Top 5 Best Video Background WordPress Plugins

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Want to stand out?

Video backgrounds are one of the best ways to make a big first impression with your visitors.

The right image can have a major impact on the vibe of your site, but videos can do so much more. Not to mention, this feature makes your site appear much more modern and trendy.

Of course, WordPress doesn’t have a built-in option for adding videos into your background, and your theme may not have that option either.

And that’s why you’re here!

In this collection, you’ll find the five best plugins for adding background videos to your site.

Keep reading to find out why we picked these plugins.

Want a theme with this feature built-in? Check out our video background WordPress themes collection. We also have a list of WooCommerce product video plugins for eCommerce store owners.

Video background plugins

Only themes with lots of five-star reviews and well-designed interfaces have been included here. You’ll find both free and premium options listed.

Here are the top picks for the best video background WordPress plugins.

  • 1. Video Player & Fullscreen Video Background

    Video Player Fullscreen Video Background

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    Plugin Description

    This video background plugin works wonderfully with WordPress. You can embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo, or use self-hosted videos. If you want a totally clean background without the video player interface, opt for a self-hosted video.

    In addition to video backgrounds, this premium plugin can also handle regular video embeds. The player can have a fixed width or expand the full width of the screen. Regardless of which option you choose, the player is responsive so it adapts to mobile devices and all screen sizes.

    Some cool features included are the textures overlays, bottom navigation, and more than 30+ video parameters. The parameters provide a huge amount of control over the video embed. Turn on autoplay, switch the colors, hide the video controls, and more with just a few clicks.

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  • 2. Video & Parallax Backgrounds for WPBakery

    Video Parallax Backgrounds Wpbakery

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    Plugin Description

    Do you use the WPBakery page builder plugin (formerly called Visual Composer)? If so, this is the best plugin for you.

    This plugin is an add-on for the WPBakery page builder and includes new page components for video backgrounds. You can also use it to create parallax backgrounds which will add a modern flourish to your site. There are 5 different background effects allowing you to color cycle, add a gradient, and use regular images too.

    Since it integrates with WPBakery, there’s no doubt about this plugin’s reliability. You will be able to include it in any of your templates and expect perfect performance.

    If you want to customize your background and already have the right page builder installed, this will definitely be the easiest and most reliable solution for your site.

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  • 3. Video Background

    Video Background plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Want a free option? Video Background is quite simple (and free) but it does take a little bit of technical know-how.

    When using this plugin, you need to supply the CSS class for the element you want the background video applied to. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out our tutorial on finding CSS selectors. Once you know how to do that, using this plugin is a breeze.

    To select the video you want to display in the background, just provide the URL of the video. You can upload the video to your Media Library to get a URL.

    The Video Background plugin also includes a few simple customization options. You can add a color overlay, loop the video, and include an unmute button if you want visitors to be able to hear the video playing in the background.

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  • 4. Advanced WordPress Backgrounds

    Advanced WordPress Backgrounds

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    Plugin Description

    Advanced WordPress Backgrounds is a great plugin for adding videos into the background of your site. One feature that makes it stand out is its Gutenberg compatibility. This means you can include video backgrounds within your posts and pages.

    AWB can be used for simple background colors and images in addition to videos. You can use self-hosted videos or an embed from Youtube or Vimeo. There are also customizable scrolling effects available if you enable the parallax feature.

    If you want more customization features, you’ll be happy to hear that Advanced WordPress Backgrounds also includes colored overlays, stretch resizing, a shortcode generator, and custom start/end times for your videos.

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  • 5. Supaz Easy Background

    Supaz Easy Background

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    Plugin Description

    Supaz Easy Background offers yet another approach to including a background image or video to your site.

    This background plugin adds a new meta box into the post editor that shows up below the post content. You can add a custom background to any post or page using this technique. Choose the image or video source, select a sizing option, enable parallax scroll, and more all from the options panel in the editor.

    If you self-host a video, make sure it is in mp4 format to stay compatible with Supaz Easy Background’s video player. You can create as many custom backgrounds as you want with this free plugin, so you might even find more ways to use it on your site than planned.

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Which video background plugin is best?

The most full-featured and simplest option here is the Video Player & Fullscreen Video Background plugin.

If you’re using a page builder plugin like WPBakery, make sure to check out the plugins that have special compatibility with this plugin built-in.

Lastly, I want to highlight Video Background as an excellent choice as long as you know how to find the right CSS selector on your site.

If you have a question about using one of these video background WordPress plugins on your site, let us know in the comments section.

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Ben Sibley
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