Top 7 Best Job Portal WordPress Themes for 2021

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

So you want to start your own job portal?

You’d think that this would be a massive and expensive endeavor, but I’ve got good news.

There are plenty of excellent pre-made solutions that are ready to go right now. In fact, I’m not even including close to all of the job board WordPress themes in this list.

What you’ll find here are the best of the best. These are the most attractive, feature-rich, and highest-rated WordPress themes for making your own job portal website.

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Job portal WordPress themes

Only up-to-date themes are listed here which means they work well with the newest versions of WordPress. In addition, they’re al completely responsive so they look great on mobile devices and laptops alike.

Here are my top picks for best job portal WordPress themes for 2021.
  • 1. WorkScout by Pure Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    WorkScout is a gorgeous and well-designed job board WordPress theme. It’s crisp, spacious, and modern style makes using this theme to search for jobs a breeze. Beyond the sheer beauty of this theme are a lot of nice user experience features.

    At the top of the site is a search bar inviting visitors to find a job and included a region to search in. The search results page has an embedded map at the top with pins for every office where there is an open position. Searchers can review each available job and further filter results via the sidebar. Filtering includes options like the type of position open (internship, full-time, part-time), location, and salary to name a few.

    The developers behind WorkScout smartly built this theme to integrate flawlessly with the WP Job Manager plugin – that’s where the job marketplace functionality comes from. WP Job Manager is maintained by Automattic which is the company behind WordPress itself, so you can trust it to be a well-coded and reliable product. WP Job Manager has lots of add-ons for extra functionality like application deadlines, job alert email notifications, and advanced filters.

    With detailed job pages for companies and CV pages for users, WorkScout has everything you need to build a successful job posting site.

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  • 2. Jobmonster by Noo Theme (Themeforest)

    Jobmonster job board theme

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    Theme Description

    Jobmonster is a full-featured theme for launching your own job portal website. Right away, you’ll see that the homepage is expertly designed for leading visitors to open positions. It’s a layout that will work well for both types of users on your site.

    Even though the default demo site is cool, there are nine different homepage variations which make it easy to personalize to your taste and needs. One aspect of Jobmonster that makes it stand out from other themes is the UI for users. Employers have an excellent dashboard for posting and editing jobs as well as receiving and reviewing applications for potential hires. Likewise, those looking for jobs have a simple interface for uploading their resume and applying to jobs through the site.

    Jobmonster holds a solid 4.76/5.00 rating on Themeforest which is pretty impressive considering it has 200 customer reviews. Customers love this theme because of all the functionality it has to create a job board site that can work in the real world. For instance, it’s easy to customize the available fields for jobs and resumes and just as simple to charge users for submitting either one. These options make it easy to earn money from your website. Not to mention, all of this functionality is baked right into the theme rather than being included in a separate template. The one worry in this situation would be that the theme isn’t kept up-to-date, but that’s not a problem with the most recent update taking place just ten days ago.

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  • 3. Job Finder by Templatic

    Job Finder

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    Theme Description

    Job Finder is a simple WordPress theme for creating a job directory. Its straightforward style makes it adaptable so that you can use it for any niche.

    Job Finder has beautiful, pre-designed pages for every aspect of the site. You’ll find carefully crafted templates for the job list view, individual job pages, member resumes, and the homepage. Most have multiple layouts to choose between. Better still, they’re all completely customizable thanks to Job Finder’s integration with the free Elementor page builder plugin.

    Despite the complexity of Job Finder, you’ll find it easy to prepare on your WP site. There’s a setup wizard that will walk you through the initial steps and import demo content for you. Plus, you’ll get access to advanced job and resume management tools to keep the site easy to run.

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  • 4. Jobify by Astoundify (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    If you visit Jobify, you’ll notice right away the developers toting it as the most popular job board theme. With over 11,000 sales on Themeforest, it is the most popular theme for job portal sites by far. So what’s the fuss all about?

    For starters, the design is light and friendly, yet professional and modern. You can easily picture this theme being used for a successful job board site. Jobify has a lot of features on its own, but it’s best used with the WP Job Manager plugin. The plugin integration makes the job portal experience remarkably full-featured and easy to use.

    A few features that set this theme apart include the advanced search engine and filtering options. Users can narrow their search down with specific keywords, locations, and salary ranges. There’s also a drag-and-drop page builder included for making your custom page templates. It also integrates with the premium Slider Revolution plugin and Ninja Forms for adding contact forms. Add in the fact that this theme is optimized for quick loading times and comes with demo import data, and you can have a lightning fast job portal site setup before you know it.

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  • 5. Listee by CSSIgniter


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    Theme Description

    Listee is pitched as a general business directory WordPress theme. Don’t worry though; it integrates with WP Job Manager to enable the job directory features.

    When making a recruitment agency website, it’s critical that members can submit their resumes. Listee provides an entirely front-end experience so that visitors can register, create profiles, and upload their resumes all without ever seeing the WordPress admin dashboard. In fact, they won’t even know your site is running on WordPress.

    Listee also includes tons of flexible theme options in Live Customizer where the updates take place visually as you make them. Change the color scheme, adjust the fonts, and include social media network links all without leaving the Customizer. There’s also a customizable blog where you can inform your audience about the latest news and updates on the site.

    When it comes to page building and layout customizations, you can use the Elementor plugin to edit the templates in Listee. This job portal theme includes several custom designed widgets just for this integration.

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  • 6. Careerfy by Eyecix (Themeforest)

    Careerfy for job portals

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    Theme Description

    If you want a theme with a clean and professional design, consider the premium Careerfy theme. Use it create a complete job portal website with resumes and job listings.

    One thing you’ll notice from browsing the homepage is that there are distinct sections to the page. That’s because pages can be created with entirely custom templates using the bundled Visual Composer plugin. You can use the drag-and-drop page building system to create your layouts and reuse templates for any pages you’d like. Don’t like the sections or their order on the demo site? Make your own! Careerfy comes with a variety of practical features and customization options.

    For instance, there is Google AdSense integration which makes it even easier for you to monetize your website, job attachments, featured jobs, and users can also apply with “guest” logins. Careerfy has all this functionality built-in, so you won’t need to install any other plugins to prepare a complete job board website. One more feature that makes it a good choice for many audiences is that it’s translation-ready. Translate Careerfy into any language, or multiple languages with the WPML plugin, and go international with your website.

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  • 7. Cariera by GNO Design (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Cariera is a slick theme for job portal websites. While the screenshot above does a good job of showcasing this theme’s style, there are 3 other demo sites available, so make sure to check them all out.

    Like the WorkScout theme, Cariera integrates with the WP Job Manager plugin. This adds a really strong base of functionality for a job marketplace website and there are also a lot of premium extensions available for further extending the functionality. Paid upgrades include features like job alerts, resume management, and paid listings (with the WooCommerce plugin).

    Cariera adds a lot of customization features to WordPress’ Live Customizer. You can change the fonts (powered by Google Fonts), color schemes, and modify the header layout. In addition, there are layout options for modifying each type of page on the site including customization settings for the Google Maps embeds.

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Which job portal theme is best for you?

WorkScout gets my top recommendation because it’s a gorgeous theme and I think the integration with WP Job Manager is a smart choice. That said, Jobmonster is also extremely well-designed and may be preferable since it has all the job management features built-in.

Jobify is the best-selling job board theme of all time and deserves your consideration as well. You can’t really go wrong with this job posting theme. Job Finder is another cleanly designed theme worth considering.

Listee is a bit simpler and might be the best theme for a webmaster that wants a quick start on their directory business.

Lastly, Cariera and Careerfy are both solid candidates and have amazing customer reviews. I have to recommend the other themes here first because they are so near perfect, but these to are great themes as well.

Post in the comments section below if you have any questions about these job portal WordPress themes.

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