How to Disable WordPress Comment Notification Emails

Tired of getting comment notification emails?

For some WordPress emails, such as for new user notifications, we need to install a plugin to disable them. However, comment notifications can be quickly removed without any new plugins.

Learn how to turn off these notifications using one of WordPress’ built-in features.

Remove comment notification emails

First, login to your WordPress admin dashboard. Then navigate to the Discussion menu (Settings > Discussion).

Discussion settings screenshot
WordPress’ comment management settings.

The Discussion Settings menu contains all the settings for managing comments. Locate the “Email me whenever” section, and uncheck both boxes.

Two settings for receiving comment notifications
Unchecking both boxes will disable admin comment notifications.

This will turn off the notification emails you receive whenever some posts a comment, or when a comment is held for moderation.

It’s always a good idea to require manual approval for comments which can be turned on via the “Before a comment appears” section below.

Do your visitors get an email when they comment? The settings above turn off notifications for the admin only. WordPress doesn’t email visitors when they comment, so check your plugins to find which one is sending those notifications.

Comment emails disabled

WordPress sends a handful of emails based on site activities, but they can become a nuisance in your inbox. While email notifications can be disabled entirely, this is a less drastic solution for stopping comment notifications.

Have any questions about comments or emails sent by WordPress? Post a comment below.

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