The 4 Best Google Reviews WordPress Plugins for 2022

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It’s perhaps the most important sales element.

And nothing helps to build trust with customers faster than unsolicited, honest reviews from other customers.

While you could start collecting reviews on your website, prospects will trust them more if they are posted on a third-party website you can’t control and edit.

If you’ve already got reviews on Google Places, then you don’t need to worry about gathering new reviews. All you have to do is embed those reviews on your site.

With the right plugin, embedding Google reviews is incredibly easy.

The plugins listed below all have excellent designs, top ratings from their users, and plenty of flexible customization options.

Keep reading to find the best options.

Google Reviews plugins

Below you’ll find a collection of both free and premium plugins for adding Google Places reviews to your website.

Without further ado, here are the top best Google Reviews WP plugins.

  • 1. Embedder for Google Reviews

    Embedder for Google Reviews

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    Plugin Description

    When integrating Google Reviews with WordPress, it doesn’t get easier than the Embedder for Google Reviews plugin. This plugin lets you pull your latest reviews and output them in a beautiful grid display on your website.

    Embedder for Google Reviews has both a grid layout and slider design available, making it quite adaptable. You can customize the number of columns, change how quickly the slides auto-transition, and use it with any page builder plugin. This is possible due to the shortcode, which you can copy & paste into any page or post on your site.

    The free version grabs the five latest reviews, but with the PRO upgrade, you can pull every review from your Google business page. There are also powerful filters that allow you to fetch reviews that contain certain words or those that have 4- and 5-star ratings.

    Overall, it’s an awesome solution for adding Google reviews to WordPress, and if you want to learn more about how this plugin works, click the link below.

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  • 2. Everest Google Places Reviews

    Everest Google Places Reviews

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    Plugin Description

    The Everest plugin includes a beautiful default style and plenty of customization options. When it comes to embedding reviews from Google, it’s incredibly versatile and full-featured.

    The Everest plugin has five different review templates for embedding reviews on your site. Any of the templates can be displayed in a plain list or a slider. If you choose a slider, you can change the animations and navigation styles. There are also more than five different badge designs you can use forĀ featured reviews.

    When it comes to sourcing the reviews, you can add as many different Google Places locations as you want. You can also choose to only display five-star reviews, set description limits, include or exclude the average rating, and limit the number of reviews that get embedded.

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  • 3. Google Reviews Widget

    Google Reviews Widget

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    Plugin Description

    Google Reviews Widget is the top free plugin for adding Google Reviews to WordPress. It can import and display up to five different reviews for any number of businesses you want.

    This review plugin will automatically trim long reviews and store the reviews being used in the WordPress database. This reduces the Google Places API usage and improves performance. You can import the photo for the business or upload a custom photo.

    There is a premium version available which adds a lot more practical features. For instance, the free version has a widget but this means you can’t display the reviews within posts or pages. The pro upgrade includes a shortcode, responsive sliders, and review sorting settings. You can even include a “Write a review” button to prompt your site visitors to leave their own reviews.

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  • 4. WP Google Review Slider

    WP Google Review Slider

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    Plugin Description

    This highly-rated free Google customer reviews plugin lets you add a slider to your site with your five latest reviews. The slider adapts easily to screen sizes so it’s completely mobile-friendly. That said, if you don’t like the slider, you’ll appreciate the responsive grid option.

    There are controls so that you can avoid posting negative reviews on your site and you can choose between a shortcode, widget, and PHP template function to output the slider on your site. Show or hide the star rating, review date, image border, and background and text colors.

    WP Google Review Slider also includes a pro upgrade that gives you more review styles, the ability to add more than five reviews, and new badge embeds. Plus, there are some neat features like email notifications when you get new reviews on your site.

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Which Google Reviews plugin is best?

What did you think?

Any of the plugins listed here could work great for your site, but Everest Google Places Reviews is the one that stands out to me. It’s the most feature-rich version and has a beautiful style to match.

While there are two free plugins listed above, they both have premium versions with additional features, so make sure you’re going to get every feature you need and compare prices with the premium plugins.

If you need to ask a question about one of these Google reviews WordPress plugins, post in the comments section below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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