one drawback of this plugin is that it isn’t stylish on its own. How it looks will depend on the theme you choose. You may need to find a theme designed specifically to work with WP Job Hunter or write some CSS on your own.

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  • 6. WPJobBoard


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    Plugin Description

    WPJobBoard is a versatile plugin for adding career listings to your online job portal. It can work with any WordPress theme and comes with a drag-and-drop builder for making custom layouts.

    Employers get access to a complete portal to post job opportunities, review their listings, check submitted applications and edit their accounts. They’ll appreciate all the tools they have at their disposal to acquire new staff with your site.

    The listings that show up on the site include all the relevant details job-seekers need to review which position may be best for them quickly. For instance, listings can include the:

    • Job title
    • Company
    • Position
    • Location
    • Added date

    The 15 shortcodes included allowing you to add customizable and dynamic job listings to any post or page. Meanwhile, there’s a visual editor in the admin menu that allows you to customize the layout of all job listings at once.

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  • 7. Careeromatic


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    Plugin Description

    If you want a straightforward option to monetize your site with job listings, check out the Careeromatic plugin. It’s been designed to work with the popular CareerJet service so you can automatically promote their jobs on your site.

    Since CareerJet has an affiliate program, this plugin makes it easy to include your tracking ID and earn from any referrals you make. There are two main ways you can share available positions from CareerJet with this plugin. First, you can let the plugin auto-post new blog posts. This could give you a constant feed of fresh posts, but it probably shouldn’t be the primary content you publish. Second, you can add job search forms to your site that will pull results from CareerJet and display them right on your site.

    While this plugin won’t let you make your own directory, it offers a simple way to copy another job portal’s contents into your own website.

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  • 8. Simple Job Board

    Simple Job Board plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Simple Job Board is similar to WP Job Manager in that it has a basic free version and a variety of more advanced premium upgrades.

    A major advantage of this plugin is the abundance of search filters. Visitors get a lot of control over exactly which opportunities they want to explore. This can make navigating huge amounts of listings quick and painless.

    If you’re a developer, you’ll appreciate how developer-friendly Simple Job Board is. They have more than 20 template files that can be copied into your theme to customize the markup. This makes otherwise challenging updates very simple.

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Which job portal plugin is best for you?

JobSearch gets the top recommendation because it’s so advanced and includes built-in revenue tools. There’s also page builder integration which I didn’t even get to in this post.

If you want to promote jobs for a smaller number of companies, or just your own, WP Job Openings Pro is likely the best plugin for your site.

Thanks for checking out this collection of the top job board plugins for WordPress, and please consider sharing it using the buttons below.

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Ben Sibley
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