Top 5 Best Health & Nutrition WordPress Themes for 2019

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

There’s a revolution taking place.

Health and nutrition are bigger topics now than ever before.

People are paying more attention to what they put in their bodies and how they exercise. While the health industry is extremely competitive, there’s never been more interest from consumers.

If you want to stand out and get more clients/customers, one of the best ways is with an amazing website. A great WordPress theme will transform your site into your most valuable marketing asset.

You’ll also love our health blog themes and fitness WordPress themes too.

Nutrition WordPress themes

All of these themes are beautiful, full of features, and highly-rated by their customers. And, they look amazing on laptops and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Here are my top picks for best health WordPress themes for 2019.
  • 1. Organic Food by Bold Themes (Themeforest)

    Organic Food

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    Theme Description

    The Organic Food theme has 9 live demos and they’re all stunning. You can use this theme as a nutritionist, food delivery service, health coach, fitness blogger, food store, or even a cooking school. The aesthetic perfectly compliments the health industry and its flexibility makes it usable for a variety of niches within that space.

    What’s amazing about the Organic Food theme is that it has so many customizable templates and so many are made specifically for health and nutrition. You can showcase foods and include their calories and macro-nutrients, you can provide a preview of your cooking class, advertise a free meal plan, or showcase your services. Across all the different variations, Organic Food keeps a consistent style and beauty that makes everything you publish look good.

    Organic Food can be used for a blog but will be more effective for a business. It has plenty of templates and components for getting visitors to signup and convert into customers. Regarding the flexibility, you can modify the typography, colors, header style, and global layout options. Overall, it’s a great choice for anyone in the health and nutrition niche.

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  • 2. Nutricorp by Kwayy (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Nutricorp is a theme designed for nutrition and health websites. It’s got a great look and highly flexible layouts that make it work well for a variety of different types of organizations.

    You can use Nutricorp to sell products or services related to nutrition. The design doesn’t suit individuals looking to build a personal brand as well as businesses with teams. If you have a few different offers for customers, Nutricorp will be especially effective.

    The aesthetic is fairly simple and with good colors and choice of images, Nutricorp will look excellent on your website. One reason it’s so flexible is that it comes bundled with Visual Composer. This plugin allows you to create custom page templates simply by dragging and dropping content blocks. Nutricorp provides a lot of custom blocks for things like pricing tables, contact forms, and customer testimonials. This makes it easy to create a homepage (and additional sales pages) with the exact content and layout you need to generate a lead.

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  • 3. Madang by Kenzap (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Madang is a gorgeous theme and it’s made specifically for food delivery services. However, it can be repurposed to sell any nutrition-related goods. It will work best for anyone with a variety of products to sell, but not for services or single product websites.

    This diet and fitness theme integrates with WooCommerce for all of its eCommerce functionality. On the product grid pages, visitors can use a search bar or filters to find the right products. They can sort by category, tags, or even by a calorie range – pretty awesome, right!?

    Because Madang has such a narrow focus on food and healthy eating, it’s got a few touches that make it really special. The product archives can show off the calories and macro-nutrient breakdown of each item, users can also filter based on their diet goals, and you can publish beautiful meal plans using only food stocked on your site. This could be used for a supplement routine too.

    If Madang looks like it could fit your needs, you need to check it out. It’s a truly premium theme and that’s why customers are rating it a full 5-stars over and over again.

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  • 4. Welldone by Axiom Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Is your site focused on sports nutrition and supplementation? If so, Welldone is just the right theme for you.

    Welldone has a handful of demo sites available and showcases quite a few different layouts. You can customize the site tremendously with the drag-and-drop page builder and all the additional layout tools. In the screenshot above, you’ll see the demo focused mainly on selling supplements. It’s a clean and distinct style that emphasizes the products on your site which will help to boost sales.

    The Welldone theme comes with a massive amount of features. The colors and fonts are all customizable via the live Customizer, but there are some cool extras too. Welldone has multiple header styles, animated hover effects, responsive image sliders, shortcodes, and more than 10 custom widgets.

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  • 5. Health Coach by ThemeKalia (Themeforest)

    Health Coach

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    Theme Description

    Health Coach is a made for exactly the type of user you’d expect – health coaches! If you have a coaching practice or other lifestyle service company, check this theme out.

    This premium theme has a nice style and includes “content blocks” you can use to create custom templates. If you browse the homepage of the demo site, you’ll see some sections you’ll want for your site and then some you don’t. When you install Health Coach on your site, you’ll have full control over which sections you want to be displayed and their order. In fact, you can even reuse this same system to create additional pages on your site.

    Health Coach can be used for nutritionists, lifestyle coaches, trainers, and wellness gurus. If you have services to help people improve their lives and become better, stronger versions of themselves, you’ll find what you need with this awesome theme to create a website that will get your message across to visitors.

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Which nutrition theme is best for you?

Organic Food is highly flexible and downright gorgeous. It gets my top pick because it can be used for so many different types of businesses in the health industry and look great while it does it.

Nutricorp is also very customizable and usable for selling products and/or services. I find the aesthetics a little inferior to Organic Food which is why I haven’t made it my top choice, but it’s still an excellent theme.

Madang is beautiful too but it is much more limited in scope for how it can be used. It’s made specifically for a food delivery service but could be used for a food store site as well (or a supplement shop).

While Madang could work well for a supplement shop, Welldone is likely a better choice. It was made for that use case in particular and it shows based on the layouts and features available.

Lastly, if you’re looking to build a brand as a health coach or nutritionist, you’ll find the Health Coach theme perfect for your needs.

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