17 Free Minimalist WordPress Blog Themes [2019]

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Ready for a new theme? Look no further!

I’ve curated 17 of the best free WordPress themes available. Each theme is designed for blogs in particular and shares a common minimalist style.

Free Minimalist Blog Themes

All of these themes are approved on wordpress.org which means you can search for them in the Appearance menu of your WordPress dashboard. Alternatively, you can download any theme and upload it manually to your site.

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  • 1. Tribes by Compete Themes


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    Tribes is a minimalist theme with a modular design. With no sidebar, it puts visitors’ full attention on your content. The layout and menu on mobile devices are maintained on desktops giving it a very modern look.

  • 2. Apex by Compete Themes

    screenshot of Apex theme

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    Not willing to give up your sidebar? Check out the Apex theme.

    Apex has a very clean layout and design. Like Tribes, it adapts effortlessly across different screens and devices. It’s well-suited for cooking and fashion blogs but is appropriate for nearly any niche or topic.

  • 3. Cele by Compete Themes

    screenshot of the Cele theme

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    Here’s something a little different. Cele has a prominent sidebar where the menu is kept, rather than displayed along the top like most sites.

    The colors are soft and the white space is liberal in this minimalist theme. It’s a great choice for professional bloggers.

  • 4. Lovecraft by Anders Norén

    screenshot of the Lovecraft theme

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    Lovecraft is a really beautiful theme. Somehow when you install, it makes your site feel more spacious and clean.

    The use of large Featured Images gives this theme a unique design. It keeps a sidebar available while still emphasizing your primary content.

  • 5. Omega by Themehall

    screenshot of the Omega theme

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    Omega has a great, classic look. It’s extremely clean and spacious.

    Omega is a good fit for any type of blog which makes it a nice theme to get acquainted with since you can use it on so many different projects.

  • 6. Davis by Anders Norén

    screenshot of the Davis theme

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    Here’s another by Anders Norén, Davis.

    This theme is for the writer who just wants to write. Absolute no-nonsense minimalism puts the focus entirely on your content. The aesthetic is similar to that of a book printed on the web.

  • 7. Some by Foxland

    screenshot of the Some theme

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    While still being spacious and minimalist, the Some theme uses a dark background. Dark backgrounds can be tough to pull off, but Some does it well. The two-column post layout also makes for an interesting look and gracefully converts to a single column on mobile devices.

  • 8. Easy Blog by Daisy Themes

    screenshot of the Easy Blog theme

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    Easy Blog has modern take on a classic look. The Roboto font is used to great effect creating a nice aesthetic. Large Featured Images also make this a good choice for bloggers who want to showcase their images.

  • 9. Windflaw Lite by Loftocean

    screenshot of the Windflaw Lite theme

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    Windflaw Lite is a simple and attractive blog theme. The header image behind the site title and menu makes a good opportunity to personalize the look of the site, and a single-column layout makes the theme all about your posts.

  • 10. Graphy by Themegraphy

    screenshot of the Graphy theme

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    Graphy is an excellent blogging theme. The single-column layout and serif font make it feel like a great place to read. Graphy would be a good choice for a personal blog or journal.

  • 11. SoSimple by Fervillz

    screenshot of the SoSimple theme

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    This theme has a basic and simple design. It reminds me of the old Twenty Twelve WordPress theme.

    It’s a real no-frills look and includes a sidebar, unlike some of the other themes here. It’s a solid design and would work well for any blog.

  • 12. Scripted by Styled Themes

    screenshot of the Scripted theme

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    Scripted is a very attractive theme. It’s got some more visual elements than the other themes but still maintains an overall minimalist aesthetic.

    There’s a callout box at the top which I like, a simple slider below that and a few other content boxes before the most recent posts. It would probably look good without any of that stuff, so you could include only the parts you need.

  • 13. Nouveau Riche by Pixel Tribe

    screenshot of the Nouveau Riche theme

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    Nouveau Riche is another stylish single-column blog theme. It’s got a simple and clean look that is sure to highlight your posts. The custom header image behind the site title and menu is a nice touch for further customizing your site.

  • 14. Origami by SiteOrigin

    screenshot of the Origami theme

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    Origami is a blogging theme with a simple layout and large images. On the demo, the theme showcases how effective it can be for video as well, and adapts easily to tablets and mobile devices.

  • 15. Readit by Modern Themes

    screenshot of the Readit theme

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    The first thing you’ll notice about Readit is it’s massive tagline text at the top. It makes for a cool look and is great for anyone with a strong message to share. Below you’ll find a clean modular layout for your posts and sidebar.

  • 16. Seasonal by Shaped Pixel

    screeshot of the Seasonal theme

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    Seasonal has an attractive and unique design. The use of an all-caps serif font for the titles and italicized text throughout gives it an elegant look. It’s well-designed for photo blogs in particular.

  • 17. Yuuta by Felix Dorner

    screenshot of the Yuuta theme

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    Yuuta has a cool full-width image style. You can overlay your posts on the images giving it a unique and immersive feel. This blogging theme also boasts full post format support, so like a Tumblr blog, you can publish quotes, statuses, and other types of content.

Find your new blog theme

I hope you liked the collection sourced here. I tried to find some great themes that aren’t so popular across other the theme collections. Hopefully, you’re installing your new theme now 🙂

If you have any suggestions or questions, please post a comment below.

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