Top 9 Best WordPress Resume Themes for 2017

Want to impress your future employer?

A slick resume website can put you ahead of the competition. Display your work history in style and provide a downloadable copy for anyone who visits.

Even better, a resume site can show off your work better than a paper resume ever could. Create portfolio galleries of your prior work and publish detailed work history timelines. A beautiful CV site will make you look better and prove your initiative.

Well, don’t wait any longer – the jobs are awaiting! Keep reading to find our best recommendations for WordPress resume themes.

WordPress resume themes

Each of these eleven themes works great with the newest version of WordPress. They’re all responsive too which means they’re mobile-friendly.

Any theme below would be a great fit for a resume, CV, or personal portfolio site.

  • 1. RS card by PX-lab (Themeforest)

    RS Card

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    Theme description

    RS card is a beautiful and comprehensive resume theme. You’ll notice right away this theme has a clean and slick design your visitors will love. Great use of white space and sharp color contrast give it a professional and modern look.

    Use RS card to showcase a variety of content. The homepage features a business card-like layout “above the fold.” Below that, are content blocks, such as a work history timeline, references, and portfolio gallery.

    RS card packs a ton of functionality. As a vCard theme, it makes sharing your content info easier, especially via email. Next, there is a WooCommerce integration for selling products and services. RS card comes with all the common customizations like custom colors, fonts, and shortcodes.

  • 2. ShiftCV by ThemeREX (Themeforest)


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    Theme description

    ShiftCV is a clean WordPress theme for online resumes. Resume info is presented clearly in a friendly and professional layout.

    ShiftCV includes all the most important content you’ll need for your resume. This includes contact info, education and employment history, a portfolio, and recommendations. Every section is collapsible with smooth animations to transition from opened to closed. The main “resume” section also includes print and download buttons which are very convenient.

    The ShiftCV theme is mobile-friendly and adapts well to all screen sizes. It includes dark and light color schemes, post formats, and Twitter integration. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for hosting your curriculum vitae on the web.

  • 3. Resume by Tesla Themes


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    Theme description

    Resume is a bold and colorful theme for personal resume sites.

    This CV theme includes a few distinct sections organized into a vertical slider. Visitors can scroll or use the dot navigation on the right side to browse the site. Use Resume to display your previous employment and contact details plus a portfolio of your work.

    As an AJAX-enabled theme, Resume loads all content right away when clicked on. For instance, clicking a blog post loads the content immediately without opening a new page. Resume can be used as a one-page theme, and you can use the blog and add regular pages as well.

  • 4. Vertica by 3jon (Themeforest)


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    Theme description

    Vertica is a clean and straightforward resume theme. Your credentials and work history are the foremost elements presented in the design.

    Vertica is easy to setup because it doesn’t include a lot of content types. It’s entirely focused on giving you an online resume. As a one-page WP theme, it’s a simple solution for posting a CV online.

    The coolest feature of Vertica is the “download resume” button in the menu. This makes it easy for potential employers to take your resume with them. Vertica comes with four different styles which can be found on the demo sites.

  • 5. Profession by PixFlow (Themeforest)


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    Theme description

    Profession is a unique CV theme in that it uses horizontal scrolling. Scrolling will transition you between content blocks from left-to-right instead of down the page.

    While Profession has a novel approach to browsing, it’s not at all challenging or confusing to use. Content sections include a portfolio gallery, work experience, and contact form (among others).

    Profession has eight pre-made color schemes and unlimited color options for custom palettes. If you don’t like the horizontal layout, there is also a more conventional vertical scrolling version. Customization options include shortcodes, sliders, Google Fonts, and Google Maps embeds.

  • 6. Squareroot by ThimPress (Themeforest)


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    Theme description

    Squareroot is a crisp, one-page resume WP theme. Squareroot stands out thanks to its muted color scheme that mocks professional attire.

    This one-page theme has quite a few content types available. Content sections include an “about me” area, work experience timeline, and filterable portfolio.

    Squareroot provides a drag-and-drop layout manager for customizing the homepage. If you like blogging, you can still use WordPress’ blogging tools too. There are even post formats for different content types, such as audio, galleries, and quotes. Squareroot uses Google Fonts for typographic options and includes various color customizations.

  • 7. Versus by bitpub (Themeforest)


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    Theme description

    Versus opens up with a fullscreen image and title overlay. Below it is a more traditional resume layout with an “about me” section and work history.

    The Versus theme doesn’t have a unique or strongly opinionated design. It’s a likable style that adheres well to standard web conventions. There’s no “scroll jacking” or wild animations to be found here.

    To build your resume, you’ll use the Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder which comes bundled with Versus. Theme options give you a great extent of flexibility. Customize everything from the colors, background, header and footer layouts.

  • 8. Flato by ThemeSquared (Themeforest)


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    Theme description

    Flato is a resume WP theme with an emphasis on portfolios for graphic designers. The homepage features a large, animated grid of portfolio images with a title overlay.

    The Flato theme has a sticky menu that links to all the sections on the resume page. It’s useful as a one-page resume theme but is also available for blogging. Most importantly for this theme, there is a filterable portfolio gallery section.

    Flato has a drag-and-drop page builder for constructing the homepage. It includes three different layouts, a contact form, and fully responsive design.

  • 9. ME by metrothemes (Themeforest)


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    Theme description

    ME is a stylish CV theme with a less traditional resume layout. It’s a spacious theme with plenty of room for personal information.

    You’ll find all the familiar homepage sections in ME plus quite a few more. There are variations of testimonial and quote sliders, a services section, and even a pricing table. ME is a one-page theme but also includes support for classic WordPress blogging.

    The ME theme includes a variety of customizations. Upload custom background images, choose from ten color skins, pick from two navigation styles, and do much more with this CV resume theme.

Which resume theme is right for you?

Make sure to consider both style and functionality when selecting a theme. Some features are easy to add with free plugins, but others require integration with the theme. Regardless, one of these themes is sure to fit the bill.

Have any questions about these resume themes or setting up a WordPress site? Leave a comment below.

  1. Hey Ben, Great work. You have listed best 9 resume themes. All these themes have powerful features and one can make his resume or portfolio website. I like the RS Card theme designs and features. I also like Freelo by ishyoboy. You can have a look at this theme Please consider adding this to your list. I am not promoter of this theme, but i like this theme.

  2. I must be say it is really a informative and helpful on WordPress Resume Themes.Thank you for sharing such blog.

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