How to Copy a Page or Post in WordPress

Need to copy a page or post in your WordPress site? No problem!

Duplicating pages and posts in WordPress is easy with the use of a plugin, and there’s one made to do exactly this.

How to Copy a Page/Post

First, install and activate the Duplicate Post plugin.

screenshot of the Duplicate Post plugin on

Once activated, navigate to the Posts or Pages menu. There, you’ll see two new links when you hover over a post/page:

screenshot of Clone and New Draft options

If you’d like to make a copy, simply click the Clone or New Draft link. The only difference is the New Draft link will immediately take you to the post editor when clicked, while Clone will simply keep you in the Posts/Pages menu.

The page/post has now been duplicated and you can edit/publish just like any other page/post.


You’ll notice that a new Duplicate Post menu was add been added under the Settings menu. If you want to customize how the duplication works, you can make a number of adjustments there.

For most purposes, all you need to do is activate the plugin and start copying.

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